Vivid Dreams- Savanna

Vivid Dreams- Savanna

Here is one for the drawer “Go To.” To something I said about jelly toys, I have to create a correction. I don’t like all the toys of the jelly. Going back later, the last one I checked, the scent was too powerful. Yes, wash it, it’s fading. Scented lube-masks it. It’s STRONG, though, right out of the drawer. I’m not susceptible to scents now, but I’m not susceptible to a lot of stuff. I suspect that this scent will bother MOST people and many of the “sex toy snobs” (playfully used term) won’t like it.

Now the Savanna Vivid Dreams has the scent of the sailing salon, I won’t like it. But it has all the excellent goodness of Doc Johnson.

Can you see the swirl wrapping around it?? It’s a beautiful dense dildo vibrating with the bullet up close to the tip so it’s great for clitoral stimulation and penetration. The line of Doc Johnson Vivid Dreams has all the thumb dial that I really like as well. Roll it up and roll it down. Easy, simple… And water resistant!!

Okay, I’ve got very little luck jerking off in the shower, but it’s a nice one for those of you who do.

So all right, there’s a phthalate talk here. I KNOW there’s plenty to speak about using phthalate-free products and how that’s the safer way forward. Clearly, chemicals of any kind are less than completely secure. California banned phthalate baby and infant toys in March 2008. Most probably because for lengthy periods of time they are in the babies ‘ mouths. I also discovered this article in sex toys dealing with phthalates.

  • moderate use of dildoes (less than 15 min/week) is not associated with any significant health risk
  • heavy usage (1 hour/day) is not associated with any significant health risk, except for pregnant and breastfeeding women who should abstain from heavy usage

Well I use it more than 15 minutes a week, but maybe not EVERY week. And I don’t have breastfeeding or pregnancy. I’m not concerned about my dildo’s cancer. I live outside of LA with a smoker. Really, before the phthalates do, something else will get me. I can’t say I’m unconcerned, though.

One thing I noticed was the selling of the jelly toys. Looking at what’s selling on my affiliate accounts, or the toys my non-sex-blogger friends sell, and the company individuals I’ve been asking for. Jelly Toys is what individuals buy, likely because it costs a little less. Sex toys are a luxury item for most individuals (not all), not to be used on a daily basis, and I suspect that fewer individuals will want to shell out an EXTRA $40 for a free phthalate toy that will be used for 20 minutes a moment, perhaps twice a week.

I feel like I need to mention these stuff over and over again in the interests of social responsibility.¬† has a wide range of toys, including jelly-like toys free of phthalates. So if you’re worried, take a minute longer and look for it.