Review of the Heeldo strap on harness for the foot

Review of the Heeldo strap on harness for the foot

When I was approached by and asked to review the heeldo I didn’t hesitate, I have to say I have seen this around the web and on twitter for some time now and its something that I have always wondered about. So I agreed and a little while later it arrived for review in some lovely boring packaging and  I couldn’t wait to get started.

The Heeldo is packaged in a basic cardboard box which is easily recycled or reused for storing it in when it isn’t been used. On the box there are pictures of the product and details of how it should or could be used.

Inside the box you get the harness and 3 O rings, 2 metal and one plastic, this is to make sure that you can use the harness to most sizes of dildo or butt plug without to many problems, one of the o-ring is already in place on the harness, but to change it is really simple, you just undo the velcro/poppers and swap it over.

When you first use the heeldo you need to make sure you have it fitted correctly by putting it on, unclipping the clip, slotting in your dildo and then fastening the clips again and tightening it up, provided it is always used with the same dildo and work on the same foot you should only need to adjust it the once, should you want to swap and change the dildo, or share the harness with someone else who has a different sized foot you will need to readjust it. I found this very straight forward to do and didn’t have any problems at all.

The heeldo can be worn with the dildo in two different positions with the dildo coming out of the heel as I have it here, or coming from the bottom like a stilletto heel.

having it coming out of the heel like this is designed for self use, but the other way is much more practical for use on another person as it gives you much more control.

I have visions of myself trying to contort into all sorts of  bizarre positions to get this to work and been rather unsuccessful and when I read the information card that comes with it I thought that my visions were correct.

I’m not sure if you can read it properly so here’s what it says:- Disclaimer: Do not use with oversized dildos or butt plugs. Do not force positions if you are not flexible enough to get into the position comfortably. Foot or ankle injury may occur if used improperly. Stop using immediately if you feel any discomfort. 

My thoughts when I read that where ‘oh dear’ and ‘but I’m not bendy’ but in the interests of testing it out and I slipped the harness onto my foot and gave it a go.

On my own I could easily sit back onto it and use it that way, and with my partners assistance I could lay on my back and use it by holding my ankle in the correct position, I consider myself to be quite fit but not really very flexible so in theory most people should be able to use this successfully without to many problems. I didn’t have as many comedy moments of been contorted into various positions as I had first imagined, although at first it did feel very odd and unnatural to me.

Overall the heeldo was surprisingly easy to use, it slipped on my foot easily, was easy to set up, fitted just about all of the dildo’s that I own and felt good to use. It is also very well made the harness feels like it is very good quality, well designed and well put together. If you are into feet and or you just want to try something a bit different I would highly recommend this for you. Go to Passiontime and get yourself one.