I love nipple clamps

I love nipple clamps

Did I mention playing the nipple really love?  Well, I do that.  I fell captive to that incredible intense pain that comes with being linked that way from the first moment I had clamps on me.

I got a couple of clamps lately, just like those in this image.  Clover pinches.  In fact, I never treated those that were on me in this picture-and I had them twice on me.  The ones I’ve got are the same.  A heavy chain and grips with rubber.  These do not have a screw to loosen them for your convenience unlike other nipple clamps.  The ones I have, they capture the moving parts when you open them.  It doesn’t make use of it impossible-it’s remarkable.  The key to having fun is in the motion with nipple clamps.  It stops hurting so much when clamps are on your nipples and unmoved.  It’s going adorned.  What’s the fun about it?

By the manner, be ready for the clamps ‘ REMOVAL.  Yeah, it’s a pain that’s partly delicious, part HOLY FUCK when the blood rushes back to that region.  So be ready to do that.

A word of prudence.  Probably you shouldn’t wear too lengthy nipple clamps.  Perhaps 15-20 minutes?  Any region deprived of circulation is at danger of harm to the nerves and perhaps even death of the tissue.  Keep in mind that.  I’m not a doctor or a sex toy expert (well not certified at least) but correct?

Play securely.