Review: The Mia- better than a coffee break!!

Review: The Mia- better than a coffee break!!

Lipstick is one of the stuff I enjoy in life. Not because I’m wearing a lot of makeup, I don’t. I own a lot of lipstick, though. For me, the lipstick changes stuff. When I wear it, it lights up my entire face. When I didn’t want individuals to understand that something was wrong, Lipstick saved me many days. My mom always said to me, “Simply put on your lipstick and no one knows you’re sad.” You’d be amazed how well that works.

So I created myself smile when I saw The Mia. For nice days, a large pink lipstick case carries so much promise. Naturally, this one is vibrating. It also brings together another thing that I enjoy, my computer. It charges through a USB drive.

Yes, you were listening to me. Stick to your panties, Geek girls. This vibrator has a removable cap that exposes a USB connection and you can connect it to your USP port straight away. It resembles a jump drive. It makes it difficult for my nipples to think about it.  It is a tough plastic that I no longer use much of, but it is free of phthalate and not porous.  Did you understand that Eden Fantasies has a materials page and gives information about them all and so on.  It’s really nice.

Just because I COULD, I plugged it on my monitor at job boldly into the USB port. No one challenged it, and I sat wet, knowing I was looking at the next thing that would give me an orgasm.

At the end of the day, I shut my office door, walked my skirt up and pulled my slippers to the side. I switched it up (10 + button pushes to get to the maximum setting), then there were 3 more pulsing speed settings. I performed to get me warmed up with the fast pulse velocity and then came back to the constant vibration. My favorite always.

I THINK this might be a little more powerful than the Lily. Maybe because it’s more compact and stronger. I stroked it over my clit, my pussy up and down, feeling the soft, powerful vibrations. It’s not tough. It’s not overpowering, but it’s powerful enough for me to be twisted and pained. I put one leg on my desk and pushed two fingers into my wet pussy-going over my usual jerk off Sean’s fantasy, fucking myself and working the vibrator on my sweet spot, sore and burning until my body shook and I whispered his name over and over again until a warm electric orgasm came over me. Mmmmm. I was wiping it off and slipping it in my pocket and slipping my shoes back on.

Standing up, I opened the door of my office, smiled at the chaos and went past it on the manner to the room for women.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys. The Mia is just the sort of break that I need in my day!