Old School Vibe with upgrades

Old School Vibe with upgrades

In many years, I haven’t used a tough slim vibrator.  This was my primary dildo staple for EVER.  The slim vibes that were taking 2 C batteries.  I had a few in my life.  I believed that I was the only individual ever to break vibrators.

It seems like none of my colleagues has ever occurred.

What the hell did I do to my vibrators that they just stopped functioning??

I rotated between red and black slim vibes over the years until they stopped making the C batteries the ones and moved to the AA batteries.  I admit I was a little disappointed because I thought a larger battery meant a larger vibration.  I purchased my first Dildo Sleeve at that moment and placed it in my slim vibrator over my defunct C battery.  I lastly created the switch to dildo’s from there and the remainder is history.

However, I jumped at the opportunity when Babeland provided this one!  A slender vibrator is the Showerbabe.  Two AA batteries are needed, but there’s that battery cradle they slide into, and then the whole thing slips into the vibrator.  A lot less to RATTLING!

This is the slim vibrator that I like with a few upgrades.  First, the thing about the battery.  Nothing is worse than playing in the middle, it sounds like there are little men with jackhammers inside your vibe!  Second, the handle I enjoy.  You can put your finger through like a little hook, or room.  You can placed a finger through it and use your hand, not just your fingers to thrust.  There are no hands cramped.  This handle also makes you less likely to drop it in the SHOWER.  Yes, it’s waterproof, as the name indicates!  The power switch is a button, last but not least.  Two settings press on, click off.  It’s on, it’s off-simple. No more “velocity dialing.”   The vibration?  Ohhh, as well as I can remember.

It’s a precious point.  Twenty dollars.  If you’re a newbie and I also heard super sexy porn star Bree Olson say you can really just thrust harder and quicker with slim vibes than with larger toys, a nice starting tone.  Hmmmm, I might have to check that.