We-Vibe Nova

The Nova is incredibly well made, flexible and has strong vibrations. Sadly, the traditional way of using this vibrator didn’t fit my anatomy, but reversing the vibrator meant it was able to successfully fulfill its role.

We-Vibe Nova Review

So, this year has seen not one, but two new vibrators from We-Vibe firstly the Rave followed very closely by the We-Vibe Nova. We-Vibe are one of my top three favourite manufactures, creators of my much used and much loved Tango – so when I heard the news about their recent releases, I was pretty excited.

The We-Vibe Nova is a ‘rabbit’ style vibrator but, unlike the usual rabbit styles, this one is slightly different and a little more interesting. Both the shaft and the clitoral arm are curved, making the shaft perfect for G-spot stimulation. The idea behind the clitoral arm is that you’re able to somewhat manipulate it to fit your body type(maybe), the actual design is so as you thrust the vibrator the clitoral arm (in theory) should not lose contact with your clitoris. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I have a super shit time when it comes to finding a rabbit style vibrator that actually wants to work for me, so I’m both excited and optimistic to give this one a try.

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As many of you know, I’m in a long distance relationship – which is another reason this toy is so exciting. The Nova incorporates the technology used in both the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the We-Vibe Rave, meaning that it’s fully compatible with the We-Vibe App and that my OH can control this for me when we’re not together. I’ve written a rather detailed ‘review’ and ‘how to’ of the We-Vibe App which you can find HERE.

Nova specs

Made from silicone, the We-Vibe Nova has an insertable length of 5 inches (measured from the outside of the curve), and a total length of 8.5 inches. The girth is 4 inches at its widest point and 2.5inches at its smallest. The vibrator is rechargeable and, unlike the Rave, it has gone back to magnetic charging but, thankfully, it seems to be a lot better than the magnetic chargers that are on the Tango. The magnetic charger also mean that the Nova, unlike the Rave, is fully submersible in water.

How to charge

A USB charger is included with the Nova while, sadly, a wall charger isn’t, but these can be picked up quite cheaply. I know a lot of people who prefer to use USB chargers, however, I personally much prefer to charge vibrators by the mains. I have way too many vibrators that I like to ensure that they are kept charged, and I do not enough USB ports on my laptop to be able to charge them all at the same time. Also included is the white satin toy bag that seems to be included with most We-Vibe items.

How it works

OK – So, I mentioned earlier that you’re able to control the We-Vibe Nova using the We-Vibe App but, if you’d rather manually control it, you can use the buttons on the handle. I’ve tried to get as clear a picture as I can of the arrows, but they’re a little hard to see. So in the middle there’s a circle, pressing this once will turn the Nova on. You can then switch between the vibrations by using the left and right arrow keys ( < > ). Once you’ve got the vibration/pattern that you want you can change the intensity by pressing the up and down buttons, which are located above and below the circle. To switch off simply hold in the circle for a few seconds. Honestly, I find the buttons on the Nova way too stiff to push and, for me, they are a bit of a pain in the arse so, even for solo play, I still prefer to use the App.

We-Vibe Nova Performance

The vibrations on the Nova are beautiful, they’re strong and rumbling. They’re basically everything that I expected for the Nova when I first heard about it. I do, however, wish that I was able to control the vibrations in the clitoral arm and shaft separately.

Due to the shape of this, I imagine that using it on a penis could potentially feel quite nice, especially if used in conjunction with a blow job. I can’t honestly comment on how good this might feel as my OH is currently thousands of miles away, but the shape looks pretty perfect for that combination! So I’ll have to remember to pull this out the next time my OH is here. If any of you have tried it, let me know what you think of the combination!

I’ve mentioned that getting a dual stimulator to fit me can be quite troubling and so I was hoping that, with the way the Nova was shaped, it may have found a way to fix that problem by making it easier for ‘rabbit’ style toys to fit most anatomies. Tragically, that wasn’t my experience, again. I wasn’t able to get the clitoral arm to reach my clitoris without manipulating it. I’d have to stretch it completely out which, honestly, just made it rather uncomfortable.

Then I tried using the vibrator another way. During a phone conversation with Little Switch Bitch, she suggested that I should use this vibrator backwards, as in, use the clitoral arm internally and have the shaft as the clitoral arm. This was more for G-Spotting than to get it to fit my anatomy, because prior to this conversation I hadn’t yet used the Nova and had no idea that it wouldn’t fit me.

So, I decided to take her suggestion and turn the vibrator around. Surprisingly this way everything seemed to fit, the clitoral arm has an internal length of 4 inches when stretched out, and due to the flexible curve it managed to hit my G-spot with ease, while the longer ‘shaft’ was able to find, reach and stimulate my clitoris. Thankfully, the fact that I can (and prefer) to use the Nova with the APP means that I can continue using it reversed as I never need to press any buttons. Using it this way felt pretty damn good and it does provide some spectacular orgasms. Though, if I’m honest, while the Nova is great, I still do prefer to use the Tango and a separate dildo.


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