just a tease…

just a tease…

I’ve got a lot of vibes.  It wasn’t until I used anything but vibes until a few years ago.  I used slim vibes as a teen, and through my twenties, didn’t we all??  The large batteries that took two C batteries?  Until I placed a dildo sleeve over it for a long time, and that became my go.  I finally advanced to a vibration-free dildo.  The bullet and the Rabbit afterwards.  The remainder really is history.

Now I have various forms and sizes of vibes.  I’ve got a amount of vibes in the category’ to use with something else.’  It’s one of them.

The Tease and Please are sweet.

It’s not really large enough for vaginal insertion at about 4 inches high, but it’s great for some anal play.  That’s what I’ve used.  In this 7 function vibrator, the vibrations (2 AAA batteries) are not powerful enough to do more than just buzz, which is great if I need a little stimulation while playing g-spot.  I believe it would be good to just push on the perineum when you give the head, or, as I said, a little anal play.  With just the vibration on my clit, it wouldn’t get me off, but it’s certainly a good addition to other toys or oral sex.

The dense ridges are not broad enough to produce any kind of anal stimulation graduated method.  If you know what I mean, it won’t just go on one ridge, and then stop.  So if you’re going to put this into your ass or somebody elses, I suggest placing it in a condom, just in case, for simple retreat.  Otherwise, by sliding them up and down, you can appreciate these ridges-it’s a nice replacement if you’re not analyzed.