Review of Doc Johnson Decadence G Spot Vibe

I was lucky enough to be send this to review from, I received my order very quickly and in some lovely discrete packaging, no chance of the postie been able to see what was inside, or your nosey neighbours having any ideas about what you have been ordering.

I opened up the packaging to find this toy in a nicely designed doc johnson plastic box, such a shame that these cannot be recycled, but the design is nice, no smutty pics or anything just simple, pink and clear with clear instructions of how to use the toy.

I opened the packaging and took out the vibrator, the toy has that lovely soft touch coating on it, which means that although it is a solid plastic toy it has the feel of something softer and warmer. It has the Doc Johnson logo printed on it in a contrasting colour and it is very very pink.

To insert the battery you just unscrew the bottom of the vibe, it takes just one AA type battery, possibly the easiest type to get hold of as they sell them everywhere, you pop the battery in and screw the base back on to secure it.

The vibe is operated using a twist mechanism on the base of the toy and this means that the speed is totally controllable, the further you twist the faster the vibrator vibrates. I didn’t find this to be a really powerful toy but given its size I was pleasantly surprised, I would give this a 5 out of 10 for vibration strength.

This vibrator is small enough to fit in your handbag and take away with you if you were going on holiday or for a day out and fancied a bit of fun while you were away.

It is also very very quiet, especially when been used internally, there is no chance of anyone having a clue that you where upto anything with this toy, making it perfect for those who live in a shared house.

The vibe is waterproof and as such it means that it is easy to clean and perfect for anyone who likes to use sex toys in the bath. It also comes with a cool little storage case with and insert to ensure that the vibrator is stored snugly and doesn’t rattle around. The case is slightly see through so although it isn’t shaped like a sex toy it isn’t discrete enough to be able to leave it lying around without anyone knowing what is inside.

Overall, I really like this little vibe, its cute, its powerful enough to do the trick, its quiet, it takes easy to get hold of batteries, it has its own little case and is waterproof. Which means it ticks most of my boxes.

If you want to get hold of your own Doc Johnson Decadence G-Spot Vibe then click here to go to

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