Slinging it.

Slinging it.

I need a lover more regular. Someone who’s around on a’ at least twice a week ‘ basis, so I can remain on top of things-no pun designed when I have reviews to do that need a partner. My last VibeReview shipment included two wonderful Sportsheets products. One was the Restraints Under the Bed and the other was the Sling of Sex. Before now, I hoped to put them into action, but I havent just had the time. I didn’t tell Lilly that in my poor NYC I had the Under the Bed Restraints, and I was tempted to tie her up, just to see how well they’re working. wink).

The Sex Sling is an exciting concept, and I knew I’d enjoy something. For my size, I like being relatively bendy, but I admit that my abs aren’t as powerful as I would like, and sometimes keeping my legs up can get physically taxing. I don’t believe the sex sling is supposed to help you with your neck to support your own weight, but it helps in that process.

So although the night I was checking out the Sex Sling I didn’t have sex with anyone, I decided to put myself in it, just to see. I always find it interesting to see if when I’m in these predicaments, the Ex will walk in. The sling center and the sleeves are padded (and leopard printing) and rests on your wrists and behind your throat. I laid back and with fast pulls tightened the straps. A partner holding on to my legs would certainly have an simple time. I wasn’t able to bring all the weight on my neck right in the curse, but it made it a little simpler. I believe that the sling, together with another individual in a place to hold your legs and your own abdominals, may ease some muscles that are sore. I could open or close my legs, even slightly bend them as long as I was a little loose. I believe I could have spread eagle in no moment if these things were tied short.

The Ex walked in… cocked his head sideways, looking at me for a minute. I was a little embarrassed, but I played it off, “What do you guys believe? This could make things a bit easier. “He crawled up on the bed, kneeling open with his legs and plain view of my thin panty-covered parts. “This is what I like,” he said. He rested his hand on my legs, allowing me to feel the weight distribution difference instantly. He wasn’t going to fuck me— but he pushed his fingers inside me— my g-spot at the right angle with my legs up like this and rubbed my clit with my Hitachi until I came, squirming and shaking, my legs couldn’t squeeze that way into my body. I can’t wait to use this because it’s designed, but I can inform you that having an orgasm, my legs open and somewhat unable to put them down and curl them down, made me much difficult.

That’s not the review I WANTED to do, but sometimes you know-gender is like that. Even if we have fun instruments to play with, it’s not always the way we want it.