I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d cum (and clean)

Here’s why I should read ALL of the description and not just look at the picture.  My eyes are easily drawn to things that buzz and I often don’t take the time to see how big it is.

I’m not a size queen when it comes to cock-but I AM kind of a battery snob when it comes to vibes.  Watch batteries belong in watches.  ok… well sometimes the microvibes are ok when accompanying a really big black dildo, I’ll give you that.


I was expecting the Vibra-Ball to be size of a raquetball.  Maybe a softball.  NOT the size of a superball.  Ok, my bad.  I did NOT look at the dimensions.  It comes with 2 sets of batteries (three each) which is nice.  The silicone sleeve is pretty easy to peel on and off the ball to change the batteries, but the sleeve does make it kind of hard to turn it on and off.  I think the on and off switches should be closer together.

But ok, once you get it ON.  It’s not bad.  The little nubbies feel good and there is a nice long retrieval string so effectively I could insert it into my pussy for some added ‘zing’ when I’m playing with my Hitachi.

It’s not very loud and it’s waterproof and I think if you like “buzzy” toys- or if you are using this in addition to a really big dildo, it’s made well enough and is waterproof!

So what else did I do with it??

*wrapped it in a washcloth for a nice scrubby bath
*swung it around and used it to hit my legs and my arms and my tits a few times… might be fun for a little play
*set it on the floor and rolled my feet over it.  Awwww Yeah, this seems like the best use for it for me.

But you know, that’s just me.

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