Review of Oriental Ben Wa Balls (jiggle balls)

These were the first set of love balls that I bought and they have had a fair bit of use. They are solid plastic balls with a plastic coated string.
I bought the white ben wa balls they come in a nice box which is perfect for storing them in and would make them a nice gift for someone.
The balls are a nice size not too big or too small, they are smooth enough to insert easily even without too much lube and providing you push them in far enough they stay put. As you walk around you can feel them jiggling around inside you, making walking up and down the stairs fun.
The string in plastic coated which helps with cleaning, I have been putting mine in the dishwasher to clean and haven’t had any problems with the heat effecting them, the plastic coating is still on the string and they come out sparkly clean.
I find that string to be much better that the silicone that some love balls have as it tucks up inside you and stays out of the way, meaning that these are perfect for longer wear.
They are excellent value for money and have lasted well through numerous uses without getting damaged or the plastic coating coming off the string.

Overall this is a lovely product which with regular wear helps to tighten your pelvic floor and increase the intensity of your orgasms.

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