Not just any night

He looked at the box again.  Fucking Flame Harness Kit.  He sighed outloud, throwing it back into the bag, looking towards the vanity and his wife brushing her soft brown hair.  It had been two years since they had sex, even though he would occasionally treat her to the oral sex that she so enjoyed.  He craved to be close to her again, but his inability to maintain an erection left him feeling bitter and distant from her.

Watching his beloved porn even become depressing, but he sometimes still found his way to the Internet sites to watch, even though the stirring in his groin never did much more than that.  Pills only caused his blood pressure to rise, and while he was not ready to give up on the idea that he’d ever get an erection again- he certainly was not feeling very positive about it most of the time.

When he saw the two brunettes fucking, one of them with a strap on- the idea came to him.  Perhaps if he had something like this, he could still penetrate her, lay on top of her, move with her.

Be close to her.

It looked harmless enough.  It was not much bigger than his own cock, except for the head was a bit wider than his.  It had a curve to it.  It wasn’t going to make him feel like she’d never want him again.  It wouldn’t make him feel like less of a man.

However… he was staring at it now, and not so sure.  The purple harness that was probably meant to for a girl to wear, except he thought it would protect him from getting squashed.  He was feeling pretty sorry for himself right about now, but he already told her he had a surprise for her.

He thought to grab a big black dildo, or some soy candles.  Maybe even a wooden spoon from the kitchen, but he was watching her- brushing her hair.  She was so beautiful.  He came up behind her in the mirror, his hands laced around her waist and he buried his head into her hair.  She smelled of lemon and lavender.  She sighed, exposing her neck to him- wondering what the evening might bring.

He nuzzled into her flesh, reaching under her thin top and grabbing her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers.  She leaned into him, her body warming, molding.  Her pussy aching and and wishing that which she had long learned to stop asking for.  “Lets go to bed,” he whispered into her ear, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

She pretended to be asleep, because that’s what she did.  Don’t look disappointed.  No expectations.  No disappointments.  She felt him climb into bed next to her and touched her cheek.  She sighed and opened her eyes as if had interupted her attempts to drift off.  He ran his hands over her body.  Over her curvy flesh and between her legs.  She moaned and sighed with him.  Allowing him to caress and adore her body.  Pangs of guilt washing over her, but she went with it anyway, because it felt good- and she needed his attention.

He held his body away from her, moving between her legs and tasting her.  Licking her slowly, so not to make her orgasm but to warm her up and make her want him.  He needed the right moment, he didn’t want to shock her- or repulse her.  He wanted to make love to his wife.  For the first time in years.

The folds of her pussy swollen and ripe, he moved up over her body.  He was positioned between her legs and she looked up at him.  She pulled him down to kiss him, thinking to simply hold him in her arms as he probably changed his mind part way through.  Depressed hits at strange time, and she had learned not to question it.

She felt him reaching between her legs again- and then felt him.  Him?  No, not him, but something.  Definitely something.  He kissed her, not allowing her to speak as as it slid inside her.  Hard, thick.  She kissed him hard.  Feeling it slide inside her, curving with her body and a think head pressing inside her.  He laid on her, his body on top of hers, as she wrapped her legs around him.  Taking him in.  She closed her eyes and allowed him to slowly thrust inside her.  It had been so long.  So long since she felt him so close, so long since she felt his hips against hers, moving and pressing against her pelvis.  His eyes were closed and he staying laying on her body, his head over her shoulder, not looking at her.  He was conflicted in his emotions.  Feeling somewhat emasculated, but still loving the feeling of her body beneath him.  Her moans and the quiver in her breath.  His body easily thrust and he tried to use the harness as an extension of his own body.  Without any feeling, he continued to use her body for hints, feel her move towards or away from him to know if it was working for her.  He thrust inside her, feeling her legs wrapped around him, but not too eager, probably to spare his feelings.

Her body started to tremble beneath his, and he felt his cock, buried beneath the soft padding, stirring with futility.  He wanted to cry, partially because he felt he had disappointed her by being unable to love her in the way he wanted to always be able to.  He also wanted to cry, because being this close to her made him feel more alive than he had in a long long time.

He felt her moaning and recognized the tremble in her hips.  He continued, thrusting into her slowly- carefully.  Not looking at her but loving her as best as he could in this moment.  Holding her body beneath his and letting her hold on to him so tightly, the way she used to…

She cried out, her orgasm shaking and breathless.  She was gasping…

and sobbing.

He finally looked at her.  Her eyes were filled with tears- they streamed down her face.  He wiped her tears away.

“God, I love you so much baby,” he whispered to her.

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