The Mia- better than a coffee break!!

One of the things I love in life is lipstick. Not because I wear a lot of makeup, because I don’t. But I do own a lot of lipstick. Lipstick changes things for me. It lights up my whole face when I wear it. Lipstick has saved me many days when I didn’t want people to know that something was wrong. My mother always told me, “Just put your lipstick on and nobody will know you’re sad.”

You’d be surprised how well that works.

So when I saw The Mia- I made me smile. A big pink lipstick case holds so much promise for good days. This one, of course, vibrates. It also combines another thing I love, my computer. It charges via USB drive.

Yes, you heard me. Geek girls, hold on to your panties. This vibrator has a removable cap exposing a USB connection and you can plug it right into your USP port. It LOOKS like a jump drive. It makes my nipples hard just thinking about it.  It’s a hard plastic, which I don’t use much of anymore, but it’s phthalate free and non porous.  Did you know that Eden Fantasies has a page on materials and it give details and such on all of them.  Very cool.

Just because I COULD, I boldly plugged it in to the USB port on my monitor at work. Nobody questioned it, and I sat, getting wet, knowing that I was looking at the next thing that was going to give me an orgasm.

I closed my office door towards the end of the day, hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side. I turned it on high (10 pushes of the + button to get to the highest setting), then there were 3 more settings of different speeds of pulsing. I played with the fast pulse speed to get me warmed up and then went back to the continuous vibration. Always my favorite.

I THINK that this might be a little stronger than the Lily. Perhaps because it’s stronger and more compacted. I stroked and rubbed it over my clit, up and down my pussy, feeling the smooth, strong vibrations. It’s not harsh. It’s not overpowering, but it is strong enough to have me writhing and aching. I put one leg on my desk and pushed two fingers into my wet pussy- going over my usual jerk off fantasy of Sean, fucking myself and working the vibe on my sweet spot, aching and burning until my body shook and I whispered his name again and again until a warm electric orgasm came over me. Mmmmm. I wiped it off and slipped it into my pocket and slipped my shoes back on.

Standing, I opened my office door, smiled at the chaos and walked past it on the way to the ladies room.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys. The Mia is exactly the kind of break I need in my day!

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