We-Vibe 4 Plus Review

We VIbe 4 Plus in the charger


On the 27th of August 2018 my life was changed, OK that sounds slightly dramatic but it isn’t any less true. I am in a LDR (Long distance relationship) my partner spends most of our relationship in Canada and I spend most of it in the UK; we are approximately 3,454 miles apart – the lack of physical contact hurts, it’s annoying and we’re constantly finding ways to make the most of our time together when we’re apart! Of course like most LDRs we have phone sex, skype sex and whatever kind of intimacy we can have when we’re not able to be physically intimate.

So what changed?

Over the years we’ve been together I’ve been on the hunt – looking for a sex toy that could be controlled by him – or by me when we’re not in the same room. The Idea of vibrating love eggs was appealing, the ability for my lover to be able to make me squirm in situations when we’re out and about; the problem with those toys is the remote doesn’t like being 1 meter away on occasions let alone 3,454 miles away *Sigh* – I’ve searched high and low for toys that will make the distance more bearable and not toys that just claim to be designed for LDRs! I mean OK yes we have Phone sex which generally involves me fucking myself and him fucking himself at the same time, it’s exciting and can be intimate but it is no way near the same as him fucking me or if he can’t be here something fucking me that he controls. And then I saw it, the ‘press release’ for the We-Vibe 4 Plus the new revolutionary couples sex toy, I’ve had a We-Vibe before it was great – but it was only great when we were together not when we were apart, I wasn’t all that excited until I saw it – The sex toy designed not only for when couples were together but for also when they’re apart! The ability to control your lover’s toy with a phone app! I literally shouted WAIT..WHAT?! At my monitor as I looked for as much information as I could possibly find out about this toy! You need a smart phone, your partner needs a smart phone and hey presto he can in theory control my orgasms from Canada. Are you fucking shitting me?! I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

It felt like a decade passed from the announcement of the release of the We-Vibe 4 Plus to when it was actually released and now here it was! And I needed it; I couldn’t wait any longer this toy had taunted me for what seemed like years, I needed to try it right now, and I needed to see if my OH could in fact make me orgasm from over 3000 miles away.

The Packaging and what’s inside the box:

The packacking

The We-Vibe 4 Plus comes beautifully packaged as with all the We-Vibe items that I currently own. The box is lovely, and makes a great storage box when your toy isn’t in use. I love that the boxes with We-Vibe items are colour coordinated so for my Grey toy, I got an elegant grey and white box.

Opening the packaging – nice and stylish


Inside the box you get your charging station, which also has a lid so it’s fab for when you just want to leave it on your side table; it looks discreet and it keeps all the dust and other bits off your toy that silicone tends to attract. You also get a USB charger that plugs in to the back of the charging station – I like the fact you can charge it via USB but I do wish a lot of the USB chargers would also come with an adapter that you’re able to plug in to the wall. Generally I don’t have my laptop by the bed, so being able to plug the toys in to charge near the bed would be better for me – If like me you prefer wall charging though it’s only a couple of quid to purchase an adapter. You of course also get the We-Vibe 4 plus which does look beautiful it is made from high quality silky smooth silicone which feels divine, and finally you get a remote control, and user instructions.

Out of the box



Setting up and getting started:

As with most rechargeable toys they’re not always ready from the box to use straight away *Sigh* which does mean it has to be charged before it can be used! It takes about 4 hours to fully charge your toy and a full charge will give you approximately 3 hours of play time – whilst charging the orange light on the docking station will blink, once that light becomes stationary your device is fully charged and ready to use!

Everything else is incredibly easy to use considering there are three different ways of operating this toy.

Firstly you can operate your toy via the remote control, this comes pre synced to your device, but if for some reason it’s not synced or it somehow gets un-synced (Like mine did) it is easily fixed –

Re-syncing your remote to the device

Toy with remote

If for some reason you have to re-sync simply press and hold the control button on the We-Vibe 4 Plus for 5 seconds, it will vibrate twice which lets you know that it’s ready to be synced. With the control next to the We-Vibe press and hold any button on the remote for 5 seconds – a light will flash three times and your We-Vibe will also vibrate three times and Hey Presto your device is now re-synced and ready to be used with the remote. The remote has a working distance of approximately 3 meters.

The top button on the remote will turn your toy on and increase the power, the right and left button controls the modes, left will go back a mode and the right will go forward a mode, the bottom button will de-crease the vibrations and holding the button in for a few seconds will turn your device off.

I like the control, but honestly I don’t use it. I find the smart phone application a much better way of controlling my toy.

You can also control your We-Vibe by the ‘control’ button that’s actually on the We-Vibe itself – Pressing it in and continually pressing it will change the settings and increase the vibrations.

The Branding

Honestly, I don’t use this way of controlling – It just seems like such a pain especially when your toy is inserted.

Finally – You have the option to control your toy via the Smart Phone application – to use this with a smart phone both yourself and your partner will have to have a smart phone that is compatible with Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0) your smart phone will either have to be an iPhone 4S/iOS7 OR Newer or an Android device which is OS 4.3 or later. You can find a full list of compatible phones at We-Vibe.com/app.

If you have the necessary phones to be able to connect your smart phone to your We-Vibe! WHAY you’re in for some fun! Well… At least I thought it was fun – A lot of fun.

Connecting the APP is surprisingly simple, just download it either from the Apple Store or Google Play and follow the on screen instructions to set it up, Once set up your partner also downloads it and follows the on screen instructions! It took me and my OH less than 5 minutes to download, install and set up before he was messing around with the vibe from across the globe.

Once it is set up on both of your phones your partner can request to play with you – This will send the person who has the actual device either a txt message or an email to their phones; when you click on the link it will essentially sync your partners APP to your APP and let them control the We-Vibe 4 Plus from wherever they may be. **Edit – The APP has been updated since writing this review, and you can find a more recent review of the We-Vibe APP HERE**

App settings
The We-Vibe 4 Plus In action


Also to be able to set it up so you can control from your smart phone you will need the model number from your box – If you’re someone who gets rid of the packaging quite quickly please remember that the model number is on the box so you may want to make a note of it before you get rid of the packaging – and keep a note of it just in case the We-Vibe somehow manages to un-sync itself/you change phones.

Cleaning and maintaining your product

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is fully waterproof which makes clean up a breeze, simply pop it in some warm soapy water and clean; I also like to spray mine down with sex toy cleaner and rinse, then allow it to fully dry before putting it back inside its charging case. There are visible seams on this toy, also ‘We-Vibe’ and the model number is protruding from the silicone – Just make sure when you’re cleaning it that you get everything from in-between the letters.

ONLY the toy is waterproof the remote is not, just wipe your remote down with a damp cloth to keep clean. Please also keep this in mind if you’re going to be using the We-Vibe 4 Plus in the shower or bath, you may want to use the controls on the toy to ensure you don’t accidentally water damage the remote.

Close up of the toy

As your product is silicone it is advised by We-Vibe that you only use a good quality water based lubricant with this toy, as some other lubricants may damage the silicone finish which will diminish the life expectancy of it. Personally I tend to mostly use water based lubricants anyways so this really isn’t an issue for me. If you are insistent on using another lubricant be then please do a spot check on the top of your toy first before to make sure it doesn’t damage your toy.

My Experience:

I don’t think I have ever been so excited to receive a toy before, I mean I have a lot of sex toys, but this didn’t feel like it was just for me. It was a toy for ‘us’ and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

As soon as it did I ripped open the box like a kid at Christmas, admired it and quickly put it on charge so it was ready for when the OH woke up. He’s in Canada right now so he is 5hrs behind me in time, so although it was 9am for me, it was still 4am for him and I had several hours to wait before he’d wake up and we could test it out for the first time together.

Now with the OH finally awake; the toy fully charged; we could finally start playing with it. We set up the APP; this was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Just a quick download of the application – follow the onscreen instructions and within minutes we had both registered the device to our phones. Now as much as I like the APP function, I’m not overly keen on the fact that he had to ask permission before he could use it. Yes OK I get that during the registration of the device getting permission is necessary but every time he wants to control it? I can’t find anywhere in the settings where I can change him needing permission to ‘play’ with me. Since it goes idle after 30minutes with no play time it is a bit of a pain, he wanted to tell me to wear it on some occasions and just randomly switch it on; and although technically he could still tell me when to wear it and request permission to use it, he has 30minutes before he has to do anything with it – it still takes some of the surprise element out of it when I have to confirm on my phone that he can connect to it and I have a mental timer of 30minutes ticking as I know it HAS to be used within this time if he doesn’t want to ask permission again. I do understand that in some situations this can be necessary, I just wish there was an option in the settings to remove this if you wished to do so and already registered and approved users could control it whenever they wanted to. (Could the APP be updated for this?)

My favorite type of message!

Insertion of the toy was simple, add a bit of water basted lube and pop it in; now the clitoral arm falls just short of my clitoris which sucks; however I found that due to the deep rumbly vibrations it did still manage to massage my clit, which was great!

So the toy was in, the APPs were set up. Slightly dubious still I tell the OH to play with the APP. It actually worked, I couldn’t believe it – I’m getting super excited! (And not only because I was being massaged internally and externally) He’s bouncing, for fewer reasons than I am though; I’m really enjoying the sensations that he is giving me – he however thinks he is playing a new video game. That’s my man; the guy loves tech, any kind of tech and he’s all over it, so this – he was all over. Pressing all the buttons, testing EVERYTHING, the speeds going up and down, stopping the speed on one and having it on another bit, playing with all the different settings – I’m seriously happy to report that it actually worked, he gave me multiple orgasms from 3,454 miles away, he also denied me orgasms from 3,454 miles away too; not going to lie it was incredibly hot.

Since my partner is currently in Canada I do need to make it clear that him and I have not used this toy together as in he is inside me whilst the We-Vibe 4 plus is; tragically that will have to wait, however I have used this toy whilst I have fucked myself with a dildo and it felt extremely comfortable and I was able to thrust the dildo without the We-Vibe coming out.

Showing the flexibility

My Opinion

I actually seriously enjoy using the We-Vibe 4 Plus, it is amazing; I love that the OH is able to control the settings, even though the power did go to his head quite a lot; and he would turn it off right when I was about to climax, change it to the patterned settings – that I didn’t like as much! – He actually wants a way to change the name of the patterns so he can further torment me by knowing exactly which ones I’m not keen on as sometimes he finds himself thinking I dislike the pattern when I actually don’t.

I love the fact that we can play around like this whilst the distance is there, that he is able to control the vibrations; he could turn them off whenever he wanted (as long as I’d gave him permission to play with me) and he could change the settings – It is truly fantastic, It is the closest I’d felt to him without him being there. I also noticed that the We-Vibe 4 plus is quite loud when it’s not inserted but when it is and under clothes it can’t really be heard.

I really dislike that he can’t control this without getting permission to do so each time! There are so many things we’d love to be able to do with this, and although, yes we could still technically do them – The element of surprise is gone with it. I can’t wear it in to the Cinema and think he could potentially do something with it at any time since well I’d have to give him that permission and the element of surprise would be gone. Also when using the APP I disliked that I wasn’t able to ask my partner to play with me, it would be really great if the APP could be updated with this function maybe with a cheeky message that displays on the other persons phone or having the ability to customise messages so that they’re personal to your relationship would be great.

I also dislike all the seams on the toy, there seems to be an awful lot of them; although the toy is still lovely to look at and the silicone feels super silky smooth – also you can’t feel them when the toy is inside you but you’d think for the price of the toy the seams would be more hidden than what they actually are.

I would love it if toys like this came in three different sized clitoral arms – short, medium and long that way you could pick which one you would think would fit your body more! I have a lot of fun with this toy, I could only imagine the fun I could have if the clitoral arm went over my clitoris and not sit just below it.

That being said though I love this toy, it will be one of my most used toys and I personally think it is well worth the price tag – it manages to not only bring multiple orgasms for me to the table but it also helps me be more intimate with my partner even though we’re in different countries. I really think this is not only a fantastic toy for couples but is an amazing toy for other LDRs and I highly recommend it.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus has now been discontinued and a newer version the We-Vibe Sync is now available

After use…


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