The Cane

The Cane

“He ran the thin stick over my body on all fours.  It tickled.  With it, he teased me, and then THWAP!  I was yelping.  It’s been sharp, stingy.  Then again the tickling.  I moved back, until he hit me again, slow and tender, then tougher, harder, quicker… then pause.  Then there’s THWAP.  Harder.  I flinched, the ass in the air dropped my head.  It was stung.  Again, on my thigh, a tough sting.  FUCK.

“Oh, you’re such a sissy,” the cane whipped at me at my ass’s round curve, “I’ve barely started.  I’ve just… (whack)… begun… (whack)… to offer you… (whack)… what you deserve… (WHACK). ”

I grumbled and wept the last strike.  He plotted my back tickling less on the cane, striking more.  While I was trying to take it, I understand that I was crying and sobbing like a frightened virgin.  I knew he was going easy on me. I didn’t understand how much I could take, but I knew he was going to push me two inches past my limit before I stopped soothing me a little.  And again, and again.  With a high pitched whistle, I could hear the thin rattan whip cut through the air.  I realized that the cane had struck me a lot harder to break the skin.

Within a day, the marks would disappear, I realized I’d want them to last longer.

“I love the cane softly or not.  I enjoy the way my skin is slipping through the air and the sharp sting.  How it goes from sharp sting to playful tickling.  I get a case for myself because it’s very small and I’m concerned that it’s going to break.  It’s straightforward and raw.  Nothing but ideal for playing D / s.  Start smoothly for beginners.  To get the feeling of how hard you want to strike, I suggest hitting your calf.  If you’re not cautious, Cane’s cane will leave severe bruises and break the skin.  Play difficult, but be sure to play.