Kama Diva- I’ve come a long way


So I have said before that I’m a sucker for things that buzz- and I while I’m not always very girly, I do like sex toys that are fancy looking.  Yeah, so look at THIS.


This is the Kama Diva Large Rainbow Vibe.  Pretty huh??  I know.  I was excited to get it in the mail.  For starters, it’s pretty big.  It comes with a really fluffy pillow case.  It’s phthalate free.  It’s made of urethane.  What?  I didn’t exactly know what that meant when I ordered it, it sure was pretty, and I really needed a new vibrator.  Not that I don’t have lots of them already, but I needed a NEW one and a trippy looking rainbow colored one.  So when it arrived I removed it from the box to find that it’s hard plastic.  Urethane- shmurethane- it’s hard plastic.  Well I’ve come a long way from the hard slimline vibes.  I don’t DO hard plastic vibes anymore.  Not that they don’t have merit.  I am very nostalgic about the classic slimline vibrators I used to by when I was in high school.  However, once I moved to dildo’s, vibrating dildo’s, jelly (I know, I know), and silicon- my hard plastic days are over.

Usually the hard plastic vibes still pack enough vibrating punch to get the job done.  This one, for all it’s big-ness, really didn’t.  I was a bit disappointed.  It had settings, and a simple push button to go from one setting to the next.  It had 7 different settings, so much potential.  The pulsing one was a good tease.  I did fuck myself with it for a while, and the ridges made for some interesting sensation, but unlike silicon, cyberskin or jelly, it doesn’t give.  It felt kind of invasive.  I opted for just using it just for clitoral vibrator, but even on it’s high setting, it just wasn’t high enough for me.  Now I’m not a Hitachi snob.

Ok, so I sorta am…

But I use a bullet vibe- often.  I can get off with any number of vibrators.  I wouldn’t say it was buzzy- it was just kind of weak.  Maybe something that size really DOES still need C batteries.  I’m not sure.

I hate giving negative reviews, but this one just wasn’t for me.  Don’t fret, pleasure seekerts- click the link below, anything you want for your pink parts- you will find it, or something really damn close.  Promise.

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