Happy Endings are cool- massage oil review

I don’t give or get a lot of massages. Natt gave me a foot massage in NYC, but that may have been the last one I’ve gotten. There’s two reasons for this. 1) I am insanely ticklish and 2) I don’t get a lot of offers.

That being said, I don’t mind giving them. I like touching people. I have realized that I don’t get touched very often. My husband and I don’t get close very often. I don’t have friends that I hug a lot. I’m not a cuddler. So when I have the opportunity to put my hands on someone in a way that isn’t even sexual, but just human contact- I enjoy it.

My husband has pretty bad peripheral vascular disease so he really benefits from a massage, but sometimes it’s painful so it’s not often that I can do it. The other night, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind maybe rubbing his legs and hands. I figured this was as good a time as any to tryout my new massage oil.

It’s a mild scented oil.  It’s pretty thin too.  I put some on my hands and slowly worked it into his skin.  It was not an overwhelming scent, which was good.  I just can’t deal with overwhelming scents.  I massaged his legs for a long time, it didn’t dry too quickly, which is saying a lot considering my husband has pretty dry skin.

I rubbed his legs only having to add oil once.  It made his skin really soft and once the oil was dried, it left his skin smooth enough to keep rubbing with out adding oil.  I think we both enjoyed it.  The touching, the sensation.

And while I am skeptical about the pheremones, the leg massage DID end with a happy ending, for ME!  yeah!!!

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