just a tease…

I have lots of vibes.  It wasn’t until a few years back that I used anything but vibes.  As a teen, and thru my 20’s, I used slim vibes, didn’t we all??  The big ones that took two C batteries?  Until I put a dildo sleeve over it- and that became my go- to for a long time.  I eventually progressed to a dildo without vibration.  The bullet, and then The Rabbit.  The rest is history really.

Now I have vibes in different shapes and sizes.  I have a number of vibes that are in the ‘to be used with something else’ category.  This is one of them.

The Tease and Please is cute.


At about 4 inches high, it’s not really big enough for vaginal insertion, however it is nice for a little bit of anal play.  That is what I used it for.  The vibrations (2 AAA batteries) in this 7 function vibe are not strong enough to do more than just buzz, which is nice if I need just a little bit of stimulation during g-spot play.  I think it would also be nice when giving head, to just press against the perineum, or like I said, a little anal play.  It wouldn’t get me off with just the vibration on my clit, but is definitely a nice addition to other toys or oral sex.

The thick ridges are not wide enough apart to create any kind of graduated process for anal stimulation.  It’s not going to just go in one ridge, and then stop, if you know what I mean.  So if you are going to insert this into yours’ or someone elses backside, I suggest putting it in a condom, for easy retreival, just in case.  Otherwise, you can enjoy these ridges by sliding them up and down- it’s a good substitute if you are not in to analingous.

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