Lelo Nea Review

I was contacted by the people at playkinky and asked if I would review one of their products, I was sent the LELO NEA to review and it arrived in some super discrete packaging with lots and lots of protective packaging to stop it from getting damaged in the post.

Lelo Nea 2

As with all of the other LELO sex toys that I have reviewed it came packaged in some nice packaging, plain and well designed with LELO on the front and a picture of the toy and details of what it does on the back, not chance of anything smutty with LELO all of their toys come designed with quality in mind. Inside the nice white box is a black gift box with the vibrator, charger, storage pouch and instructions inside.

Before you use the Nea 2

Before you can start to play with your LELO NEA you need to charge it up, the charger is nice and easy to attach and when it is on charge the lights flash until it is fully charged when it stops flashing, I found that it took a couple of hours to be fully charged.

Lelo Nea Luxury Vibrator Comes in Black

The LELO NEA is one of the smaller LELO vibrators, it fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is made of ABS plastic which is body safe, shiny and smooth. It has 2 buttons on the front one increases the strength of the vibrations and one decreases the strength of them, there are also patterns if you prefer just hold down the up button once its on full and it will start to pulse, keep pressing it to scroll through the various patterns. To go back to the constant vibrations press the down button until it is off and then turn it back on again.

About the product

  • Body Safe FDA-Approved Material Phthalate-Free ABS Plastic
  • Five Stimulation Modes From Soft Flutter to Intense Pulsation
  • Rechargeable LI-ION Battery 7 Hours of Pleasure From a 2-Hour Charge
  • Deceptively Powerful Engineered for a More Satisfying Vibe Discreet Performance Fully Lockable with Near-Silent Vibrations

The NEA is well designed with a pretty feminine pattern on the back (much like the one on my mobile phone case) and a shape that means that when you hold it in your hand the pleasure point where the vibrations are concentrated are positioned to ensure that they are easy to get in the right place.

Does it have enough power?

I often find that smaller vibrators are not powerful enough for me but it was not the case with this vibrator at all, this vibrator has some strong deep vibrations which pulse around the clit wonderfully and push you right over the edge without any effort at all, and the smallness of the vibrator mean that during sex you can use it without it getting in the way.  I generally prefer the softness is silicone over the hard ABS plastic materials as in the past I have found that vibrators made from ABS have sharp buzzy vibrations which feel hot and not in a good way, but some how LELO have managed to keep these deep and throbby and just how I like them to be.

The material

The NEA is made from ABS plastic and as such should be fine to use with any kind of lubricant, that said in the User manual it states that you should only use it with waterbased lubricants, I personally only use waterbased anyway, I have far to many silicone toys to mess about with other kinds of lubes (unless I have been asked to review them) and have always found them to be more than adequate. The NEA should be cleaned with a good quality sex toy cleaner and warm water, never submerge the charger connector in water as it will damage the vibrator.

The noise levels from this little thing aren’t to bad it sounds a bit like a quiet electric razor, definitely quiet enough for me not to worry to much about it disturbing anyone or been heard in the next room.

Overall I can’t think of anything bad to say about this little bit of LELO just like all of the other LELO vibrators that I have reviewed it feels like a good quality sex toy, it is easy to charge, easy to use and super powerful, the vibrations are lovely and deep and penetrate through the clit in the way that any good sex toy should. The design is lovely and the storage pouch and size of it means that you can pop it in your bag and take it out with you anywhere. This is one of those toys that might be on the bedside cabinet for some time after testing/reviewing. 


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