Review of Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls (jiggle balls)

I bought these a while ago when they were on Deal of the Day at Lovehoney. For some reason they stayed in the box for a while before I even looked at them. When I finally did I found them to be in a nicely packaged box and inside it with the balls was a lovely white storage bag. This bag is of a nice quality.
The balls themselves are bright Pink, which seems to a theme for all Tracey Cox toys, and they jiggle more than any other Kegel balls that I have tried. These are definitely the most jiggly of the jiggle balls and you can really feel these when they are inside you moving around, giving you that internal workout.
The balls are smooth and easy to insert. They are just the right size, although at first you might think that they are quite large, this is a good thing if you are new to these kind of balls as they are easier to hold in place.
The only possible down side to these balls is the silicone ‘string’ for pulling them out, it can feel a little uncomfortable, but there is no reason why this cannot be trimmed down to prevent this if it does get annoying.
They do not feel uncomfortable when worn and can easily be inserted with just a small amount of lube. They are easy to clean with just soap and water. I have even managed to forget that I am wearing that at times, that is until I move and then the jiggly balls start to jiggle again.
I found that after a few hours of wearing these I was experiencing stronger orgasms and that by using them regularly I had more control over my muscles. If you haven’t tried any of these balls before I would give these a shot, they are worth every penny.

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