for the love of purple fuck toys…

for the love of purple fuck toys…

I like Toys from Doc Johnson. Okay, they’re not free from phthalates. I’m going to tell it right now. They aren’t and I was just told I really SHOULD use toys that aren’t phthalate-free condoms. On the Vibe Review Site, I discovered this disclaimer so I believe I should include it here.

Jelly rubber is quoted as the primary form of phthalate-containing toy material. No one understands for sure that phthalates are hazardous as this stage, and in reality, the FDA has permitted phthalates to be used in food, household items, and a range of other popular products. In any event, VibeReview is phasing out these kinds of toys to be on the secure side. Meanwhile, you should only use phthalate-free toys if you’re worried about phthalates.

Aside from that, I’m going to tell you that you haven’t encountered any side effects from it, while I understand some individuals are doing it.

Ok, look so…

Yeah, it’s so beautiful.

So I enjoy it’s waterproof and I climbed with it in the shower this afternoon. I’m now just horny as hell retrieved from this week’s bang festival. This is a thick dildo. 4 1/2 inches around, at broad spots, but you can see waves like that in and out. You can feel the contours, and they feel never ending, back and forth and forth… and oh, wait, where I was. Sigh… The shaft head vibration makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation (good vibes!) or a little extra for your g-spot. I don’t understand about you, but I HAVE NOT curve to reach my gspot. It felt like it was slipping in and out of me. Based on what I did YESTERDAY, the contours reminded me of the Smart Balls that gave me an idea.

I placed the BB Magic Wand inside my pussy when I climbed out of the shower, switched on at complete blast. I shut my legs, standing there, keeping it in place. I felt so complete; it’s a beautiful large, dense shaft. Then I received my Magic Wand from Hitachi….

(Now don’t start with me to get hooked on it. Of COURSE I am. So what? It hasn’t desensitized my clit, if nothing else it’s created it more sensitive. I CAN cum from other vibes-from tongues and fingers. So WHAT if I like the vibrator that fucks up the reception on TV!!)… and I pushed it against my pussy. Low velocity, above towel. Usually I can’t have direct contact and often it’s also over my outer labia (I don’t really have a lot of inner labia). It was feeling nice. Inside me, the Magic Wand was vibrating and my pussy naturally pulsed around the stationary intrusion. I improved the High Speed intensity and then shifted the towel.

Outside my pussy lips, the Hitachi was pressed against me so it vibrated my whole pussy and then I was filled up and my gspot was hummed in a delicious rhythm. I was still standing in the vanity region, bracing myself against the wall.

I was thinking of Sean, which I do almost always. When I want it quickly and difficult, he’s still my filthy jerk off fantasy. He forced me to sperm; he didn’t let me push or scratch. Simply stuffed and vibrated, I took it hard. In a slow moving wave, my orgasm came. I felt it slowly hit me and I wasn’t fighting it or trying to hurry it. It was delicious and I felt my body released as it peaked and then it occurred… I gushed all over the location, over the Hitachi, on my hands, down my feet and onto the ground of the bathroom.  Usually, I don’t do that, by the manner, maybe twice before and never like that on my own. I let it run down my legs until I almost collapsed against my vanity, feeling that delicious release.

I’ve been a mess. There was a small pool of ejaculate at my feet on the floor (It would have grossed me out if I hadn’t just had that damn tough sin). I removed the toy, wrapped it in my cream and threw it into the sink for cleaning and washed the Hitachi (after wiping my mess from the tile of the toilet).

—–Not every vibes does the same for me. Some are used alone; some can be used as well as others. I believe you can mix and match when you have a big range and who knows what kind of mixture you’re creating! A kind of creamery like Cold Stone. Yes, I just compared my ice cream jerking off.