The Swirltop Butt Plug – more “OH MY GOD’s” for your money!

The Swirltop Butt Plug – more “OH MY GOD’s” for your money!

I confess that when I opened this next item, I was a little afraid. Those naughty boys at Adam and Eve… in this picture it doesn’t look so large, but in the packaging it looks quite large!! It wasn’t that daunting when I took it out of the plastic wrap, and I got a little squirmy thinking about it when I put the batteries in.

This is the plug for the Swirltop Butt. (I confess, I laugh when I say it outloud.) At its widest point, it’s about 4 inches big and about 4 1/2 inches. I understand it sounds like a lot… but trust me… I felt a little naughty last night. I spent some time reading my favourite books and I felt quite nervous. Earlier that day, I had checked the batteries and vibrator power just so I knew what I was in for. I was a little afraid, as I said, but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge. (Smile wrapped).

On this vibrator, the vibrations are like a silent hum. Inside it’s an egg, and if you’ve never attempted an egg on it’s one, it’s quite great. Using the ridges, I slipped my pussy up and down. With the steady motion, it was a teasing feeling. I believe I could have made myself cum if I pushed it and kept it still, my clit resting on those ridges and the whole toy vibrating with the same force. With my pussy widening, I pushed it inside my hole. Inside me, the vibrations felt really nice and I was getting warm with the anticipation.

This vibrator has on the bottom a section cup. I could lower myself down to it if I wanted to use this in the bath. Oh yes, it’s water resistant. Although I don’t believe that involves the remote battery pack, but for additional ooohs and aaaahhs, the toy and wire can go underwater. I decided to put it on my back and push it up inside of me slowly. Really nice I lubbed it up and rubbed it on my ass. I had it set on the smallest setting to get me started and gently pushed it in, the ridges felt good but I began to care a bit as I began to feel more stretched out. I wondered if a partner might be better for that, or perhaps I wouldn’t have to go that slow. It began to give just when it began to freak me out, and it was all the way in. I relaxed a little, I knew it was in place strongly.

Tip-Make sure it’s based on the end when using anal toys. Using regular slim vibrators is not recommended-there is a natural’ suction effect’ and well, just don’t do it without a foundation. If it’s tiny, you’ll be able to use a condom over it, assuming there’s extra to remain outside so you can still get it. End tip I turned down the velocity to see how it feels within me. I felt full, but there was no stretching. I was leaning back and reaching for my vibrator. I used a slimvibe and rubbed it up and down my pussy, the vibrations went through me and squeezed the plug, it felt warm and I felt sore. Within me, I pushed the vibe. I enjoy being so filled with that sensation. I could feel more and more humid and want more. I reached the distance and switched on the plug on the vibrations. 1, Soft hum, mmmmmm. 2-Oh, that’s pretty. It’s been a slight rise. 3-Ahhhhh, my god. It was like turning a switch on. I could feel the vibrations through my pussy’s wall and pushed the vibe back inside me, hoping it wasn’t that smooth— to feel the roughness. I felt wild and desired more. 4-Ah, too much… to three, too much.

I tossed the slim vibe into my rabbit’s drawer. I required a cock sensation inside of me. I stood up my legs, pushing the shaft in, not even turning it on, fucking my pussy as the plug filled me. I wanted it to be thrusty, but all together it’s another toy… I’ve fucked myself until I arrived… so hard. I was looking for a cock inside me and I was thinking of Z, fucking my ass and watching me squirm. I could have used a remote control butt plug like the Hush butt plug by Lovense.

4 Speeds, certainly improves the feelings of what you’ve been doing. If you’re new to anal, if you want to get past the slim jelly plugs that are no larger than a finger, this is a nice toy. The 4 vibration speeds are good for any pressure level (I recommend level 3!) Again, it doesn’t push so if you’re searching for something to simulate anal SEX, then try something else, but if you’re not scared to get “a little ass naughty” then it’s a wonderful toy to improve your enjoyment.

4″ Swirltop Butt Plug

(oh, and my other worry was to remove it… but you know, I came so hard it wasn’t a issue because I was very relaxed. I kind of tilt it and pull one side out, and the remainder, if you know what I mean. Yeah, it’s kind of strange, but really-get over it).