Not a box of bees

Not a box of bees

I learned that Cleopatra produced the first vibrator by putting bees in a tiny box and then shaking them to make them bumble.  Intelligent woman.  Box of Bees.  Maybe I’ll rename THAT to my blog.

This week I received my first shipment from  It was difficult to choose just a few products to try because it’s fairly crazy to select sex toys.  I’m always trying to mix it up a lot and get various kinds of products.  I started with the Secret Cream of Cleopatra-I don’t use many lubes and lotions in Very Berry. I don’t understand, I tend to forget about them.  RocketBalm has always been my favorite and I usually don’t stray from something nice that I understand.  I believed I was going to try this and mix up a little bit of my jerking off.

When I opened this, the first thing I noticed was that it’s really a cream.  It’s not a balm, but it’s more dense than a lotion.  It’s green, too.  BLUE.  Do I want my pussy to have slather purple cream?? So all right, when it’s applied it kind of smooths and disappears, but it’s still kind of strange right??  I mean, it’s BLUE fucking.  It comes in a bottle of 1 ounce, I believe it’s going to last for me.  (It’s also in Raspberry and Peaches n Cream, likely in less opaque colors) So I had to pee right away after applying it.  There was a link, I’m not sure, but it occurred.  So when I did, I noticed an instant impression of WARM where the cream was being applied.  No, freak, because it was pee, not hot.  I wonder if it produces the same WARM feeling when used for oral sex.  So I placed on a little more cream and waited a couple of minutes.

The cool tingles began fairly fast.  It’s been less tingly than RocketBalm, but more than just feeling cold.  It’s been lovely and steady.  If you move, RocketBalm will tend to fluctuate in intensity.  That was just WAS.  I reached for my Hitachi, wondering if anything would ever compare to such a gorgeous toy and let it go to job.

The Cleopatra Cream gives the area a great deal of sensitivity.  Not my clit alone, but the labia around.  Cool, tingly, and as I got wetter it seemed to get hotter.  While the cool and hot feeling is not intended to be a delay cream of any kind, it definitely distracts my nerve endings from getting me there too rapidly.  It was tingly hot once I did it, and it feels really good.  It also produced it seem to last longer-that’s one of the vaginal cream nice stuff.  Sometimes the orgasms come AND go fairly fast when jerking off, particularly with the Hitachi.  This made it linger-once the buzzing had passed, the nerves continued to oooh and ahhh.

However, when the orgasm was gone-the tingling was like that.  I don’t think you really NEED it to tingle anymore after the orgasm is over.

But it would still be cool.