Review: Tantus Rumble

Review: Tantus Rumble

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I sent my Tantus Rumble buddy to review as I thought he and his partner would give the Rumble a better opportunity than I would. When I received the Rumble and turned it on, I knew instantly that the vibrations wouldn’t work for me, so I sent it back to have a better life (hopefully).


I’ve always been a Tantus supporter, the build quality of their products is outstanding, so I was more than pleased to review the Tantus Rumble wireless wand when provided by Star (plus 3 distinct attachments).

Now this will be a separate review as I used the Rumble predominantly with my partner and so I’m reviewing it primarily based on her toy view. I normally review toys from my own experience, but I don’t find much use for the Rumble other than to excite myself. Some of the attachments are theoretically insertable but I’m going to talk about that later… My first impression of the Tantus Rumble was excitement. The box looks sleek and stylish, as the Rumble clocks at $129.99, it makes sense. The box’s interior was equipped with foam in which snugly sat the Rumble. To access the charging cable and instructions, part of the foam is removable. Rumble Convertible Head ($21), Rumble Spoon Head ($29.00) and Rumble Dorado Head ($24) were the attachments I received.


Moving on to the specs, the Tantus Rumble has 7 speeds–low, medium, high, quick pulse, slow pulse, pulse building and down pulse, most if not all of the time I’ve used it on the elevated environment, but that’s normal for almost any toy I’m using. The head is flexible, so finding the right angle is fantastic.

The Rumble measures in from the base of the handle to the top of the head at about 23 centimeters in length. The handle is at its widest approximately 3.2 cm in circumference and the button panel is set in the handle in length of 9.5 cm. The head (more importantly) is about 4 cm in height and about 9 cm in circumference, which leaves the Rumble looking tiny but with a big and broad head enough to get the work done. The Convertible head has a 5.5 cm circumference extra insertible ribbed attachment. The Dorado head has a strange fin flipper on it with a width of 0.5 cm and a length of about 8 cm. Finally, the Spoon attachment has an insertable 6.5 cm rounded module with a slightly larger head at the shaft with a diameter of 6.7 cm and a head of 7.3 cm.

The construction quality on the Tantus is incredible, the wand handle consists of two components. One is the shiny blue front piece of plastic that feels excellent value, while the other is the ergonomic grip. The material is smooth and simple to hold, and the buttons are made of the same material that appears to be some plastic shape. The Tantus heads are produced of 100 percent silicone of high quality and they feel incredible. They feel smooth to the touch with adequate cleaning and the head glides over your skin. The heads are attached to the wand via Vac-u-lock and slipping them on and off with a gentle “whump” sound is extremely simple and satisfying.

For a few reasons, the buttons on the Rumble are very cool. First, the positioning of the buttons makes it clear that Tantus knows what they are doing. The Rumble has three buttons. Three. Big. Buttons. Until you look at other toys, that might not seem worth mentioning. When scrambling for the power-off button covered in lubricant and body fluids you’ll really enjoy a lit up button. It is turned on and off by the energy button and is situated close the head. The plus and minus buttons at the other end of the handle control the settings. This makes turning the thing off right before the climax, which is obviously what Tantus had in mind, almost impossible accidentally.

Have I mentioned the lighting of the buttons? It’s the small touches that create a premium value item. The buttons are lighting up, making them easy to see in the dark, but there it doesn’t stop. The brightness of the fucking buttons changes to suit the authority in the alternating velocity environments. There’s some meticulous design, Tantus. I’m taking off my trousers. Hat. Take off my hat.

The Tantus Rumble Wand is entirely wireless, fantastic for maneuverability. The battery lasts hours after hours. The website of Tantus clams for 4.5 hours, and while I have never timed it, there has never been an opportunity for it to run out during use. The charger is also micro usb compatible with most telephone chargers (unless you’re using an iphone).


with the Rumble is really extremely easy. All it takes is an intimate wipe after each use (or in the case of my cheap ass, a baby wipe). It’s really as simple as that, the material is so high quality that I’ve never wiped the whole thing over for more than 30 seconds, irrespective of how ridiculous I was with the lube and/or body butter.

The attachments are vac-u-lock and are easy to remove and clean below, and the Rumble doesn’t seem to have any of the usual nook and cranny seams that accumulate dirt and evil on top of that. Overall, on this front, there are no complaints.

The wand is NOT waterproof, however, so I would prevent it being submerged and stick to wet wipes. Worth noting that with all the other incriminating toys, I almost dumped mine in the sink.


Now let’s get on with the juicy, all the significant information–the Rumble in action. We decided that the 3rd setting, elevated, was the only way to fly after clicking on the Rumble and playing through the environments. The other settings are OK, the first setting is pretty low, decent for excitement but not so great to get my partner where she needed to go, and the second setting wasn’t too bad, but the third setting did the work every time. The only wand we used before that was the Lovehoney Wand that was powered by hands and there were important variations. The Rumble is a soft, more subtle beast where a hand-powered wand has a lot of kick and can definitely elicit a body shaking orgasm. It’s true that the Rumble doesn’t give out the same vibrations, but instead it provides a profound, intimate orgasm that builds up for longer. I’d say the vibrations were likely smaller than we’re used to, but they’re still getting the work done.

The benefits of the cordless Rumble wand are that you can maneuver the head anywhere you need to go without being restricted by a power cord snaking across the bed, not to mention the design that the head can flex when required. The ergonomic handle makes it ideal to use it solo for my partner (or hold it there during the primary course) or to use it at my discretion for myself. The only adverse thing I would say is that some positions, such as missionary, were not feasible because the head was rather broad, but in doggy it was completely nice.

I got the opportunity to try out the alternative heads for the Rumble, as I stated previously, and both the Spoon and Convertible heads are insertable. Both myself and my partner tried to insert the heads, but I found them small and didn’t reach my p-spot, and perhaps more disappointingly they didn’t seem to convey the heavy vibration emitted from the toy’s primary body. My partner said the Convertible enables you to attach dildos to the Vac-u-lock design, but the vibrations did not travel well and the dildo was best left to be used alone without the Rumble’s hindrance. While curved toward her g-spot, the Spoon attachment did not get deep enough to reach it. She also decided that the vibrations did not fully communicate to the insertable head components and so we discovered that the heads were not helpful compared to the conventional head. The head that I haven’t listed is the Dorado, an odd flipper device. The general goal is to run this back and forth across the front of the pussy, but again the vibration was lower than the standard head, my partner decided.


As mentioned earlier, there’s a pretty heavy price tag on the Rumble and I don’t know if I’d pay $129.99 for it. While the build quality screams it’s a premium, the vibrations might be stronger in the luxury sex toy. The energy is still good, but having a engine in the Rumble with a bit more roar would be great.

I wouldn’t bother with the additional heads in all honesty, not unless you really want to spend a day just working out the subtler parts of pleasure, as the standard head appears to be better in use and the price tag on the additional heads is quite high.

The Rumble overall is a beautifully constructed wand that looks sleek, sophisticated and well-made. The quality of construction is great, the characteristics are lovingly thought-out and intuitive, and the luxurious and silky touch of silicone. The rechargeable battery and cordless handle make it in the bedroom very portable and dynamic, especially when coupled with the flexible head, and the Rumble is small enough to carry it in a travel bag.

The Rumble from Tantus is accessible. I bought this item on my own and sent it to a friend. In this article, affiliate connections were used.