for the love of purple fuck toys…

I like Doc Johnson Toys. Ok, they are not phthalate free. I will say that right now. They are not and I have just been told that I really SHOULD use condoms with toys that are not phthalate free. I found this disclaimer on the Vibe Review Site so I think I should include it here.

Jelly rubber is cited as the main type of toy material which contains phthalates. As this point, nobody knows for sure that phthalates are dangerous, and in fact, the FDA has authorized phthalates to be used in food, household items, and a variety of other common products. In any case, to be on the safe side VibeReview is phasing out these types of toys. In the meantime, if you are concerned about phthalates, you should use only phthalate-free toys.

That aside, I will tell you that have not experienced any side effects from it, while I know there are some people who do.

Ok so looky here…

Yeah- it’s so pretty.

So I love that it’s waterproof and this afternoon I climbed in the shower with it. I am recovered from this weeks bang fest now just horny as hell again. This is a thick dildo. 4 1/2 inches around, at the wide points, but you can see how it sort of waves in and out. You can feel the contours, and thrusting, they feel never ending- back and forth and back and forth… and oh, wait, where was I. sigh…

The vibration in the head of the shaft makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation (good vibes!) or a little extra against your g-spot. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t HAVE to curve to hit vibrate against my gspot. It felt great sliding in and out of me. The contours reminded me of the Smart Balls, which gave me an idea, based on what I did YESTERDAY.

Climbing out of the shower, I put the BB Magic Wand inside my pussy, turned on at full blast. Standing, I closed my legs, holding it in place. I felt so full; really it’s a nice big thick shaft. Then I got my Hitachi Magic Wand….

(Now don’t start with me about being hooked on it. Of COURSE I am. So what? It has not desensitized my clit, if nothing else it’s made it more sensitive. I CAN cum from other vibes- from tongues and fingers. So WHAT if I like the vibrator that fucks up the reception on the TV!!)

… and I pressed it against my pussy. Low speed, over the towel. I usually cannot have direct contact and often times it’s over my outer labia as well (I don’t really HAVE much inner labia) Yea, very pretty pussy. It felt good. The Magic Wand was vibrating inside me and my pussy was naturally pulsing around the stationary intrusion. I increased the intensity to High Speed, and then moved the towel.

The Hitachi was pressed against me, outside my pussy lips so it was vibrating my whole pussy and then I was filled and my gspot was being hummed in delicious rhythm. I was still standing, bracing myself against the wall in the vanity area.

I thought about Sean, which I almost always do. He is still my dirty jerk off fantasy when I want it fast and hard. He was forcing me to cum; not letting me thrust, or rub. I was just stuffed and vibed and taking it hard. My orgasm came in a slow moving wave. I felt it hitting me slowly and I didn’t fight it or try to rush it. It was delicious and as it peaked, I felt my body release and then it happened… I gushed all over the place; over the Hitachi, on my hands, down my legs and onto the bathroom floor.  I don’t usually do that, by the way- maybe twice before and never on my own like this. I let it run down my legs, feeling that delicious release until I practically collapsed against my vanity.

I was a mess. There was a small pool of ejaculate on the floor at my feet (It would have grossed me out if I hadn’t had just cum so fucking hard). I removed the toy, covered in my cum and tossed it into the sink for cleaning and cleaned off the Hitachi, (after I wiped up my mess from the bathroom tile).


Not all vibes do the same thing for me. Some are used on their own; some can be used in addition to another. I think when you have a large selection you can mix and match and who knows what kind of combination you come up with! Kind of like Cold Stone Creamery. Yes, I just compared my jerking off to ice cream.

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