My ‘classy’ vibe

I am usually a hard core vibrator kind of girl. The stronger the better.  However, the Liberte felt very much like a luxury toy. The vibration was strong, but it was a “gentle strong”. The shape and the feel of it is classy and pretty. I’m really a toy slut… pretty vibes are great but I really just want the orgasm.

Look at it this way, there’s the vibes that you “jerk off”with, like the Hitachi… and then there’s toys for “masturbation” or “touching yourself”. A kinder gentler vibe. That is what the Liberte is. I used it while I was watching an adult movie. I was taking my time. The strong vibes didn’t push me to a fast release, but definitely gave me strong decadent orgasm that I wasn’t expecting the first time I used it.
Also used with a partner, he agreed that it was very gentle- but still strong. He couldn’t take it all in his ass, it was too big, he said- however, once you get past the widest part, it narrows considerably and I suspect it would have been really great. However, who am I to say what’s too wide for someone else’s butt?

It comes with a battery, so there’s no looking or charging involved. There are four settings, the first being HIGH. This is a good idea, you don’t have to go LOOKING for the high setting. The third setting, the low setting is too low. Almost non-existent low. The fourth is a rhythmic pulse, but it’s also too low to really consider.

There’s a nice curve so it can also be used for g-spot penetration, or prostate massage. It also has a nice long handle, which is convenient also. Its my ‘classy’ vibe and while this is probably not my go to toy, it’s does have a permanent spot close to my bed.

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