XaXa Xoom PlaySensation ultra Vibrating Butt plug Review

XaXa Xoom PlaySensation ultra Vibrating Butt plug Review

We were sent the XaXa Xoom Playsensation Ultra Vibrating Butt Plug for evaluation by the beautiful individuals at Simplypleasure.com that came in some super discreet packaging, no way anyone knows what was inside the boring brown box that the post brought to the gate.

The Playsensation Ultra plug is packed with a transparent plastic insert in a cardboard box to display the plug in all its black beady glory. There are some data on the connector and how it operates and how it should be used on the back of the box.

The plug is produced of supersoft flexible silicone that should only be used with a water-based lubricant of excellent quality, with this plug you should avoid using any silicone products as it can harm it. It is waterproof and can be submerged for cleaning, the bullet can also be removed so you can use it as a multispeed bullet on your own if you want.

PlaySensation ultra Vibrating Butt plug
PlaySensation ultra Vibrating Butt plug

The bullet takes 1AAA battery that slots into the vibrator’s body, has a single button operation and is 5 velocity, the velocity is

1. Low

2. High

3. Pulse

4. Long escalating pulse

5. Gradual increase in speed and then a quick pulse

You can either scroll through the settings to the end and it will go off or you can hold down the energy button for a few seconds to switch it off again. Both methods work equally well, I personally discovered that scrolling through the settings was faster and easier. We found that even when it’s high, it’s a really quiet vibrator and it’s something we wouldn’t have any trouble using if you want to bring it back with you from a shared house or even a hotel room.

The Playsensation Ultra Plug is formed with the three balls on the insertable portion and one ball on the portion that should sit on your perineum, I let my spouse test this one because it seemed to me that it was more directed at the masculine market than the female, not to mention that it would not be appropriate for a woman to use, but the shape is ideal for prostate massage and the ball that rests on the ou The vibrations flow down the toy’s entire length and can be felt completely against the prostate, finding both the toy’s shape and the vibration’s power worked very well for him. He enjoyed the buttons and the manner they are distinct sizes because when he inserted and removed it, this gave him a distinct feeling, the loop at the end is great for removing the toy and stopping it from traveling as it is the ball that sits outside. He said that when the toy is used, the fabric feels beautiful and smooth, and although it is flexible, it is not flexible. In his view this toy is very well designed and it’s in his words’ a keeper’ The playsensation plug is lovely and simple to wash as it’s waterproof and you can remove the vibrator and clean it all individually if you want to make sure you get it all clean, there are no nasty seams or anything you need to be cautious when using or cleaning it.

Overall this is a really nice XaXa Xoom vibrating butt plug, the material from which it is produced is of great quality, it looks beautiful and smooth and soft. Their vibrations are nice and strong, traveling the toy’s entire length. It’s lovely and simple to wash, it’s great for sex or solo play. In short, if you’re looking for a good quality prostate toy that doesn’t break the bank, then with this one you won’t go wrong. 

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