Review: Happy Endings are cool – massage oil

Review: Happy Endings are cool – massage oil

I’m not giving a lot of massages or getting them. Natt gave me a foot massage in NYC, but maybe that was the last massage I got. There are two explanations for that. 1) I’m crazy and 2) I’m not getting a lot of deals.

That said, I don’t bother to give them. I like individuals touching. I realized I don’t get very often touched. Very often, my spouse and I do not get near. I don’t have a bunch of buddies I’m hugging. I haven’t been a cuddler. So I appreciate it when I have the chance to put my hands on someone in a manner that’s not even sexual, but just human contact.

My husband’s got pretty bad peripheral vascular disease so he benefits from a massage, but sometimes it’s painful so I can’t do it often. He told me the other night if I might not mind rubbing his legs and hands. I thought this was a nice time to try my new massage oil.

It’s a slightly fragrant oil.  It is also fairly small.  I placed some of them on my hands and worked them on his skin gently.  It wasn’t an overwhelming, nice fragrance.  I can’t handle overwhelming fragrances.  I’ve been massaging his legs for a long time, it didn’t dry too fast, which means a lot because my husband’s skin is pretty dry.

I just rubbed his feet with oil once.  It produced his skin soft and left his skin smooth enough to maintain rubbing out adding oil once the oil was dried.  I believe we liked that both of us.  The feeling, the touching.

And while I’m skeptical about the pheremones, for ME, the DID leg massage ends with a happy ending! yeah!!!