Not a box of bees

I heard that Cleopatra made the first vibrator by placing bees in a small box and then shaking it up to make them buzz.  Smart lady.  Box of Bees.  Maybe I will rename my blog to THAT.

I got my first delivery from this week.  It was hard to choose just a few items to try because the selection of sex toys is pretty insane.  I always try to mix it up a little bit and get different types of items.  I started with Cleopatra’s Secret Cream- in Very Berry I don’t use a lot of lubes and lotions. I don’t know- I tend to forget them.  RocketBalm has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t usually stray from something I know is good.  I thought I’d try this though and mix up my jerking off a bit.

The first thing I noticed when I opened this is that it really IS a cream.  It’s not a balm, but it’s thicker than a lotion.  Also, it’s blue.  BLUE.  Do I WANT to slather blue cream on my pussy?? So ok, when applied it sort of smooths and disappears, but still that’s kinda weird right??  I mean- it’s fucking BLUE.  It comes in a 1 ounce bottle, I think it will last me FOREVER.  (It also comes in Raspberry and Peaches n Cream, probably in less opaque colors)

So after applying it, I immediately had to pee.  I’m not sure there was a connection, but it happened.  So when I did- I noticed an immediate WARM feeling where I had applied the cream.  No, freak, not warm because it was pee.  I wonder if, when used for oral sex, it creates the same really WARM sensation.  So done with that, I put on a little more cream and waited a few minutes.

The cool tinglies started pretty quickly.  It was less tingly than RocketBalm, but more than just a cold feeling.  It was nice and constant.  RocketBalm tends to fluctuate in strength if you move.  This just WAS.  I reached for my Hitachi, wondering if anything will ever compare to such a magnificent toy and let it go to work.

The Cleopatra Cream does add a lot of sensitivity to the area.  Not just my clit, but the labia around.  Cool, tingly and it did seem to get warmer as I got wetter.  While the cool and warm sensation are not meant to be any kind of delay cream, it certainly DOES distract my nerve endings from getting me there too quickly.  Once I did, it was tingly and warm and felt really really nice.  It also made it seem to last longer- that’s one of the good things about vaginal creams.  Sometimes when jerking off, especially with the Hitachi, the orgasms come AND go pretty quickly.  This made it linger- made the nerves continue to oooh and ahhh once the buzzing was gone.

When the orgasm was gone though- so was the tingling.  I guess after the orgasm is over, you don’t really NEED it to tingle anymore.

But still, it’d be cool.

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