Review of Crystal Delights Glass Butt Plug from uberkinky

I was lucky enough to be sent this Crystal Delights Butt Plug to review by the wonderful Uberkinky.

It was delivered very quickly in some nice discrete packaging, I was very excited to receive this as it is something that I had been looking at for a long while, when I opened the box and saw how it is presented in its own specially designed storage pouch I was not disappointing.

The storage pouch feels very high quality and gives the appearance of something very innocent meaning that this will not arouse suspicion from anyone if you left it out on the side in your bedroom, or popped in your underwear drawer for easy access.

When I unrolled it from its lovely pouch, it looked stunning, the crystal reflecting the light beautifully.

I love glass toys and this one is no exception, glass is lovely because it can be warmed up and cooled down, perfect for those that like temperature play. It is totally seamless and just generally feels lovely.

I was sent the small plug to try out, and although it is smaller than other plugs that I have as it is solid it feels much bigger than it is when it is been used, it is also heavier than any other materials meaning that even the small is big enough and heavy enough for those that might be used to slightly bigger toys.

We found the base of the toy is just the right size to not be in the way when using the plug during sex, but big enough to look really nice, the gem is especially pretty. The neck of the plug is thin enough in contrast with the base and body to enable it to stay put.

Overall:  I love this toy, it has a fantastic storage pouch, it feels lovely, it looks beautiful and it is just generally fantastic, I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Get yours from Uberkinky

Living in the US get glass butt plugs here.

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