The Cane

“On all 4’s, he ran the thin stick over my body.  It tickled.  He teased me with it, and then THWAP!  I yelped out.  It was sharp, stinging.  Then the tickling again.  I moved away from it- until he started hitting me again, slow and soft, then harder, harder, faster… then pause.  then THWAP.  Harder.  I flinched, lowered my head, ass in the air.  It stung.  Again, a hard sting on my thigh.  FUCK.

“Oh you’re such a sissy,” he taunted at me the cane striking me at the round curve of my ass, “I have barely begun.  I have just…(whack)…begun…(whack)… to give you…(whack)… what you deserve…(WHACK).”

I grunted in between and cried out the last strike.  He traced the cane back up my back tickling less, striking more.  While I tried to take it, I know I cried out and sobbed like a scared virgin.  I knew he was going easy on me.  I didn’t know how much I could take, but I knew he would push me two inches past my limit before stopping to to soothe me, just a little.  And again.  I could hear the thin rattan whip cut through the air with a high pitched whistle.  I knew the cane could break the skin had he hit me much harder.

The marks would fade within a day, I knew I would wish them to last longer.”

Gentle or not, I do love the cane.  I love the way it slices through the air and the sharp sting against my skin.  How it goes from playful tickling to sharp sting.  I am getting a case for mine, since it is very thin and I’m worried it will break.  It’s simple and raw.  Nothing fancy but perfect for D/s play.  For beginners, start out gentle.  I suggest striking your calf to get the feel of how hard you want to strike.  Cane’s cane leave heavy bruises and break the skin if you are not careful.  Play hard, but play safe.

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