Slinging it.

I need a more regular lover. Someone who is around on an ‘at least twice a week’ basis, so when I have reviews to do that need a partner, I can stay on top of things- no pun intended. My last shipment from VibeReview had included two fantastic items from Sportsheets. One was the Under the Bed Restraints and the other was the Sex Sling. I was hoping to put them into action before now, but I just havent had the time. I didn’t tell Lilly that I had the Under the Bed Restraints in my bad in NYC, and I was tempted to tie her down, just to see how well they works. (*wink).

The Sex Sling is an interesting idea, and something I knew I would love. I like being relatively bendy, for my size, but I admit that my abs are not as strong as I’d like and sometimes holding my legs up can become physically taxing. I don’t think the sex sling is meant as a way for you to support your own weight with you neck, but it aids in the process.

So even though I wasn’t having sex with anyone the night I was checking out the Sex Sling, I decided to put myself in it, just to see. I always find it exciting to see if the Ex will walk in when I’m in these predicaments. The center of the sling and the cuffs are padded (and leopard print) and rests behind your neck and on your ankles. I laid back and tightened the straps with quick pulls. A partner holding on to my legs would have an easy time of that for sure. I was right in that of curse I could not put all the weight on my neck, but it did make it a little easier. I think the sling, along with another person in the position to hold your legs and your own abdominals this could ease some aching muscles. I was able to open or close my legs, even bend them slightly, as long as I had a little slack. I think having these things tightened short could have me spread eagle in no time.

The Ex did walk in… cocked his head sideways and stared at me for a minute. I was a bit embarassed, but I played it off, “What do you think babe? This might make things a little easier.”

He crawled up on the bed, kneeling with his legs open and my thin panty-covered parts in plain view. “I like this,” he said. He rested his hand on my legs, immediately letting me feel the difference in weight distribution. He wasn’t going to fuck me- but he did push his fingers inside me- my g-spot in the right angle with my legs up like this and rubbed my clit with my Hitachi until I came, squirming and shaking, my legs unable to pull into my body that way. I can’t wait to use this for it’s intended purpose- but I can tell you that having an orgasm, with my legs open and somewhat unable to put them down and curl them underneath, made me come a lot harder.

This isn’t the review I WANTED to do, but you know- sex is like that sometimes. It’s not always the way we want it, even when we do have fun tools to play with.

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