Lip Stick Vibe by Screaming O Studio Collection Review

Lip Stick Vibe by Screaming O Studio Collection Review’s screaming O Studio Collections Lip Stick vibrator comes in the same discreet packaging as the remainder of the range, it really looks more like something you could purchase from a supermarket make-up section than from a sex toy store, all the branding feels like it should be make-up.

But this isn’t a make-up, it’s a super discreet and secret vibrator, with four functions

  1. Low: Steady On
  2. Medium: Steady On
  3. High: Steady On
  4. Multi Pulse ‘Tease’ Mode

It has a single push button at the base of the toy, just press through the settings until you get to a velocity you’re pleased with, or build up through the distinct speeds and then a final click turns it up. Even with discretion, the power switch has been designed.

Lip Stick Vibe
Lip Stick Vibe

The’ lipstick’ part of the vibe is a beautiful soft but firm silicone shaped to allow you to direct the vibrations straight to the right place, the vibrations on this toy feel quite strong and can be felt just as strongly through the lid on the toy if you want a different feeling.

This is not just a super discreet toy in the way it looks like it’s also pretty quiet, making it perfect for anyone with kids or shares in that house, if they saw this on the side in the bedroom they wouldn’t think it was anything but an innocent piece of make-up, and if you were using it, it wouldn’t be the vibrator’s sound that would give you away.

Lip Stick Vibe
Lip Stick Vibe

It takes 3 cell type batteries and comes with 3 spares, enough for you to be able to replace them when they run out, there is no piece of card between the battery and the toy so I would advise you to remove the batteries when the toy is not used to help preserve the battery life it boasts is up to 80 minutes.

You will notice a piece of card inside the battery compartment when changing the batteries, this shows you how to insert the batteries, it also makes the batteries snugly fit inside so they don’t rattle around when the toy is in use.

Do not discard this piece of card, the toy can be stopped from short circuiting if you do, the batteries can shorten the toy and the toy can stop working.

Lip Stick Vibe Packaging
Lip Stick Vibe Packaging

This toy is waterproof, and although I personally wouldn’t want to use it in the bath / shower, I think it’s fantastic for all toys, it really makes it so much simpler to clean.

Overall: I’m a big fan of this toy, it looks super discreet, beautiful and strong but quiet, you’ve got two textures to choose from using it with or without the lid, and it comes with plenty of energy, plus easy to wash.
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