Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls (jiggle balls) Review

Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls (jiggle balls) Review

I purchased these when they were at Lovehoney’s Deal of the Day a while ago. They remained in the box for some reason a while before I even looked at them. I discovered them in a beautifully packed box when I lastly did and inside with the balls was a beautiful white storage bag. This bag has a beautiful quality.

The balls themselves are bright Pink, which for all Tracey Cox toys seems to be a theme, and they jiggle more than any other Kegel balls I’ve attempted. These are certainly the jiggle balls that are the most jiggle and you can really feel them when they move around inside you, offering you the inner exercise.

The balls are simple to insert and smooth. They’re just the correct size, though you might believe they’re pretty big at first, this is a nice thing if you’re new to these kinds of balls because they’re simpler to keep in location.
The only downside to these balls is the’ string’ of silicone to pull them out, it may feel a little uncomfortable, but there is no reason why it can’t be cut down to avoid this if it gets awkward.

When worn, they don’t feel awkward and can be readily inserted with just a tiny amount of lube. With just soap and water, they are simple to wash. I’ve even forgotten that at times I’m carrying that until I move and then the jiggly balls begin jiggling again.

I discovered that I experienced greater orgasms after a few hours of wearing these and that I had more control over my muscles by using them frequently. If you haven’t attempted any of these balls before I’d shoot them, they’re worth every penny.