Are you doing your kegels exercises?

Are you doing your kegels exercises?

Kegel (KAY-gul or KEY-gul) exercises enhance the muscles of the pelvic floor supporting the uterus, bladder and intestine. If you do regular Kegel exercises and maintain your pelvic floor muscles toned, the risk of incontinence and comparable issues may be reduced as you get older. Kegel exercises can also assist manage the incontinence of the urine.

Since my first pregnancy, I’ve heard about this and it’s one of those subjects that females nod and smile and laugh about as you get into your 30s and on. Are we doing them?? Well, I understand I often forget about that. Without becoming too clinical, reinforcing your kegels will assist you not to’ pee when you sneeze,’ which is sadly something that occurs to many females, after having children, or just as we get older.  The exercises can be done comparatively easily, tightening, holding release, repeating.

Kegel exercisers are like training for’ resistance.’  Gripping something against it.  With this in mind, this VibeReview exercise is produced.  I was reading the directions and I was thinking… what??

Natural Contours ‘ Energy is beautiful, non-threatening and efficient.  Using your hands only to support the weight of this’ barbell,’ you lay on your back and insert the end.  Pull the barbell in with each squeeze, resting between each moment.  Repeat until completely inserted.  Repeat.   After a while, I guess you don’t have to use your hands for assistance anymore.  The metal barbell can be cleaned and sterilized about a pound.

Let’s not forget that there are the sexual benefits in addition to the medical benefits of these exercises.  In a nutshell, tighter pussy, more control.  Like any muscle, toning it will enhance its’ appearance’ both at rest and right in use??  The above paper says you will begin to notice outcomes in 8-12 weeks, so after 8-12 weeks of kegels, your partner will also receive the benefits of your hard work.

My idea is, you deserve a theme song when you can keep this sucker in while you’re standing.