Review of the Doxy Massage Wand

The massager

I was contacted by Doxy and asked if I would review the Doxy Massage Wand. It arrived in a brown box with a note attached giving me information about how it works, the note also said that they are working on the packaging as this is a brand new item. When I received it it was in a plastic hygiene wrap.

The first thing I noticed about the Doxy Massage Wand is the size of it, this is the largest wand type massager/vibrator I have ever owned, so I was surprised that it isn’t heavier than it is, given its size it is not a heavy wand.

Lovely padded head


The next thing I noticed was the texture of the head of the wand its a soft PVC cover which feels very cushioned. At first touch we thought that this might be leather but it is in fact PVC. The softness of this head does make the wand feel very good to touch, the PVC cover is latex free and free from any Phlalates and other nasties.

The Doxy Massage wand is mains powered and it comes with a UK plug attached to a very long cord, meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about the lead been long enough to reach wherever it is that you are trying to massage. This also means that it is not waterproof and should not be used in water or submerged for cleaning.

plug and Wire

To clean the head of the Doxy I would advise using a sex toy cleaning spray and a clean papertowel as these sprays are antibacterial and will make sure that the head of the toy is kept nice and clean and hygienic for every use.

When I plugged in the Doxy I found it very easy to use, the Doxy has 2 ways of working, constant vibrations or pulses. The constant vibrations come on a medium power level for the toy, I found this medium level to be a very fast speed but when I slowed it down using the minus button it was very quickly brought under control. The Doxy does advertise itself as the most powerful massage wand in the market and I have to say that it does live upto this claim, I have tried a fair few wands over the years and none of them, not even the mains powered ones that I have tried come close to this when it is on full. I actually think that if you put it in milk the milk would turn to cheese very quickly.

Power Buttons

The pulses are activated by holding down the power button for 2-3 seconds when the massager is turned off and the pulses can be made longer or shorter by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the handle, the pulses gradually increase in speed from slow to fast and the plus-minus doesn’t decrease the power of the pulse just the length of it. To reset it to constant vibrations again you simply turn it off and back on again.

I personally preferred the constant vibrations as I like to be in control of how powerful the vibrations are and the pulses although you can control the length of the pulse you cannot control the speed that the pulse gets upto.

This is a massage wand and I should include a bit about massage in the review, this is a good wand to use for sports massage and I personally have used it after running when some how I have pulled my shoulders (probably spending to long looking at the screen on the treadmill hunched over) and found that when it is used this way it is very effective.

Doxy Massager

However, we all know that massage wands are mainly used for masturbation right? I have certainly never thought about them in any other way, maybe I am a little warped like that. For masturbation this thing rocks, it is so powerful it blows your mind and that is without it been on full power, my husband even said that it would easily force him to orgasm. The buttons are nice and large to meaning that you don’t need to concentrate to hard on what you are doing to be able to use it.

Overall this is a very powerful massage wand which is great for both massage and masturbation, I’m not so sure that it actually needs to be as powerful as it is when it is on full. I love the padding on the head of it and think that this helps to soften the vibrations without taking away any of the power from them. If you love your power and you want a wand you wouldn’t go wrong with this one. 

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