The Swirltop Butt Plug- more “OH MY GOD’s” for your money!

I admit that I was a bit scared when I opened this next item. Those naughty boys at Adam and Eve… It doesn’t look that big in this picture, but it looks quite big in the packaging!! When I took it out of the plastic wrap, it was not so daunting, and when I put the batteries in, I got a little squirmy thinking about it.

This is the Swirltop Butt Plug. (I admit, I giggle when I say it outloud.) It’s about 4 inches high and 4 1/2 inches around at it’s widest point. I know it SEEMS like a lot… but trust me…

So last night I was feelin a bit naughty. I spent some time with my favorite reads and was feeling pretty anxious. I had tested out the batteries and the strength of the vibe earlier in the day just so I knew what I was in for. Like I said, I was a bit scared, but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge. (wicked smile).

The vibrations on this vibe are like a muted hum. There’s an egg inside it, and if you have never tried an egg on it’s one, they are quite fantastic. I used the ridges and slid them up and down my pussy. It was a teasing sensation with the constant movement. I think if I pressed it and held it still I could have made myself cum, my clit resting along those ridges and the whole toy vibrating at the same strength. I pushed it inside my hole, feeling my pussy widen. The vibrations inside me felt really good and the anticipation was getting me hot.

This vibe has a section cup on the bottom. If I wanted to use this in the tub I could lower myself down on to it. Oh yes, its waterproof. Although I don’t think that includes the battery pack remote, but the toy and wire can go underwater for extra ooohs and aaaahhhs. I decided to lay on my back with it and slowly push it up inside me. I lubed it up real good and rubbed it on my ass. I had it set on the lowest setting to get me started and pushed it in slowly, the ridges felt nice but I was starting to worry a little bit as I started feeling more and more stretched out. I wondered if maybe a partner would be better for this, or maybe I should not be going so slow. Just when it was starting to freak me out, it started to give, and it was all the way in. I relaxed a bit, knowing it was firmly in place.

*tip- When using anal toys, ALWAYS make sure it has a base on the end. It’s not recommended to use regular slim vibrator- there’s a natural ’suction effect’, and well, just don’t do it without a base. If it’s small, you can use a condom over it, assume there is extra that will stay outside so you can still retrieve it. *end tip

I turned the speed down to see how it felt inside me. I felt full but not stretched. I leaned back and reached for my vibe. I used a slimvibe and rubbed it up and down my pussy, the vibrations went through me and pressed against the plug, it felt warm and I ached. I pushed the vibe inside me. I love that feeling of being so filled. I could feel myself getting more and more wet and wanting more. I reached for the remote and turned the vibrations on the plug on. 1, mmmmmm- a soft hum. 2- oooh- that’s nice. It was a mild increase. 3- ahhhhhhh, ohh my god. That was like turning on a switch. I could feel the vibrations through the wall of my pussy and I pushed the vibe back inside me, wishing it was not so smooth- wanting to feel the roughness. I felt wild, and wanting more. 4- ah, too much…back to three.

I threw the slim vibe and reached into my drawer for my rabbit. I needed the feeling of a cock inside me. I propped my knees up and pushed the shaft in, not even turning it on, fucking my pussy while the plug filled me. I wished it was thrusting, but that’s another toy all together… I fucked myself until I came- so hard. I wanted a cock inside me and I thought about Z, fucking my ass and watching me squirm.  If he wasn’t around and I still wanted the action I could have used a remote control butt plug like the Hush butt plug by Lovense.

4 speeds, definitely increases the sensations of what you got going on. If you are new to anal, this is a good toy if you want to get past the slim jelly plugs that are no bigger than a finger. The 4 speeds of vibration are good for any level of pressure (I recommend level 3!) Again, it doesn’t thrust so if you are looking for something to simulate anal SEX, then try something different, but if you are not afraid of getting “a little butt naughty” then this is a great toy to enhance your pleasure.

4″ Swirltop Butt Plug

(oh, and my one other worry was removing it… but you know, I came so hard it was not a problem because I was very relaxed. I did sort of tilt it and pull one side out, and the rest, if you know what I mean. Yeah, it feels kinda weird, but really- get over it.)

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