Tease: The Adult Board Game for Couples and Groups Review

Tease: The Adult Board Game for Couples and Groups Review

We were sent a copy of Tease to review Tease Products, I was very happy to see what it looked like when we got it, I had heard so much online about it.

It came very quickly, and was sent in some beautiful discreet packaging, when I removed it from the packaging, I could see that if the game, the image on the box is very retro, kind of sexy / cartoony, but not slutty, they had put a lot of thought into the design.

Tease: The Adult Board Game
Tease: The Adult Board Game

When I opened the box, I saw that the board and the cards had been designed with the same amount of thought. There are plenty of cards with this game, at first it seemed a bit daunting to work out which cards go where and for what they are all, but after we read the laws, it really was fairly straight forward.

The primary cards you use during the match are reward / forfeit cards numbered 1-5 with the concept that as the play continues, they get more risk. There are also Massage and Fantasy cards, the Fantasy cards are for the game’s end and are set up as Voyeur, Threesome, Fetish and Roleplay, we really liked the game players to add their own fantasies to the game if they wish.

We’ve played the game as a pair, but the game is distinctive as it’s directed at both couples and groups, it’s the first adult board game I’ve met that’s targeted at organizations, but as a pair we’ve discovered we’ve been able to play just as well.

The cards do indicate how many people they’re aimed at, whether it’s for a group or a couple, so if you’re playing as a couple you’re just taking out those that won’t work, if you’re playing as a group I’d believe all the cards are usable.

The level 5 cards are quite risky, so I would recommend you to sit down and read through them and maybe remove any cards that would make you feel uneasy before playing, or if you’re really new to stuff, maybe bring out the level 5 card the first time you’re playing the game, you can always add them up later if you want.

You land on squares, including massage, kiss, strip, forfeit cards, reward cards and drinks, as you make your way around the board. Working out what all the distinct squares meant at first was a bit confusing as each square seems to mean something distinct, but the rules are fairly evident and it quickly becomes simple to work out after playing for a short time.
Since it doesn’t say how many times you should go around the board we walked round the board a couple of times before heading into the center and completing the game, because we wanted to use all the cards and try it all out, I suppose the amount of times you go round would really depend on how much time you have and how rapidly you’re going through the cards.

Overall, I can honestly say that for a long time we didn’t have as much fun together or laughed so much. To anyone who wishes something to spice up their life or groups of individuals who want to play together, I would suggest this.

This game left us wanting more later and the final fantasy we chose helped us along, so they got it right when they named the Tease game.

You have been able to choose your rates and leave out the cards that are too much for you or not for your taste to make it possibly enjoyable for everyone.

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