The Anni Xing Jewelled Vibrating metal butt plug

The Anni Xing Jewelled Vibrating metal butt plug

This beauty was sent to me in a box with lots of other bits and parts by the super beautiful for evaluation. To write this review it took me a while to get round, with one thing and another being lost but never forgotten.

For weeks, it’s been sitting in its transparent plastic box staring at me, and I was excited to try it out, the case it comes in is strong plastic and protects it from any bumps and scratches during transportation or when it’s not being used.

The Butt plug is made of bright silver metal, the metal is aluminum, so it should not rust or corrode in any manner when stored between uses, it also implies that it is secure to use with any lubricant you choose, since silicone lube will not corrode or harm it, and since silicone lube is generally considered to be the longest lasting lube, it is usually a good option for any kee bling.

The beautiful stone in the butt plug is a real Swarosvki crystal, it is extremely reflective and it also unscrews to expose a recess for a battery as this is a vibrating butt plug, there is no on / off switch with this but it only turns on when you put the gem back in location. The vibrations on the plug are quite strong as it takes a single aaa battery, as you would expect from something that doesn’t even have an on button. Especially when used, it’s also fairly quiet, your body does a excellent job of muffling the vibration sound.

Since this is a metal butt plug and it requires a battery it is not a light piece, it has a lot of weight to it and I can imagine that if you wanted to wear it for any length of moment after a while it would begin to feel very heavy, particularly if you are not used to carrying anal toys. It’s much heavier than the glass one I’ve got, and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend anyone fresh to anal play to wear it for any real time. However, it’s good for a meeting, those vibrations are just behind the g-spot and it takes stuff to a distinct point during sex. If you choose to use it without having a battery inside it, it is much lighter and for longer periods it would be much easier to carry.

This butt plug isn’t huge, but it’s not tiny either, I found it to be a nice size for me, just right to sit in the right place when it’s used, it’s got a pretty long neck though as it’s got to be long enough to accommodate a battery, this makes it look slightly out of proportion but I didn’t discover it worked the way it felt when it was used.

You can use hot water and a humid cloth to wash the butt plug, but I would recommend you not to submerge it because it could harm it. It’s hard to tell whether this toy is waterproof or not as it doesn’t say on the box, but I’d say it’s likely not completely waterproof when looking at the screw cap.

Overall this is a really incredible looking butt plug, a real piece of booty bling that anyone should be really proud to own, but it doesn’t just look good it looks great, it’s simple to use, it’s simple to wash and it’s just amazing.

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