Lovense Hush Review – Does the Hush make you gush?

Lovense Hush Review – Does the Hush make you gush?

With Skype and FaceTiming, you never really feel too far away from your other half, even if you’re millions of miles away in some other country. Some couples even have dinner with their spouses while both eat a Dominos pizza with the same exact topping. This may not give them the same experience as being together, but it’s as good as it gets.

If there’s one thing you can’t be over the internet, it is intimate. However, that is quickly changing with the variety of sex toys in the market today. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Lovense Hush that is pretty much made from scratch to suit folks in long distant relationships.


The Hush might be on sale at the moment – 2021, check out the official Lovense site.


What exactly is the Lovense Hush?

Lovense Hush
Lovense Hush

Lovense is well-known for create unique phone-controllable, bluetooth vibrators and anal toys, and the Lovense Hush is one of the most epic toys the world has even seen. The Hush butt plug is a smooth and extremely powerful vibrating butt plug. This all seems like anything a regular butt plug could do. But, the unique part of Hush is that it can be controlled by your partner sitting in another continent. Other controlled vibrators can only handle a few meters of this distance, but Hush can be controlled from pretty much anywhere. Now, you’re probably starting to see exactly why this toy is a marvel for the industry.  Lets face it, most are looking for remote controlled vibrators but our butts shouldn’t be left out of the fun.

Who is this Toy For?

Lovense Hush - both sizes
Lovense Hush – both sizes

Primarily, this toy is meant for couples with a long distant relationship, but that’s not the only way it can be used:

  • It’s great for discreet public play
  • You could use it with your partner for foreplay
  • If you’re single, there’s also a solo mode to this plug
  • And the best part, you could sync it to vibrate to music or create your own custom vibration patterns.

How To Use The Hush

hush packaging
Hush packaging

Hush comes inside a pretty luxurious box with a velvety packaging. The packaging is pretty sleek, you definitely don’t expect a butt plug to be inside, more like a Rolex or something expensive. There’s a recharging cable, the butt plug and a user manual inside the box. The user manual will pretty much cover everything we will mention about using the device, so feel free to read through either.

Hush with manual and usb charger
Hush with manual and usb charger

So, basically, the first step is to install the Lovense app for the lavish device. You’re going to need a smartphone or an iOS device to use this butt plug. The app is pretty decent too with close to no bugs, so don’t worry about your device or the app freezing or anything during playtime.  The app is what allows you to use the Hush as a remote control butt plug.

Next step is to sync your device to the app. The process isn’t really that difficult, the app will walk you through it with step by step instruction so we don’t really need to go into that much detail to explain that. The third step is to connect to a partner. There’s a long distance tab on the app. Tap that to add your partner and enter an email. They will get an email with your request and they can follow the instructions in the email to carry on. This setting is a bit tiresome but don’t worry, it’s a one time thing only. After that, you will just connect right to your partner in just a couple of clicks.


Now that you know what the toy does and how it is used, let’s talk about a few of the pros and cons you should learn before you purchase the device.

Pros of the Hush

  • The first pro would definitely be the vibration modes. It’s just so unique, you can literally create your very own vibrations with this toy. We all know how lackluster a toy can get when you’ve been using the max setting for so long and you don’t even feel pleasure using it anymore. Well, this isn’t a possibility with the Hush as the pleasure is only limited by your imagination. If you do indeed run out of ideas, just put in your favorite song and your device will vibrate according to that. A word of warning, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber would just tickle you, so use something a bit more powerful.
  • The second thing we’d like to mention about the Hush would be the great material. Lovense literally used the finest Silicone available in the market right now, and they certainly changed the way we think about luxury toys. The smooth silicone paired with the soft rubber finish is just so comfortable. It’s just the right size so it fits quite snugly. There’s really no defect in the designing of this plug. It’s just spot on.
  • The Touch Pad is like the cherry on top for the device. Most manufacturers don’t really pay much attention to the app, they put all their focus on the device and really miss out with the app. Lovense however, was considerate enough to put some thought into the app as well. They have a touch pad that allows you to control the vibrations. You won’t have to struggle with scrolling a bar as your whole body is vibrating. Instead, just make patterns on the screen and the device will vibrate accordingly. Great for folks that think that struggling with scrolling ruins the vibe.
  • There’s also a surprise factor associated with the device. As long as you’re wearing it, your partner could turn it on whenever he/she desires. This is another feature that you normally don’t see in long distant toys. Hush literally gives you the free will to buzz your partner whenever you want.
  • The silicone makes the device completely waterproof. So, insert the plug and step into the shower whenever you deem appropriate. No matter how often you use the device with water, nothing will happen to it. Even if someone does indeed happen, there’s a one year warranty covering all damages.
  • The loop feature is just mind-blowing. If you click the loop button and start moving your finger on the screen, the app will record that exact pattern no matter how long or short it is. And, when you lift that finger, the vibration is repeated continuously


Cons for the Hush

While there aren’t too many things wrong with the Hush, there are a couple of things that the toy lacks in. Here are a few drawbacks of using the Hush from Lovense.

  • The noise of the toy is definitely a problem. The toy is pretty discreet, but not really discreet enough. If you’re in public, you’ll need some sort of other noise to mask the sound of the butt plug.  At maximum setting, the vibrator is a noisy bug and it’ll cause enough sound to alert people sitting around you. The noise isn’t too significant, a simple ceiling fan will cover your pleasure. To sum up this point, it’s quiet, but not at all silent.  You wouldn’t want to be in a library using this toy.
  • There have been a few folks that really thought that the connection sucks. Personally, the connection didn’t drop at all for me. But, that’s not really something that should be called a drawback. The device doesn’t stop, it keeps on vibrating and we’re pretty sure neither side will figure out that the guy in control isn’t actually controlling the vibrator.
  • An anal plug isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone is into butt stuff but that really doesn’t count as a disadvantage, just a warning.
  • A great problem for this butt plug would be the amount of lube you have to use. Lovense recommends using water-based lubricants, but they just don’t cut it. You’ll have to experiment with different lubes to judge which one works best for you.  Don’t use silicone based lube as it can damage the silicone butt plug.


Is There A Better Alternative?

As of yet, there’s literally no better long distance butt plug than the Hush. If you’re looking for something other than a butt plug, there’s the Lush by Lovense too which is a remote control vibrator as opposed to a remote control butt plug. The toy is almost the same as the Hush, but it’s a basic vibrator. It’s a great toy for folks not interested in anal play.

The Final Verdict for the hush

The flaws are minimal considering that a lot could have went wrong with this toy.  Overall, I’m really happy with it as it helps me explore my kinky side.  This toy isn’t too expensive and it certainly deserves some serious consideration if you’re thinking about purchasing toys. All things considered, it’s one of the best toys money can buy at the moment.


The Hush might be on sale at the moment – 2019, check out the official Lovense site.



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