Review of the Hello Touch by Jimmyjane from Simplypleasure

The Jimmyjane hello Touch was sent to me for review from, it arrived in some lovely discrete packaging.

The Jimmyjane Hello Touch is packaged in a cardboard box with some lovely clear pictures of the Hello Touch and information about how it works. Inside the box you get the Touch, batteries and a storage pouch, along with some instructions.

The Hello Touch takes aaaa batteries, these are like the normal pencil batteries which you might have used for your walkman in the 80’s and 90’s or in your remote control for your television but they are much much thinner, I had never seen these sold anywhere so I did a quick google to see how much they cost and if they are widely available, they don’t cost anymore than any other pencil style battery and are available on amazon, I haven’t seen them in the local supermarket but if I am completely honest I haven’t really looked for them either.

The batteries are inserted into the body of the power pack inside a plastic case, initially we thought that the plastic case for the batteries was missing but it is infact in with the packaging in the box and not in the battery compartment when you receive the toy. As with all battery controlled toys I would advise that you remove the batteries from the vibrator when it is not in use, this preserves the battery life and also prevents any chance of the batteries leaking and damaging the toy.

Once you have put the batteries into the power pack, this slides into the wrist strap, you need to make sure that you do this with the power buttons on the top so that they line up roughly with the 3 round circles on the pocket, even though there is 3 circles there are only 2 buttons on the Touch, on and off, after we had finished playing and turned the lights off for sleep we realised that these buttons and the Jimmjane brand name on the wrist strap glows in the dark, this is cool as it makes it much easier to see what you are doing in the bedroom if you are a lights off kind of person/couple.

The wrist strap is made from microfibre it is incredibly soft and has a good amount of stretch to, it is very comfortable to wear as it is so light that you almost forget that it is there, even with the battery pack inserted into it, the wrist band is also machine washable, should you slip with the lube or anything and need to give it a wash.

 Attached to the battery back via a wire are 2 small vibrating pads which have stretchy rubber like bands which slot over the fingers to hold them in place, the pads are nice and soft and flat, and the rubber bands are good and tight, but not so tight that they cut off the circulation to your fingers or anything. These are also very light, and they have the immyjane logo embossed on the metal vibrating part inside the pads.

To use the Hello Touch, you slide the vibrating pads onto the fingers which you want to use and the wrist strap onto your wrist and then press the on button, the Touch is single speed and about medium intensity. The intensity of the vibrations are not what makes this a great toy though, its the versitility of it, having the vibrating pads firmly attached to your fingers means that you can easily use it in a variety of ways, on yourself or your partner, just let your imagination run wild, a finger and thumb make a great g-spot vibrator/massager, 2 fingers are good for clit stim, moving the pads to the back mean that you can have your partners warm fingers do the touching while the vibrations do their thing and then you can  move the vibrating pads down the fingers to use to stimulate your male partner.

Personally I really likes the feel of the finger and thumb when my partner was using it on my and the 2 fingers on there own. The pads or pods are they are described on the box are made from supersoft silicone and have a very natural feel about them when they are been used as they are so soft. As with all silicone toys I would advise against using silicone lubricant with them as it may react with the silicone and cause it to become damaged.

The Hello Touch is a lovely quiet vibrator meaning that you don’t need to worry about using it in a shared house or if you have teenage kids that might still be up when you go to bed for some fun.

When the Hello Touch is assembled and the battery compartment is sealed shut it is waterproof which means that itcan be used in the bath or the shower without any fear of it getting damaged. This is great if you like to share a shower with your partner for some fun or just like a bit of me time away from everyone else, we all know that sometimes the only room in the house where you can really be alone is the bathroom. It also makes cleaning nice and simple, as I have already said the wrist band is machine washable but as the pads obviously cannot be put in the washing machine, they can however be cleaned in warm soapy water or with some good sex toy cleaner.

Overall I really like the Hello Touch it is one of the most versatile sex toys that I have tried whether using is alone or with my partner the possibilities are endless and they are all fun, its waterproof, quiet, easy to use, easy to store even coming with its own storage pouch and generally just a fab vibrator.