Review of the Small Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

This is the iddy biddy booty buddy which is available from Lovehoney, it is an excellent beginners butt plug due to its teeny tiny size and shape.

Its made from soft smooth flexible silicone and has a super slim base, meaning that you can wear this toy for long periods of time or during sex without feeling any discomfort, and it doesn’t have that strong new toy smell that you get with some toys.

The shape of this plug is designed with a nice curve in it and this is to make sure that it presses against all those nice points inside you while your wearing it, making this the perfect toy for both men and women.

As this is a silicone toy you need to make sure that any lube that you use is compatible with this, try a good quality water based lube, some hybidi are suitable but make sure that you check the packaging before you use it, you wouldn’t want to melt your toy by using the wrong lube with it.

Overall I found this to be an excellent starter toy, it is very comfy to wear, but you don’t forget about it as it is pressing against all your sweet spots. I really liked the shape and the feel if the soft silicone and that it is lovely and flexible to so it doesn’t get in the way when having sex with it in.

Review of Don Wands Swirled Blue Glass Dildo

When I ordered this from the US I was expecting it to take some time to get here since I live in the UK, but it surprised me when it arrived pretty quick, within a couple of weeks of ordering it. I did have to pay duty on this to bring it into the country, I was expecting to have to do this so I wasn’t surprised when I got a note through from parcelforce asking me to pay a small amount online to them before the parcel would be released.

It is quite normal for you to have to pay some charges when ordering something from outside of the UK, the charges can be quite high depending on the object and its value and Parcelforce very kindly also add on a handling fee. Eden fantasys are nothing to do with these charges and you cannot pay them in advance so don’t be surprised if you receive a notice when you order from the US.

When the glass dildo arrived it was in a plain box with the normal customs sticker on it, stating that it contained a massager, I am pretty sure that the postal service know what massager is code for but I have never let that worry me when ordering from a company, they have to put something and at least it doesn’t say DILDO in big letters on the box, the inside of the box was very well packaged and my Don Wand Glass Dildo had made it all the way across the Atlantic without a single scratch.

The Don Wand Glass Dildo comes in some stylish packaging, just a grey box with the companies branding on it and some clear information about the dildo including how to clean it.

Cleaning a glass dildo is so easy as glass is non porous and doesn’t react with other materials this dildo can be washed in the sink with some anti bacterial cleaner, with any sex toy cleaner or even in the dishwasher. It really couldn’t be simpler.

This dildo looks stunning, it has a clear glass bulbous end and a lovely tight blue swirl which runs all of the way down it, the blue swirl is ridged and feels lovely in the hand.


The glass is lovely and smooth and there aren’t any annoying seams anywhere on this dildo, it has a nice flared base which make it super easy to hold when it is been used.


As this dildo is made out of glass it can be used with any lubricant of your choice, it can also be warmed up easily in warm water or cooled down in a fridge or if your feeling particularly hot the freezer. The tempered glass that this toy is made from is chip and shatter proof and completely safe to be used without any worry of it breaking, this doesn’t mean that you can  go juggling it outside without worry but you really can be quite rough with this dildo while you are using it without having to worry about it breaking or chipping.

That said, I still think that it is advisable to check your glass toys regularly for chips and marks to ensure that there are no sharp edges.

The tight blue swirls on this dildo really do feel good against the g-spot when it is been used. I really liked it when my partner twisted the dildo in the opposite direction to the swirls as he used it on me. We also tried this dildo anally and found that it is a very good anal toy as well, the bulbous end means that you can use it for double penetration without any worry that it might slip out while your busy elsewhere. It is lovely and solid and gives a great full feeling.

The overall length of this Dildo is 7.5 Inches, with the majority of this being insertable (7 inches) it has a nice circumference of 4 3/4 inches and a Diametre of 1 1/2 inches, it has a good weight, it weighs in at 1lb, which is enough to make it feel solid in your hand without it making you feel like it is too heavy.
For me the size of this Dildo is just perfect, although I do like the larger toys, this was great for sex and play with my partner and on my own.

Glass is a very firm material and this should be taken into account when you are playing with it, don’t be to rough with your partner, glass doesn’t have any give in it at all and if you are to rough you may cause bruising, which isn’t any fun for anyone.

Overall: I really like this glass dildo from Don Wands, It looks like a piece of art its so pretty, the way that the light reflects off it really is stunning, the ridges feel really good and its great for Vaginal or Anal play making it a great all round toy. 

Review of Vibe Therapy Double Ended Silicone Dildo/Dong

This silicone double ended dildo was sent to me by for review, it arrived quickly and  in some lovely discrete packaging.

I opened the package to see double ended dildo in a box with see through panels, the box is well designed, simple without any nasty pics of half naked women which always put me off.
On the back of the box is a basic description of the toy and a clear picture of the dildo with the measurements of the dildo on it.

The dildo itself is 34cm in length and pretty thick to at 4.5cm, it has a spiral effect on it which when it is been used feel great against the G-spot.


This is not 100% flexible but  it does bend. It has a soft kind of slightly hollow feeling to it, the central part  feels like it has  a solid plastic tube inside it which means that when you bend it it creases around this. Due to this if you wanted to use this for double penetration for solo use you cannot do this, it just doesn’t bend enough for that.

This picture shows it at about is maximum bend, I wouldn’t want to risk bending it any further as it starts to crease and I would worry about damaging it.
The dildo is made out of 100% medical grade silicone and it is waterproof as it has no electrical parts in it, this means that it can be used in the bath or shower and that it is super easy to clean to. It also means that you should avoid storing it with other silicone toys or using it with silicone based lubricants as they could react with it and cause it to melt and become misshapen.
I used this as a double ended dildo with my Oh and even though he is male we both found it very enjoyable. It is something that as a couple adds something to sex that we were surprised to say that we both enjoyed, the length of the dildo is just about right for two people to be able to use it and the flexibility is right for this to. Its not so soft that it makes it difficult to use but it is not so firm that it feels uncomfortable.Overall: we really like this double dong, it is nice and thick but not huge, it has a nice firmness about it, its flexible enough for dual play but not flexible enough for solo Double penetration play. Its nice and easy to clean and the packaging is good and clean.

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Review of Icicles No12 Rose Glass Massager / Dildo

I was lucky enough to be sent this to review from the amazing online sex shop which is it arrived very very quickly and in some super discrete packaging just as most online adult stores seem to do these days. I had been really excited about receiving this for review as it is one of those toys that I have loved and wanted from the very first time I set eyes on it.

I removed the box from the packaging, and the Glass Rose looked as stunning as it did when I saw it online. The box is very tastefully designed and showcases the glass dildo perfectly. I couldn’t wait, I had to take it straight out of the box and feel the solid cold glass dildo in my hands, the glass feels perfectly moulded, with perfect smooth edges and rounded bulges designed to feel exquisite against the g-spot.

The Icicles No12 Rose dildo looks absolutely stunning this is a real work of art, I love the look of the toy and was quick to become an ornament on my windowsill in my room, I feel that it looks just perfect sat there next to my other pieces of glass and not out of place, plus it is always at hand and always nice and cool as it is next to the window, its so discrete that it would never raise an eyebrow, it has a lovely flat base and stands there looking lovely and reflecting the light. This would make an amazing gift for someone.

This dildo is solid glass and it is not a vibrator it is purely designed to be used as a dildo, but even though it doesn’t vibrate it is still an amazing toy, glass is such a special material, it is perfectly smooth, without any seams or rough edges, even the rose detail on this dildo is designed to be smooth and stimulating, and at 7.5 inches long its a perfect size to.

Glass can be cooled down in the fridge, or if your feeling brave the freezer and it can be warmed up in water, both temperatures give a totally different sensation. I personally prefer to cool it down, I love the way that it keeps cool for a reasonable amount of time and then slowly starts to warm to body temperature.

The Icicles No12 Glass dildo can be used with any lubricant as glass does not react with silicone like so many other toys do, you can safely use this with your favourite lubricant without any worry of it melting or getting damaged. You can also wash it with soap and water, in a dishwasher or even boil it to make sure it is nice and clean every time that you use it.

Even though this dildo is made from glass it is perfectly safe to use, the glass which the icicles dildos are made out of is specially treated to ensure that it is tough and durable, it will be able to handle changes in temperature and even been dropped without shattering or breaking, I would still advise that you check your dildo regularly for any chips but I have a good few of these glass dildos and I have never had one chip yet, I even dropped my glass butt plug outside onto the patio and it didn’t even mark.

One important thing to remember when using a glass dildo is that they are solid and they do not bend or flex in any way, so if your partner is using it on you or you are using it on your partner you need to be careful not to be to rough with it, it might feel good at the time but trust me the next day you will feel a little bruised.

Overall I like this dildo, but not just as a dildo as a piece of art that I can use to decorate my room to, it has lovely bumps which sit in all the right places when it is been used, the head of the rose is smooth and rounded enough to feel good when its been used, I like it cooled down as I think it gives a great feeling against my warm skin, especially when I am blindfolded and I feel the cold dildo against me. Its great to use with any lube and super easy to clean, but I really should tell my partner not to be so rough sometimes. 

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Review of Oriental Ben Wa Balls (jiggle balls)

These were the first set of love balls that I bought and they have had a fair bit of use. They are solid plastic balls with a plastic coated string.
I bought the white ben wa balls they come in a nice box which is perfect for storing them in and would make them a nice gift for someone.
The balls are a nice size not too big or too small, they are smooth enough to insert easily even without too much lube and providing you push them in far enough they stay put. As you walk around you can feel them jiggling around inside you, making walking up and down the stairs fun.
The string in plastic coated which helps with cleaning, I have been putting mine in the dishwasher to clean and haven’t had any problems with the heat effecting them, the plastic coating is still on the string and they come out sparkly clean.
I find that string to be much better that the silicone that some love balls have as it tucks up inside you and stays out of the way, meaning that these are perfect for longer wear.
They are excellent value for money and have lasted well through numerous uses without getting damaged or the plastic coating coming off the string.

Overall this is a lovely product which with regular wear helps to tighten your pelvic floor and increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Review of Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls (jiggle balls)

I bought these a while ago when they were on Deal of the Day at Lovehoney. For some reason they stayed in the box for a while before I even looked at them. When I finally did I found them to be in a nicely packaged box and inside it with the balls was a lovely white storage bag. This bag is of a nice quality.
The balls themselves are bright Pink, which seems to a theme for all Tracey Cox toys, and they jiggle more than any other Kegel balls that I have tried. These are definitely the most jiggly of the jiggle balls and you can really feel these when they are inside you moving around, giving you that internal workout.
The balls are smooth and easy to insert. They are just the right size, although at first you might think that they are quite large, this is a good thing if you are new to these kind of balls as they are easier to hold in place.
The only possible down side to these balls is the silicone ‘string’ for pulling them out, it can feel a little uncomfortable, but there is no reason why this cannot be trimmed down to prevent this if it does get annoying.
They do not feel uncomfortable when worn and can easily be inserted with just a small amount of lube. They are easy to clean with just soap and water. I have even managed to forget that I am wearing that at times, that is until I move and then the jiggly balls start to jiggle again.
I found that after a few hours of wearing these I was experiencing stronger orgasms and that by using them regularly I had more control over my muscles. If you haven’t tried any of these balls before I would give these a shot, they are worth every penny.

Review of Seven Creations Vibrating Orgasm Balls

These vibrating orgasm balls where sent to me for review by temptations direct. They arrived quickly in some super discrete packaging and are part of the great range of love balls at temptations direct

The packaging is pretty standard really, its not overly fussy, just a box with a clear plastic panel to see the toy through, inside the box you the balls and the power-pack are wrapped in a sealed plastic wrap.

The vibrating balls consist of 2 gold coloured plastic balls that are linked together by a wire and a power pack which has a wheel operated variable speed control.

The Orgasm balls take 2AA batteries which are easily slotted into the black power pack, and once the are in you simpy click the pack closed and then you are ready to go, turning the wheel turns the vibrations on/off and increases the speed, the further you turn the wheel the stronger/faster the vibrations are.

The balls are a good size they are about an inch across, this might sound quite large but they are actually about the same as most average sized dildos in width. They are smooth and gold in colour and as they are plastic they are suitable for use with all lubricants, when they are turned on they make very little noise at all.

The orgasm balls are suitable for anal and vaginal use which makes they perfect for both men and women, I personally preferred to use them vaginally, with one ball on the outside sat against my clit and the other on the inside against my g-spot, the wire is just long enough for you to be able to position the vibrating balls in this way.

The orgasm balls can be worn internally while you go about your day to day activities as they are large enough to stay in place quite easily. However, when they are turned on they are more difficult to keep in place, as you muscles have to work harder to hold them there. These are not weighted balls they are purely vibrating balls, so wearing them like kegal balls will not really do much to improve your pelvic floor.

I personally didn’t feel that the vibrations on the balls where all that strong, they are strong enough to feel nice when they are on full but on the lower settings I just didn’t feel very much, but I guess that is why they are lower settings

Something I did like is that rather than having 2 or 3 set speeds the speed of the vibrating orgasm balls is controlled by a wheel, this means that you can set the power at the exact level that you want.

These balls are not waterproof and as such they should not be submerged in water to clean them, I found that the easiest way to clean these was to spray them with a good quality sex toy cleaner and then use some paper towels to make sure that they are super sparkly and clean, ready for the next use.

Overall I thought that these Orgasm balls where ok, I tried them in a variety of ways and found the least obvious way to be the best, with one ball on the clit and the other on the G-spot, I found them easy to use both vaginally and anally, and been able to use them will all lubes a great point, I likes how variable the speed is, shame that they can’t be submerged for washing but they are pretty easy to clean with the spray.

Review of Chic and Discrete Sexy Secrets Compact & Bullet

This is the Chic and Discrete Sexy Secrets Compact from Screaming O, it is a compact with a mirror but behind a secret compartment is a small but perfectly formed bullet vibrator and storage for 3 spare batteries.

This was sent to me for review by the lovely people at screaming O, please visit their websites to check out their full range &/or

As you can see from the above picture it comes in the same discrete packaging as the rest of this range, looking like something that you could pick up in any shop on the high street.

When you slip it out of the packaging it is an equally discrete looking product, the compact really does look like something that you might find in any girls handbag on a Saturday night out around town.

and when you open it up you are faced with what looks like a mirror in a little compact, and a plain plastic base, the mirror isn’t great its curved slightly to fit into the lid of the compact, but as its main function is to make this compact look like a compact and not like storage for a sex toy this isn’t really an issue.

You lift up the plastic to reveal the compacts secret compartment, and the bullet vibrator which is hidden inside it.

The bullet has a lovely soft touch covering on it and it feels nice in the hand, it is only small but don’t let its size fool you it has 3 speeds and a 4th pulse setting which are all operated by a single push button on the bottom of the toy.

The bullet takes 3 cell type batteries which not only are included but they also included 3 spare batteries for when they run out. The bullet is also waterproof which means that it is perfect for play in the bathroom and easy to clean to.

I say this alot, but I am going to say it again just in case you haven’t read any of my other reviews for this kind of toy.

Inside the battery compartment there is a piece of card, on the card is a little picture to show you which way round you should insert the batteries, do not remove this card, it is not just packaging, it stops the toy from shorting out, and removing it might stop the toy from working.

The bullet is nice and quiet as are all the vibrators in this range, so perfect for anyone who shares a house or has children, it not only looks nice and discrete but it sounds it to.

Overall: I think that this is a cute little compact, its a great idea, one that has been used a few times by other toy makers and always works well. I love the branding and I like the feel of the soft touch coating on the bullet and its nice and powerful to. Its great that its easy to clean and nice and quiet to.

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Review of Doc Johnson Decadence G Spot Vibe

I was lucky enough to be send this to review from, I received my order very quickly and in some lovely discrete packaging, no chance of the postie been able to see what was inside, or your nosey neighbours having any ideas about what you have been ordering.

I opened up the packaging to find this toy in a nicely designed doc johnson plastic box, such a shame that these cannot be recycled, but the design is nice, no smutty pics or anything just simple, pink and clear with clear instructions of how to use the toy.

I opened the packaging and took out the vibrator, the toy has that lovely soft touch coating on it, which means that although it is a solid plastic toy it has the feel of something softer and warmer. It has the Doc Johnson logo printed on it in a contrasting colour and it is very very pink.

To insert the battery you just unscrew the bottom of the vibe, it takes just one AA type battery, possibly the easiest type to get hold of as they sell them everywhere, you pop the battery in and screw the base back on to secure it.

The vibe is operated using a twist mechanism on the base of the toy and this means that the speed is totally controllable, the further you twist the faster the vibrator vibrates. I didn’t find this to be a really powerful toy but given its size I was pleasantly surprised, I would give this a 5 out of 10 for vibration strength.

This vibrator is small enough to fit in your handbag and take away with you if you were going on holiday or for a day out and fancied a bit of fun while you were away.

It is also very very quiet, especially when been used internally, there is no chance of anyone having a clue that you where upto anything with this toy, making it perfect for those who live in a shared house.

The vibe is waterproof and as such it means that it is easy to clean and perfect for anyone who likes to use sex toys in the bath. It also comes with a cool little storage case with and insert to ensure that the vibrator is stored snugly and doesn’t rattle around. The case is slightly see through so although it isn’t shaped like a sex toy it isn’t discrete enough to be able to leave it lying around without anyone knowing what is inside.

Overall, I really like this little vibe, its cute, its powerful enough to do the trick, its quiet, it takes easy to get hold of batteries, it has its own little case and is waterproof. Which means it ticks most of my boxes.

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Review of the G-Wand G-Spot vibrator from California Exotics

I was sent the Platinum Edition G-Wand vibrator for review by California Exotics, the vibrator came packaged in a cardboard box with nice clear pictures of the vibrator on and some details about what it does. Inside the box the vibrator is wrapped in a plastic hygiene wrap to prevent it from picking up any dirt in transit. I would still advise that you wash this toy before its first use, its made from a slightly sticky jelly type of material that picks up every little piece of dust and fluff that it might have been near, so just to be safe a quick rinse under the hot tap is a good idea.


I generally don’t use jelly type sex toys, partly due to the fact that they pick up ever piece of fluff going, partly because they are so difficult to get really clean due to their slightly pourous nature and also because they tend to have a smell about them that I don’t like, this does have the sticky feel but it doesn’t have the smell that jelly toys sometimes have. The packaging does say that these are free of any phthalates which is always a positive, phthalates are the nasties that have been taken out of things such as babies bottles and teats due to the fact that they could cause some cancers amongst other things, so not having them in your sex toys can only possibly be a positive, I could sit and go on about phthalates all day but you have a google and if you are really interested you could use it.


The G-Wand takes 2AA type batteries which slot into the base of the vibrator, they fit pretty snugly and don’t rattle when it is turned on. The vibrator has a 2 button operation one for the power on/off and one to flick through the various vibration settings.

Having spent time with this g-spot vibe I found it strange that it didn’t have a constant vibration pattern, I have flicked through the settings over and over again and as far as I can work out it only has patterned vibrations of pulsation and escalation, this is either a plus or a negative dependent on your own preference, personally I really missed having the constant vibrations, but my partner really enjoyed teasing me with the pulsations and keeping me on the edge for what felt like an absolute age. Unlike the majority or vibrators that I have tried over the years this does remember the last setting that it was on when you turn it off and back on again, personally I like this as it does frustrate me when you I have found a setting that you love but the next time you turn it on you can’t find it again.

The vibrations on the G-wand are of moderate strength, not the strongest that I have experienced but far from the weakest, it is also in the middle when it comes to noise levels, as with a lot of vibrators out there now the battery rattle issue has been resolved but the sound of vibrations do travel quite far so although this is far from a loud toy I personally wouldn’t want to use it with people in the next room. When been used internally your body will muffle some of the noise as will using it under the covers. I found that the vibrations are concentrated in the tip of the g-wand which is just what you would expect with any good g-spot vibrator, and with them been of a reasonable strength pressing it against the clit is quite effective as well as using is against the g-spot.

That been said the g-wand is shaped perfectly to be used against the g-spot and as a g-spot vibrator it works really well, the jelly type material is soft enough to allow a good amount of pressure to be given without it getting uncomfortable and as we all know the pressure combined with the vibrations is what makes it feel so amazing, so even though I don’t really like jelly as a material in the case of this toy the added softness from the jelly is actually a good thing. The solid hand is large enough to allow you to be able to keep a really good grip on it when you need to, and the buttons are placed in a way that makes it easy to change the functions when it is in use without much fiddling.

The Calexotics Platinum G-Wand is waterproof and can be submerged in water either for use in the bath or the shower or for cleaning, that is provided you make sure that the battery compartment is fastened securely to prevent any leaks. As always even though this is a waterproof vibrator I would still use a good quality anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner after cleaning to ensure that it is really clean, this is especially important as this is a jelly vibrator which will be slightly pourous, and if you wish to share this toy then I would ensure that you use a condom to prevent the chance of any bacteria been shared.

Overall I would say that the G-Wand has its positives and its negatives, on the plus side it is waterproof and easy to clean, the strength of the vibrations is good, it takes batteries that are easy to get hold of and they don’t rattle, and the softness of the jelly means you can put pressure on it without causing discomfort, the material also means that you can use it with any lube without the worry of it damaging it on the minus side its jelly and even though the softness is good I still don’t really like it and its stickyness, it is more noisy than I would like and it doesn’t have a constant vibration setting.