Review of the Small Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

This is the iddy biddy booty buddy which is available from Lovehoney, it is an excellent beginners butt plug due to its teeny tiny size and shape.

Its made from soft smooth flexible silicone and has a super slim base, meaning that you can wear this toy for long periods of time or during sex without feeling any discomfort, and it doesn’t have that strong new toy smell that you get with some toys.

The shape of this plug is designed with a nice curve in it and this is to make sure that it presses against all those nice points inside you while your wearing it, making this the perfect toy for both men and women.

As this is a silicone toy you need to make sure that any lube that you use is compatible with this, try a good quality water based lube, some hybidi are suitable but make sure that you check the packaging before you use it, you wouldn’t want to melt your toy by using the wrong lube with it.

Overall I found this to be an excellent starter toy, it is very comfy to wear, but you don’t forget about it as it is pressing against all your sweet spots. I really liked the shape and the feel if the soft silicone and that it is lovely and flexible to so it doesn’t get in the way when having sex with it in.

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