Lingerie from TabuToys

Lingerie from TabuToys

This is the first corset of mine.  Not just the first I owned, but the first I even WORN!  I received it at’s recommendation.  It’s pink, it’s brilliant-and I enjoy it.

The thing that I learned about corsets is this: A corset is NOT a display for a single man.  There’s NO damn way you can put this on and then WAIT to come back for your partner.  It’s just impossible to do it.  I attempted to loosen the laces and pull the hooks together.  I attempted to turn it around, attached hooks, and then attempted to lace it down and turn it over.  Yeah, it wasn’t working.  I just tried to get sexy with a SWEAT break!!

This isn’t my damn life??

So I lastly called for strengthening.  There’s no way of being spontaneous!!  Rose from Titanic and her mom reminded me, and I thanked her so hard to tie her up.

I think I’ve got two alternatives.  I can go to a friend or colleague to get them to put me in the corset.

OR I can just put on a SNUGGIE and let my partner see the back of the corset as he ties it, then run to the kitchen and then call it in….  ta-dah!!!

This corset I enjoy.  I believe the purple looks great on me. If I’m going to have something shiny and girly, I’m going to have sexy bold colors!!!  It was funny the G-string.  It was a lace trimmed fabric rectagular peice, and then the string portion.  I believe there’s a hair scrunchie out there.  Ha.

You’re going to love their lingerie line.  For each form and size, they have a little something.

Thanks for sending me this sexy peice to Tabutoys!!  I look forward to getting more!!