I like it curved…

I know they are not popular, but I admit that I really LIKE jelly toys and I have a good collection of vibrators from Don Johnson. I like the way they move and bend.  The fact that the Paradise Curve is phthalate free jelly like material and silicone makes it even better. It still has that ‘nail salon’ smell to it- so if you are scent sensitive I would stay away from the jelly type toys, phthalate-free or not. They all just smell that way. I have heard that it’s the phthalates that make is smell that way- but I have jelly toys with or without them and you can’t tell a difference by the smell.

Noses aside, I did enjoy this toy. I prefer the curved toys to the sharp angles that some g-spot toys offer. The nubs on the curve are not really necessary as the vibration does enough. I love the bullet in the END of Doc Johnsons toys, as opposed to some manufacturers who put them in the base. What’s the point of THAT?  The bullet vibe on the end was great against my gspot and coupled with a bullet vibe, it’s narrow enough for smooth thrusting, but still thick enough to be satisfying.


The controller is a simple up and down controller with 4 speeds, but I would like to see an end to the wired controllers. Over all, this is a good toy. The vibration was good for clitoral (that is where the nubs are nice) or gspot penetration for those who enjoy jelly-type toys.

It comes in aqua and pink.  Mine’s pink.  Check out this and the whole collection of great toys from VibeReview.


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