I could not sleep, so I thought I’d cum (and clean)

I could not sleep, so I thought I’d cum (and clean)

This is why I should read the description ALL and not just look at the image.  My eyes are easily drawn to buzzing things, and I often don’t take the time to see how large it is. When it comes to cock,

I’m not a queen of size, but when it comes to vibes, I’m kind of a battery snob.  In watches, watch batteries belong.  All right… well sometimes the microvibes are ok when accompanying a really big black dildo,, I’m going to offer you that.

I was looking forward to the Vibra-Ball being a raquetball size.  Perhaps a softball.  NOT a superball’s size.  Okay, that’s my bad.  I haven’t looked at the sizes.  It comes with 2 sets (three each) of batteries that’s great.  To alter the batteries, the silicone sleeve is quite simple to peel on and off the ball, but the sleeve makes it difficult to switch it on and off.  I believe the switches on and off should be nearer together.

But all right, once you’ve got it ON.  It’s not a bad thing.  The little nubbies feel good and when I’m playing with my Hitachi, there’s a nice lengthy recovery string so efficiently I could insert it into my pussy.

It’s not very noisy and waterproof, and I believe if you like “buzzy” toys, or if you use this in addition to a really large dildo, it’s well enough and waterproof!

So what else have I done with that??

Wrapped it in a washcloth for a beautiful scrubby tub* swung it around and used it to hit my legs and my arms and tits a few times… maybe it’s fun to play a little* set it on the ground and roll my feet over it.  Awwww Yeah, it seems to me that this is the greatest use for it.

But you know, it’s me.