Tantus – Pelt Silicone Paddle

The pelt paddle comes in rather simplistic packaging, with just a see through plastic bag to keep it safe in transit. Honestly, I’d suggest you also keep the packaging; you don’t have to rip it to open it, and it stops it gathering dust when not in use.


The paddle Material

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, this paddle can really pack a punch – and because it’s silicone it is completely hypoallergenic, and can be fully cleaned and sterilised after each use! Which is fantastic if it’s going to be used with more than one partner. Cleaning and maintaining is an absolute delight, you can boil it – clean it with a 10% bleach solution – i.e 90% hot water 10% bleach. You can even just throw this baby in the dishwasher and let that do the cleaning for you.

How does it feel?

Due to the material Pelt is incredibly flexible (Which really adds to the sting) you can even bend this back upon itself – due to this it doesn’t really require any effort to wield it in the slightest. And since you can fully submerse this in water guess what else it’s good for? Yup! Shower play. Though I will warn you, before you run off to the shower with this thing, the toy gives an incredible sting when it’s dry and when it’s wet, my God it gives a huge smack that has the ability to bring tears to your eyes with even the mildest smack – (I love it)

Not going to lie, I totally made quack sounds whilst taking this pic.

Not going to lie, I totally made quack sounds whilst taking this pic.


Pelt has an overall length of 11.6 inches – 6 inches of that is the handle, with 5.5 inches as the length of the spanking surface. As the paddle is oval in shape the width of it is 3.1 inches at its widest point, with a depth of 0.2 inches on the spanking surface and 0.5 inches on the handle.


Why I like it!

I used to think I was weird, the girl who loves pain; not pain in the sense of an epic toothache, I don’t like that. But the pain that comes from being spanked, it opens up something within me; tingles seem to shoot around my body from the point of impact, leaving me breathless yet begging for more. Now I know that I’m not actually weird (Well I am weird, but not because of that) a lot of people enjoy this, and it’s great!

Because I love to be spanked so much, I’m always looking out for new things to be hit by, don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a good spank from the OH’s hand, but I’m a girl and I need my accessories. I’m not girly in the sense that I collect purses and shoes, no – I collect paddles, whips, floggers; basically anything that will inflict some kind of pain.IMG_0779

I’ve eye fucked the Tantus paddle range for a while, I hadn’t previously owned a silicone paddle; but I do own a silicone riding crop – so I could just imagine the pain that one of these paddles would inflict. I lusted after one – I wanted the Pelt! I have no idea why I wanted this one specifically but I had an inkling that this one would deliver something special.


Before I even removed the paddle from its protective sleeve I knew it was something special – I couldn’t wait to have this brought down against my skin. Within seconds, I had the packaging off and was stroking the glorious silicone – it felt freaking amazing. Although at that moment I had no one to play with, that didn’t stop me from pulling down my pants and giving myself a quick smack. I had to, generally I don’t do this; usually I wait until my spanking partner is here so I can feel it the first time with her. But not this time, I couldn’t wait!

The Pelt had been teasing me for far too long and I HAD to know what it felt like; so with my pants down I found myself bending over the arm of the sofa and bringing down the paddle against my bare arse with quite a force; and my GOD it felt even better than it looked. The sting that it left was just amazing, it sent waves of delicious pain through me – my eyes widened and my mouth opened as it made me gasp involuntarily. It was then that I knew, this paddle and I would be great friends; I was going to love the Pelt for a long arse time – I also knew that I now didn’t just want one paddle, I wanted the whole collection. That’s all it took, one smack for me to know that I needed an entire army of silicone paddles in my life. (I’d probably give them all ranks and everything)

With my new found love I got to messaging my partner in Bondage crime – although I was dying to be hit again, I decided that she was going to get it first; which is rather sadistic of me I guess, since yes she loves to be tied up and she also loves a good spank, pain doesn’t do to her what it does to me. I needed to know what it would do to her, and I wasn’t going to give her the chance to gauge my reaction first. She didn’t know what had arrived that day, so a quick message of ‘Yo, new toys for our testing pleasure – You’re up first’ was sent to my unsuspecting guest.IMG_0785

She knew something was up of course, it’s not usual that I opt for her arse to be smacked first, so she was slightly nervous – but knowing me, she shouldn’t have been really. I didn’t let her hold the paddle first, honestly she’d have probably been slightly nervous expecting it to hurt like a bitch. (Which it totally can do) if you’ve never used a silicone paddle before and want to, then I recommend doing what I did with her. Starting off slowly, with short soft taps, and increasing them. That way we knew what her limit was. Honestly with this paddle it wasn’t much – she doesn’t have the pain threshold that I do.

Although she really enjoyed this paddle, she said she does prefer more of a Thud than the stinging sensation that the Pelt delivers.

Finally it was her turn to wield this, and since I’d tortured her first; she was really going to go all the way with this! I couldn’t wait.


As I said earlier I tested this paddle on myself first, so I kind of knew what sensation it was that I was going to receive; but that was nothing compared to the sensations I received when someone else was dealing the blows. It was incredibly intense – this paddle is small in size, but holy fuck it can certainly pack a punch; it can deliver a harsh sting even with minimal movement behind it – As a pain slut, I was in love with the Pelt from first hit; it’s now been renamed to ‘Fucking Glorious’ because to me, that’s exactly what it is – It looks tame, but it’s certainly not something to underestimate.

Some food for thought

After using this I love it being dunked in ice cold water, and then it being rubbed against my red hot burning backside – it feels so good, the coldness on the smooth silicone – soothing the sting that it had created. The different sensations you can get from this are fantastic.

Wrapping up

The Fucking Glorious paddle is everything I could have hoped for; high quality, compact sized and delivers a breath taking gloriously painful sting, which sounds just as good when it impacts the skin, and leaves some brilliant bruising on my arse – It is great value for money and with proper care it could last a life time. If you’ve never tried silicone before DO IT NOW! What are you waiting for?


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