I’ve come a long way – Kama Diva

I’ve come a long way – Kama Diva


So I said before that I’m a sucker for stuff that buzz-and I do like sex toys that look fancy while I’m not always very girly.  Yeah, look at it that way.

This is the Large Rainbow Vibe of Kama Diva.  Huh, huh??  I understand. I understand.  I was looking forward to getting it in the mail.  It’s fairly large to start with.  It comes with a pillow case that’s really fluffy.  It’s phthalate free.  It’s produced from urethane.  What?  When I ordered it, I didn’t understand precisely what that meant, it was pretty sure, and I really required a new vibrator.  Not that I don’t already have many of them, but I required a new one and a colored rainbow-looking trippy one.  So I removed it from the box when it came to discover it difficult plastic.  It’s tough plastic, Urethane-shmurethane.  Well, from the tough slimline vibes I’ve come a long way.  I’m no longer DOing tough plastic vibes.  Not because they have no merit.  I’m very nostalgic when I was in high school about the classic slimline vibrators I used to use. However, once I moved to dildo’s, dildo’s vibrating, jelly (I know, I know), and silicon-my difficult plastic days are over.

The tough plastic vibes usually still pack enough vibrating punch to finish the work.  This one hasn’t really done it for all it’s big-ness.  I’ve been a little disappointed.  It had configurations to go from one environment to the next, and a straightforward push button.  It had seven distinct configurations, a great deal of potential.  A nice tease was the flashing one.  I’ve been fucking myself with it for a while, and the ridges created an interesting feeling, but unlike silicon, cyberskin or jelly, it doesn’t give.  It felt somewhat invasive.  I chose to just use it as a clitoral vibrator, but it wasn’t big enough for me even on it’s elevated environment. I’m not a Hitachi snob now.

Ok, so I sorta am,

but I’m often using a bullet sound.  I can use any amount of vibrators to get off.  It was just kind of weak, I wouldn’t say it was buzzy.  Perhaps something really DOES that size still needs C batteries.  I don’t know.

I hate giving negative reviews, but this one wasn’t for me. Don’t worry, pleasure seekers— click the connection below, you’ll discover anything you want for your pink parts— or something really damn near.  Promise.