Review of Oriental Anal Beads from Magic Moments

These beads where sent to me to review by they are basic anal beads and are available for a very basic price of just £2.50 by clicking here

They come in a plain plastic tub which can be saved and used to store the beads in when they are not been used.

The beads themselves are small silver coloured and made of plastic, they are on string with a metal ring at the end to aid retrieval and prevent any loss within your body.

The string doesn’t feel like it has any kind of protective coating on it, this did worry me as cleaning the string is very important for hygiene purposes, and getting it clean again after use is not easy when the string is not coated with anything to protect it.

The beads are small in size and shouldn’t be difficult for even a complete beginner to insert with plenty of lube.

They are on a good length piece of string, keeping them nice and separate from each other.

Once they are inserted they sit just inside you and give you that slightly fuller feeling which can feel nice, always be careful when using anything anally that you keep the retrieval cord on the outside.

When removing them you can either do this slowly or quickly, the choice really is yours but doing it as you orgasm will increase the intensity of your orgasm.

Overall: I think that these are good for anyone beginning with this sort of play, they are cheap and cheerful and good basic fun, but the string makes me feel like that are more disposable then reusable due to cleaning issues.

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