Missed connections- BBG and the G-Rock

Sounds like a bad rap song.

I don’t like reviewing toys that don’t hit their mark. I verified with my gal at Vibe Review that she still wanted me to do a review even if I didn’t like the toy and she said yes.

That is the wrong way to start, it’s not that I don’t LIKE the G-rock. Really, I love it. Let me be clear in telling you that there is nothing wrong with this toy. The make of it is great, it’s comfortable and the vibrations are fantastic. I had high hopes for this toy. Really. The problem with it is me.

It’s not you, it’s me.

The G-rock is a wonderfully designed toy with all the right features in mind. It’s made of a really good phthlate free silicon. It doesn’t have any weird feel or scent like many toys do. The vibrations are nice on my g-spot. but this woman does not cum by g-spot alone. It missed my clit by about an inch. I tried reinserting it a few times. Perhaps my gspot is lower than others, perhaps my pussy is just small and compact. I have a tilted cervix, maybe it just just pushed it out of place. I don’t know. I was really disappointed because the vibrations are nice. Not too strong up front, which might have been a bummer, but I wouldn’t know. The hands free idea is nice. I was looking forward to it, but all it did, was make me soaked. Vibrations on my gspot do that. When I tried to sort of bend the front part down to reach my clit, the bottom part pulls out. It just doesn’t fit me. Damn.

Regardless, this does seem like a really well made toy. It has all the right ideas. Good design and feel. It has the best intentions. sigh… Maybe next time I will try the Snugglepuss or just stick with the Rabbit.

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