meet my new true love… her name is… Goliath

meet my new true love… her name is… Goliath

Ohhhh, I am in love with you…. again.
Another one with a dildo.
I know, that’s what I do. I meet one, I’m all smitten, and then one comes along, looking better than a battery-operated phone, and then I’m in love again. I’m not foolish.

Just indecisive!!
I’ve gone out today, thinking maybe I need a unique dresser, a chest dedicated to my toys because the nightstand runs out of space.

It’s Goliath. I understand, names that are stupid. But you know, I’m just watching it and saying, “Hello lover!”The specs, first of all. It’s only 2 inches broad shy. Slightly longer than 7 inches. There is a bullet that can go into the base, or you can bring out the bullet and use it on your own or with the correct strap. 2 inches broad is less than my dildo boyfriend, but this one is more flexible and smooth. This one is stiff while it’s silicon. It’s produced of phthalate-free silicon, not tough plastic. (Phthalates are chemicals that create soft tough plastic.) It’s produced by Tantus Silicon’s good folks. Soap and water can be washed, boiled, bleached or thrown into the dishwasher’s top rack.

Tip #1, use the flashlight. Water-based, not based on silicon. This isn’t a toy you can suck and spit on and it’s enough until you get warm enough. Lube’s going to help it get into it nicely-because it’s hard it doesn’t mold you, you’ve got to mold it.

The sensation was incredible. I was prepared, and thanks to the crowd, ES. I pushed it inside of me and felt it stretched me out instantly. I believe I was still sore from the night before, but I was so excited to try it, and well, I had no time to watch ES jerk off the last few minutes. I switched on the bullet with a click of the button, lubed up and ready. The vibrations are moving fairly uniformly through this silicon toy. I rubbed my pussy with the shaft length, feeling the feelings through me. ES looked at me attentively, his face was sexy and focused on me. I confess that I love him to watch me. He’s such a nice slut and never gets me as a matter of course.

I could already feel it stretching me, pushing it inside of me. I took it off and rubbed it a little bit more, distributed the lube and came back. It came in this moment, opening up to me. I pushed it more slowly, I felt it. The shaft’s hardness, and the veins that added to the feelings. It was tight inside of me, probably because from the night before I was a little sore, but the constant vibrations smoothed through me and I was able to concentrate on the sensations.

I was watching ES watching me, seeing the image he was watching, and his response. I could see his arm move as he was watching me jerking at his cock. His phrases went across the chat window, but I was unable to see them. I could feel the swelling of my gspot and pressed harder and deeper. Fucking it. Thinking of ES, of Sean, of Z. Any cock that came to mind, fucking it hard and taking it deeply. I quickly slipped inside my own wetness mixed with the lube and the dildo. Pushing in and out of me, invading me with every thrust. It’s been divine.

I used my other hand and rubbed my clit and I began to suck, pulsate and write against it, my legs came together instinctively and my body clenched. I realized how large and difficult this dildo was then.

I fell in love at that time. So perhaps it’s not the true thing, and no, it doesn’t feel like a real cock, but who cares about the hell. If it feels so nice, who requires truth.