Review: The Clone a Willy Chocolate Kit

Review: The Clone a Willy Chocolate Kit

I was asked by the beautiful individuals at Uberkinky to check this clone with a willy chocolate kit. In some super discreet packaging, it was sent to me and arrived very rapidly. But I took some time to actually review it, I’m sorry about that Uberkinky.

The clone a willy chocolate kit comes packed in a plastic tube with some bright cartoon type pictures on it, and some of the most basic instructions on how the kit operates on it.

You get the chocolate inside the tube, the jelly stuff to produce the mold, a stick to transform your creation into a lollipop of chocolate or a cockolatepop as we called it and a thermometer. The thermometer is to help you ensure that before you use it, the temperature of both the water to make the mold and the chocolate is right. There are some much more comprehensive instructions on how to use the kit on the opposite of the paper inside the tube.

We decided to use a dildo for the mould rather than my husbands ‘ real cock, this was primarily due to the quantity of time we had to do it and having done a willy candle kit to the clone before we knew how difficult it could be to get it right so we believed we’d try something else to attempt to get a better outcome. As you’ve probably seen in the slide show above, it didn’t turn out as planned, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun experiment and I think we’ve learned from it and hopefully you’ll learn from our mistakes.

The first thing you need to do is measure the pipe, it was obviously very easy with a dildo, but with a real live person, you need to make sure that you cut it long enough to fit into it, don’t worry about you touching the end of the tube, it should still turn out okay. It’s simple enough to measure the water, getting it to the exact temperature is a bit fiddly. Notes to remember starting the timer before pouring the water into the powder, using a bowl with a lip to make it easier to pour, I haven’t done this and created a good mess attempting to pour it into the mold.

It only takes 2 minutes for it to set up which should be fast enough for you to be able to remain hard, if you think you may be struggling with a cock ring, it will help you to keep it long enough, from past experience and from what it says on the pack, I can confirm that if you don’t stay tough for the complete 2 minutes, it will still function as long as you’re tough when you begin creating the mould.

It’s easy to clean the jelly material from which the mould is made, it’s not to sticky and won’t stick to you, it’s just going to peel off.

You need to bring it on a tray in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to dry and cool after you’ve produced the mould. That sounds fairly easy but serious, who’s got that big shelf in the fridge? I placed it on a tiny flat tray in the fridge next to the milk to drain and timed the 20 minutes on my microwave to make sure I got it right.

After 20mins (and a coffee) I went home and the bowl had some water in it, so I assumed it had dried enough. So then in my microwave I melted the chocolate, I ignored the advice on the pack and just blasted it for 10-20secs at a time until it was melted. Before you pour it into the mould, you need to make sure the chocolate isn’t hot. They offer you a thermometer so that you can use it to verify the chocolate temperature. It seems to take cooling forever as chocolate really seems to like holding on to the heat, but it ended up there.

Finally, I poured a willy chocolate kit into the clone using a spoon to let it dribble into the mold and then added the stick. Again, I didn’t think I would melt it into a jug that would pour so I made another kitchen mess doing this part. You get lots of chocolate much more than you should need, so don’t be amazed if there’s any left over, was the weird kind of individual I’m created with left over rice crispy buns.

Then it’s back in the fridge to set and solidify, and in my case, after a few minutes, you can remove it from the mould and voila.

As you can see from the pictures above in the slide show, I didn’t quite get this bit right, there seemed to be a lot of air bubbles stuck in the mould, which led to the dildo’s less than ideal mould. I’d tap it a few more times if I did this again and attempt to get the air out of the mould as I dribbled in the chocolate. I thought I did that enough, but I obviously didn’t. I’d let the mould drain a bit more, too, because I believe it was a little bit damp when I poured the chocolate into it.

Overall, I discovered the kit simple to use and very clear and simple to follow directions. It’s been a lot of fun doing it with my husband and yes it has led to something else that’s the point of doing these stuff after all. We both had fun and it was a shame that it wasn’t as perfect as it could have done but it didn’t really spoil it for us at the end of the day. The chocolate isn’t the greatest chocolate I’ve ever had, it tastes fairly inexpensive so if you’re going to eat it then you might want to modify it for better chocolate quality, I believe a chocolate cock would be ideal!!

Would I suggest using this to others? Yes I would, it’s fun and not hard to do either, really nice if you and your partner are like a giggle.

Do I want to do it again? This is the second one I’ve completed, they’re chaotic and it takes a lot of time, so maybe not except for a unique occasion. It’s a novelty as fun as it is, and not necessarily something I’d like to do again and again.

See the Uberkinky website for many other forms you can create your own dildo