Fun Factory Spring Review

Fun Factory Spring Review

Are you on the lookout for a small toy that is easy to hide? The Spring by Fun Factory is in the range of their Flash, Ocean or Bubbles models. Far as size goes, it’s labeled a dildo, but only slightly bigger than a bullet vibe!

That’s right the Spring measures a whole 3.25” in length. Heck, it’s 1.25” in width, this freakish thing is half as wide as it is long. Let’s review the design a bit more.


Fun Factory Spring
Fun Factory Spring

It has a soft layer of silicone covering the inner parts that make it so wonderful. So, as usual you will need to stock up on water-based lubes. It is rechargeable, but instead of plugging it it’s simply “Click and Charge”. It charges though two little magnetic things on the charger base that goes into the toy base.

It Holds a Charge

After several times using the Spring, I have yet to need another charge up. I didn’t exactly time my sessions, but it’s been at least a couple hours I’m sure. This makes it great for taking on a trip where you may need to easily hide your toy or something.


It only vibrates, like a bullet with no patterns to switch through. This can make using it over and over kind of dull and boring. Although, it is enough to do the job if needed. Knowing I have a nice selection of lager toys, such as the Eroscillator, may be making me a bit bias here.

Final Thoughts

Not a toy I recommend as your main go-to, but worth having in your collection for those road trips or travels when you want something quick and simple to carry with you. After all, you don’t want something big stopping you when boarding a plane, right?

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