meet my new true love… her name is…Goliath

Ohhhh I’m in love…. again.
With a dildo, another one.
I know, I do this. I meet one, I’m all smitten and then another one comes along, looking better than a battery operated device has a right to, and then I’m in love again. I’m not insincere.

Just indecisive!!
I went out today, thinking perhaps I need a special dresser, a chest devoted to my toys because the nightstand is running out of room.

This is Goliath. I know, silly names. But you know, I just look at it and say, “Hello lover!”

First, the specs. It’s just shy of 2 inches wide. Just over 7 inches long. There’s a bullet that can go into the base, or you can take the bullet out and use it alone or with the right strap on. 2 inches wide is less than my boyfriend dildo, however this that one is more pliable and flexible. This one, while silicon, is rigid. Not hard plastic, it’s made of phthalate-free silicon. (Phthalates are the chemicals that make hard plastic soft.) It’s made by the fine folks at Tantus Silicon. It can be washed with soap and water, boiled, bleached or thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Tip #1, use lube. Waterbased, not silicon based. This is not really a toy that you can suck and spit on and that’s enough until you get wet enough. Lube will help it go in nicely- because it is hard it is doesn’t mold to you, you have to mold to it.

The feeling was amazing. I was ready, and with an audience- thank you ES. I pushed it inside me, immediately feeling it stretching me out. I think I was still swollen from the night before- but I was so excited to try it, and well, watching ES jerk off for the past few minutes had me in the mood in no time. Lubed up and ready, I turned on the bullet with a push of the button. The vibrations move through this silicon toy pretty evenly. I rubbed the length of the shaft over my pussy, feeling the sensations through me. ES was watching intently, his face sexy and concentrated on me. I admit I love him watching me. He’s such a good slut and never takes me for granted.

Pushing it inside me, I could already feel it stretching me. I removed it and rubbed it a little more, distributing the lube and went again. This time it went in, opening me up. I pushed slower, feeling it. The hardness of the shaft, and the veins that added to the sensations. It was tight inside me, again possibly because I was a bit swollen from the night before- but the steady vibrations smoothed through me and I was able to focus on the sensations.

I watched ES watching me, I could see the picture he was looking at, and his reaction to it. I could see his arm moving as he jerked his cock watching me. His words came over the chat window but I could not see them. I could feel my gspot starting to swell and I pushed harder and deeper. Fucking it. Thinking about ES, about Sean, about Z. About whichever cock came to mind, and fucking it hard and taking it deep. My own wetness mixed with the lube and the dildo slid easily inside me. In and out, pushing inside me, invading me with each thrust. It was divine.

I used my other hand and rubbed on my clit and I started to cum, pulsing and writing against it, my legs instinctively came together and my body clenched. It was then that I noticed just how big and hard this dildo was.

It was that moment that I fell in love. So maybe it’s not the real thing, and no it doesn’t feel like a real cock, but who the hell cares. Who needs reality when it feels so good.

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