Introduction to Sex Toy Materials

Introduction to Sex Toy Materials

If you’re new to the sex toy market, then you may be looking online or even at your local adult store in confusion. Where do you start, what should you be looking for, there’s so many options! Below are the basics to sex toy materials.

The material a toy is made of will have a big difference on how it feels, what you can do with it, even what lube can be used.


This is among the most common material you will find. It tends to be smooth, and can cover part or the entire toy. It can come in any color the manufacture desires and a favorite among many. You only want to use water-based lube with silicone toys.


Glass dildo
Glass dildo

If you want something that is hard and has zero flex, glass is it. Because it can’t be flexed, you want to ensure what you purchase is the right shape and size for you. You will find glass is simple to clean, and allows you to heat or cool it for temperature play.

ABS Plastic

Hard plastic is another option, usually found with vibrating toys or in combo with silicone. It can be easy to clean, but like glass it doesn’t flex.


Metal dildo
Metal dildo

Another hard, non-flexible material that is becoming more common. It is usually medical-grade stainless steel. Easy to clean, and found in butt plugs and dildos

Uncommon Materials


Stone dildos do exist (Laid D.1) are designed with smooth finished semi-precious stone. It is non-porus and stiff.


High quality wood toys have many layers of varnish to prevent splinters, etc. However, not a very common material, especially on the lower price range.

Hopefully this helps you decide the type of material best for your needs. Do you want flex, stiff, easy to clean, or unique?

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