Lelo Smart Wand

The Medium Lelo Smart Wand with SenseTouch Technology was sent to me for review from the lovely people over at Bondara.co.uk it arrived superfast and in some lovely discrete packaging, packaged to ensure that it didn’t come to any harm in the post, and delivered by my postie who must be getting sick of bringing me parcels by now.

Lelo Smart Wand

The packaging

The outer packaging for the wand is nicely designed, the Lelo Smart Wand is designed primarily for use as a massager and the box is full of detail on how this can be used for massage, and details of all of the features of the Lelo Smart Wand. It even includes a picture of a lady in a towel holding the wand in various positions all of which make me think that the wand looks like some sort of retro phone.

Inside the outer packaging the Lelo Smart Wand is contained in a white gift/presentation box, inside which you get the wand, the manual to teach you how it works, although I have to say it is pretty intuitive, a lovely satin storage pouch which is big enough to store both the wand and the charger, the charger and of course the Lelo Insignia Brooch which comes with all Lelo toys in the Insignia range.

The material

The Lelo Smart wand is made primarily out of supersoft almost velvet touch body safe silicone, the head is soft and flexible and when it is turned on the vibrations stay in the head and do not travel right down the handle. The handle has some Gold coloured plastic with the word Lelo embossed into it, it looks classy not cheap.

The Lelo Smart wand has a number of settings which are operated using the 3 buttons on the handle, the plus button increases the speed and turns it on, the minus button slows down the speed and turns it off and the middle button changes the function and turns the SenseTouch Tecnology on and off, the settings that it has are

  • Constant
  • Pulse
  • Fast Pulse
  • Rollercoaster
  • Graduated Fast/Slow
  • Various speeds seems kinda random but probably isn’t
There is also a travel lock on the Lelo Smart Wand which means that you can pop it in your travel bag without any fear of it turning on while you are on a bus or a plane and embarrassing you. Just hold down the plus and minus button for a few seconds to activate and deactivate it, a great little feature that not many toys have.
Lelo Smart Wand Medium Comes in Black
The Lelo Smart wand is shaped with a lovely curve which means that it is very easy to get to those hard to reach areas such as your back or shoulders if you are using this as a massager on yourself, if you bought this with masturbation in mind, it is very well shaped to be able to use it for that to, the head of the wand is a nice size and the vibrations transfer through it very well, the vibrations do no feel hard and buzzy, and are not so fast that they start to feel slightly burny, instead they seem deep and rumbly and very gentle, just the sort of thing that you want for both massage and masturbation.

Is the Lelo Smart Wand waterproot?

The Lelo Smart wand is completely waterproof and can be submerged, I found it hard to believe at first as the power inlet on the bottom of the wand is open but on reading the instruction manual and the box it states that it is a waterproof open connector, in fact in the manual it encourages you to use it in the bath or shower as the water aides relaxation and can help give a more satisfying massage. Been waterproof is also a great feature not only for play/use in the bath/shower but for cleaning, you can wash this up with warm soapy water and not worry about getting any parts of it wet, I would still recommend that you give it a clean with some antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure that it is sparkling clean before and after each use, if you have been using it for masturbation and not just massage.

Key Features

  • The SMART WAND Medium offers you the high powered pleasure of a wand-style massager in a compact, travel-friendly design.
  • Unique SenseTouch technology lets vibrations build on contact with your body and increase in intensity naturally.
  • 8 pre-set vibration patterns with variable strength that promise intense relief from sore muscles.
  • Rechargeable with travel lock and near-silent vibrations for pleasure you can experience anywhere, any time.
Like all Lelo toys this wand has a real look and feel of luxury about it, and also like all Lelo toys it is super quiet even when it is on full power, which is really saying something with this wand as this is the most powerful of all of the Lelo’s which I have tried and it is still super quiet. It is also rechargeable and charges in just 2 hours, the battery life will depend on the power level which you use but it seems pretty good, and with a fast 2 hour charge time it beats some of the other rechargeables hands down just on the speed of charge.
As the wand is made from silicone it should be noted that if you choose to use it for masturbation you should avoid any silicone lubricant as silicones do not mix well with each other, you could very easily end up with a melted or misshapen toy, also I would advise that you are careful when you store it and that you use the satin storage pouch or the box that it came it, to ensure that it isn’t inadvertently mixed with any other silicone toy as this would have the same possible effect.
So that is all of the general bits covered, I suppose I should tell you about the SenseTouch technology now and how it works. I was a little dubious at first, I kinda knew that it would work as its Lelo but I wasn’t sure how well or if I would like it, I have to say that honestly I prefer to power the toy up myself and have that control over the speed etc that the SenseTouch still gives you but in a slightly different way, call me old fashioned if you wish.
To activate it you hold the centre button down for 3-5 seconds the lights which surround the button then flash to say that it has been activated, to deactivate it you do the same thing.
Then choose your setting, be it constant, pulse, rollercoaster or kinda weird random, which ever one you prefer by flicking through the setting as you would normally using the centre button, I didn’t realise this the first time I used it, should have read the instruction manual a but more thoroughly but I just jumped straight in, and wondered why it was pulsing all the time (I had had it on pulse before I turned it on and it had stayed on that setting), so I should probably note that when you turn it onto SenseMotion it will remain on the last setting that it was on.
The SenseTouch will automatically be set to reach the maximum strength, but if it is not in contact with your body it will just vibrate gently to the chosen pattern until you press it against your body, to gauge whether or not this is to much for you, I would recommend holding it in your hand and feeling the maximum power before pressing it against where-ever you want to massage. If it is to much on full just use the minus button to reduce the final power level to one which you prefer.
When we used it for the first time we had it on pulse and it seemed to increase in power with each pulse, the second time we just had it on constant, I personally feel that it gets up to its maximum speed a little to quickly, especially as once it is there is stays there it doesn’t drop down again, unless you pull it away from the body, once you pull it away from the body it goes back to a low gentle rumble again, and will build up to the maximum speed again once it is back in contact with the body.

Overall, I think that this is a pretty nifty little massager, this is only the medium and not the large, but is packs a whole load of power, its supersoft and extremely easy to use. Its great for its primary use which is massage but also for masturbation should you choose to use it that way. Its very easy to clean and comes with its own storage case, the charge time is fast especially for a toy of its power level, its travel friendly and quiet to. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it, all I need now is the large one so that I can compare the two 

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