meet my new true love… her name is…Goliath

Ohhhh I’m in love…. again.
With a dildo, another one.
I know, I do this. I meet one, I’m all smitten and then another one comes along, looking better than a battery operated device has a right to, and then I’m in love again. I’m not insincere.

Just indecisive!!
I went out today, thinking perhaps I need a special dresser, a chest devoted to my toys because the nightstand is running out of room.

This is Goliath. I know, silly names. But you know, I just look at it and say, “Hello lover!”

First, the specs. It’s just shy of 2 inches wide. Just over 7 inches long. There’s a bullet that can go into the base, or you can take the bullet out and use it alone or with the right strap on. 2 inches wide is less than my boyfriend dildo, however this that one is more pliable and flexible. This one, while silicon, is rigid. Not hard plastic, it’s made of phthalate-free silicon. (Phthalates are the chemicals that make hard plastic soft.) It’s made by the fine folks at Tantus Silicon. It can be washed with soap and water, boiled, bleached or thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Tip #1, use lube. Waterbased, not silicon based. This is not really a toy that you can suck and spit on and that’s enough until you get wet enough. Lube will help it go in nicely- because it is hard it is doesn’t mold to you, you have to mold to it.

The feeling was amazing. I was ready, and with an audience- thank you ES. I pushed it inside me, immediately feeling it stretching me out. I think I was still swollen from the night before- but I was so excited to try it, and well, watching ES jerk off for the past few minutes had me in the mood in no time. Lubed up and ready, I turned on the bullet with a push of the button. The vibrations move through this silicon toy pretty evenly. I rubbed the length of the shaft over my pussy, feeling the sensations through me. ES was watching intently, his face sexy and concentrated on me. I admit I love him watching me. He’s such a good slut and never takes me for granted.

Pushing it inside me, I could already feel it stretching me. I removed it and rubbed it a little more, distributing the lube and went again. This time it went in, opening me up. I pushed slower, feeling it. The hardness of the shaft, and the veins that added to the sensations. It was tight inside me, again possibly because I was a bit swollen from the night before- but the steady vibrations smoothed through me and I was able to focus on the sensations.

I watched ES watching me, I could see the picture he was looking at, and his reaction to it. I could see his arm moving as he jerked his cock watching me. His words came over the chat window but I could not see them. I could feel my gspot starting to swell and I pushed harder and deeper. Fucking it. Thinking about ES, about Sean, about Z. About whichever cock came to mind, and fucking it hard and taking it deep. My own wetness mixed with the lube and the dildo slid easily inside me. In and out, pushing inside me, invading me with each thrust. It was divine.

I used my other hand and rubbed on my clit and I started to cum, pulsing and writing against it, my legs instinctively came together and my body clenched. It was then that I noticed just how big and hard this dildo was.

It was that moment that I fell in love. So maybe it’s not the real thing, and no it doesn’t feel like a real cock, but who the hell cares. Who needs reality when it feels so good.

The Swirltop Butt Plug- more “OH MY GOD’s” for your money!

I admit that I was a bit scared when I opened this next item. Those naughty boys at Adam and Eve… It doesn’t look that big in this picture, but it looks quite big in the packaging!! When I took it out of the plastic wrap, it was not so daunting, and when I put the batteries in, I got a little squirmy thinking about it.

This is the Swirltop Butt Plug. (I admit, I giggle when I say it outloud.) It’s about 4 inches high and 4 1/2 inches around at it’s widest point. I know it SEEMS like a lot… but trust me…

So last night I was feelin a bit naughty. I spent some time with my favorite reads and was feeling pretty anxious. I had tested out the batteries and the strength of the vibe earlier in the day just so I knew what I was in for. Like I said, I was a bit scared, but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge. (wicked smile).
The vibrations on this vibe are like a muted hum. There’s an egg inside it, and if you have never tried an egg on it’s one, they are quite fantastic. I used the ridges and slid them up and down my pussy. It was a teasing sensation with the constant movement. I think if I pressed it and held it still I could have made myself cum, my clit resting along those ridges and the whole toy vibrating at the same strength. I pushed it inside my hole, feeling my pussy widen. The vibrations inside me felt really good and the anticipation was getting me hot.
This vibe has a section cup on the bottom. If I wanted to use this in the tub I could lower myself down on to it. Oh yes, its waterproof. Although I don’t think that includes the battery pack remote, but the toy and wire can go underwater for extra ooohs and aaaahhhs. I decided to lay on my back with it and slowly push it up inside me. I lubed it up real good and rubbed it on my ass. I had it set on the lowest setting to get me started and pushed it in slowly, the ridges felt nice but I was starting to worry a little bit as I started feeling more and more stretched out. I wondered if maybe a partner would be better for this, or maybe I should not be going so slow. Just when it was starting to freak me out, it started to give, and it was all the way in. I relaxed a bit, knowing it was firmly in place.

*tip- When using anal toys, ALWAYS make sure it has a base on the end. It’s not recommended to use regular slim vibrator- there’s a natural ’suction effect’, and well, just don’t do it without a base. If it’s small, you can use a condom over it, assume there is extra that will stay outside so you can still retrieve it. *end tip

I turned the speed down to see how it felt inside me. I felt full but not stretched. I leaned back and reached for my vibe. I used a slimvibe and rubbed it up and down my pussy, the vibrations went through me and pressed against the plug, it felt warm and I ached. I pushed the vibe inside me. I love that feeling of being so filled. I could feel myself getting more and more wet and wanting more. I reached for the remote and turned the vibrations on the plug on. 1, mmmmmm- a soft hum. 2- oooh- that’s nice. It was a mild increase. 3- ahhhhhhh, ohh my god. That was like turning on a switch. I could feel the vibrations through the wall of my pussy and I pushed the vibe back inside me, wishing it was not so smooth- wanting to feel the roughness. I felt wild, and wanting more. 4- ah, too much…back to three.

I threw the slim vibe and reached into my drawer for my rabbit. I needed the feeling of a cock inside me. I propped my knees up and pushed the shaft in, not even turning it on, fucking my pussy while the plug filled me. I wished it was thrusting, but that’s another toy all together… I fucked myself until I came- so hard. I wanted a cock inside me and I thought about Z, fucking my ass and watching me squirm.

4 speeds, definitely increases the sensations of what you got going on. If you are new to anal, this is a good toy if you want to get past the slim jelly plugs that are no bigger than a finger. The 4 speeds of vibration are good for any level of pressure (I recommend level 3!) Again, it doesn’t thrust so if you are looking for something to simulate anal SEX, then try something different, but if you are not afraid of getting “a little butt naughty” then this is a great toy to enhance your pleasure.

4″ Swirltop Butt Plug

(oh, and my one other worry was removing it… but you know, I came so hard it was not a problem because I was very relaxed. I did sort of tilt it and pull one side out, and the rest, if you know what I mean. Yeah, it feels kinda weird, but really- get over it.)

Slinging it.

I need a more regular lover. Someone who is around on an ‘at least twice a week’ basis, so when I have reviews to do that need a partner, I can stay on top of things- no pun intended. My last shipment from VibeReview had included two fantastic items from Sportsheets. One was the Under the Bed Restraints and the other was the Sex Sling. I was hoping to put them into action before now, but I just havent had the time. I didn’t tell Lilly that I had the Under the Bed Restraints in my bad in NYC, and I was tempted to tie her down, just to see how well they works. (*wink).

The Sex Sling is an interesting idea, and something I knew I would love. I like being relatively bendy, for my size, but I admit that my abs are not as strong as I’d like and sometimes holding my legs up can become physically taxing. I don’t think the sex sling is meant as a way for you to support your own weight with you neck, but it aids in the process.

So even though I wasn’t having sex with anyone the night I was checking out the Sex Sling, I decided to put myself in it, just to see. I always find it exciting to see if the Ex will walk in when I’m in these predicaments. The center of the sling and the cuffs are padded (and leopard print) and rests behind your neck and on your ankles. I laid back and tightened the straps with quick pulls. A partner holding on to my legs would have an easy time of that for sure. I was right in that of curse I could not put all the weight on my neck, but it did make it a little easier. I think the sling, along with another person in the position to hold your legs and your own abdominals this could ease some aching muscles. I was able to open or close my legs, even bend them slightly, as long as I had a little slack. I think having these things tightened short could have me spread eagle in no time.

The Ex did walk in… cocked his head sideways and stared at me for a minute. I was a bit embarassed, but I played it off, “What do you think babe? This might make things a little easier.”

He crawled up on the bed, kneeling with his legs open and my thin panty-covered parts in plain view. “I like this,” he said. He rested his hand on my legs, immediately letting me feel the difference in weight distribution. He wasn’t going to fuck me- but he did push his fingers inside me- my g-spot in the right angle with my legs up like this and rubbed my clit with my Hitachi until I came, squirming and shaking, my legs unable to pull into my body that way. I can’t wait to use this for it’s intended purpose- but I can tell you that having an orgasm, with my legs open and somewhat unable to put them down and curl them underneath, made me come a lot harder.

This isn’t the review I WANTED to do, but you know- sex is like that sometimes. It’s not always the way we want it, even when we do have fun tools to play with.

for the love of purple fuck toys…

I like Doc Johnson Toys. Ok, they are not phthalate free. I will say that right now. They are not and I have just been told that I really SHOULD use condoms with toys that are not phthalate free. I found this disclaimer on the Vibe Review Site so I think I should include it here.

Jelly rubber is cited as the main type of toy material which contains phthalates. As this point, nobody knows for sure that phthalates are dangerous, and in fact, the FDA has authorized phthalates to be used in food, household items, and a variety of other common products. In any case, to be on the safe side VibeReview is phasing out these types of toys. In the meantime, if you are concerned about phthalates, you should use only phthalate-free toys.

That aside, I will tell you that have not experienced any side effects from it, while I know there are some people who do.

Ok so looky here…

Yeah- it’s so pretty.

So I love that it’s waterproof and this afternoon I climbed in the shower with it. I am recovered from this weeks bang fest now just horny as hell again. This is a thick dildo. 4 1/2 inches around, at the wide points, but you can see how it sort of waves in and out. You can feel the contours, and thrusting, they feel never ending- back and forth and back and forth… and oh, wait, where was I. sigh…

The vibration in the head of the shaft makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation (good vibes!) or a little extra against your g-spot. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t HAVE to curve to hit vibrate against my gspot. It felt great sliding in and out of me. The contours reminded me of the Smart Balls, which gave me an idea, based on what I did YESTERDAY.

Climbing out of the shower, I put the BB Magic Wand inside my pussy, turned on at full blast. Standing, I closed my legs, holding it in place. I felt so full; really it’s a nice big thick shaft. Then I got my Hitachi Magic Wand….

(Now don’t start with me about being hooked on it. Of COURSE I am. So what? It has not desensitized my clit, if nothing else it’s made it more sensitive. I CAN cum from other vibes- from tongues and fingers. So WHAT if I like the vibrator that fucks up the reception on the TV!!)

… and I pressed it against my pussy. Low speed, over the towel. I usually cannot have direct contact and often times it’s over my outer labia as well (I don’t really HAVE much inner labia) Yea, very pretty pussy. It felt good. The Magic Wand was vibrating inside me and my pussy was naturally pulsing around the stationary intrusion. I increased the intensity to High Speed, and then moved the towel.

The Hitachi was pressed against me, outside my pussy lips so it was vibrating my whole pussy and then I was filled and my gspot was being hummed in delicious rhythm. I was still standing, bracing myself against the wall in the vanity area.

I thought about Sean, which I almost always do. He is still my dirty jerk off fantasy when I want it fast and hard. He was forcing me to cum; not letting me thrust, or rub. I was just stuffed and vibed and taking it hard. My orgasm came in a slow moving wave. I felt it hitting me slowly and I didn’t fight it or try to rush it. It was delicious and as it peaked, I felt my body release and then it happened… I gushed all over the place; over the Hitachi, on my hands, down my legs and onto the bathroom floor.  I don’t usually do that, by the way- maybe twice before and never on my own like this. I let it run down my legs, feeling that delicious release until I practically collapsed against my vanity.

I was a mess. There was a small pool of ejaculate on the floor at my feet (It would have grossed me out if I hadn’t had just cum so fucking hard). I removed the toy, covered in my cum and tossed it into the sink for cleaning and cleaned off the Hitachi, (after I wiped up my mess from the bathroom tile).


Not all vibes do the same thing for me. Some are used on their own; some can be used in addition to another. I think when you have a large selection you can mix and match and who knows what kind of combination you come up with! Kind of like Cold Stone Creamery. Yes, I just compared my jerking off to ice cream.

Not a box of bees

I heard that Cleopatra made the first vibrator by placing bees in a small box and then shaking it up to make them buzz.  Smart lady.  Box of Bees.  Maybe I will rename my blog to THAT.

I got my first delivery from this week.  It was hard to choose just a few items to try because the selection of sex toys is pretty insane.  I always try to mix it up a little bit and get different types of items.  I started with Cleopatra’s Secret Cream- in Very Berry I don’t use a lot of lubes and lotions. I don’t know- I tend to forget them.  RocketBalm has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t usually stray from something I know is good.  I thought I’d try this though and mix up my jerking off a bit.

The first thing I noticed when I opened this is that it really IS a cream.  It’s not a balm, but it’s thicker than a lotion.  Also, it’s blue.  BLUE.  Do I WANT to slather blue cream on my pussy?? So ok, when applied it sort of smooths and disappears, but still that’s kinda weird right??  I mean- it’s fucking BLUE.  It comes in a 1 ounce bottle, I think it will last me FOREVER.  (It also comes in Raspberry and Peaches n Cream, probably in less opaque colors)

So after applying it, I immediately had to pee.  I’m not sure there was a connection, but it happened.  So when I did- I noticed an immediate WARM feeling where I had applied the cream.  No, freak, not warm because it was pee.  I wonder if, when used for oral sex, it creates the same really WARM sensation.  So done with that, I put on a little more cream and waited a few minutes.

The cool tinglies started pretty quickly.  It was less tingly than RocketBalm, but more than just a cold feeling.  It was nice and constant.  RocketBalm tends to fluctuate in strength if you move.  This just WAS.  I reached for my Hitachi, wondering if anything will ever compare to such a magnificent toy and let it go to work.

The Cleopatra Cream does add a lot of sensitivity to the area.  Not just my clit, but the labia around.  Cool, tingly and it did seem to get warmer as I got wetter.  While the cool and warm sensation are not meant to be any kind of delay cream, it certainly DOES distract my nerve endings from getting me there too quickly.  Once I did, it was tingly and warm and felt really really nice.  It also made it seem to last longer- that’s one of the good things about vaginal creams.  Sometimes when jerking off, especially with the Hitachi, the orgasms come AND go pretty quickly.  This made it linger- made the nerves continue to oooh and ahhh once the buzzing was gone.

When the orgasm was gone though- so was the tingling.  I guess after the orgasm is over, you don’t really NEED it to tingle anymore.

But still, it’d be cool.

I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d cum (and clean)

Here’s why I should read ALL of the description and not just look at the picture.  My eyes are easily drawn to things that buzz and I often don’t take the time to see how big it is.

I’m not a size queen when it comes to cock-but I AM kind of a battery snob when it comes to vibes.  Watch batteries belong in watches.  ok… well sometimes the microvibes are ok when accompanying a really big black dildo, I’ll give you that.


I was expecting the Vibra-Ball to be size of a raquetball.  Maybe a softball.  NOT the size of a superball.  Ok, my bad.  I did NOT look at the dimensions.  It comes with 2 sets of batteries (three each) which is nice.  The silicone sleeve is pretty easy to peel on and off the ball to change the batteries, but the sleeve does make it kind of hard to turn it on and off.  I think the on and off switches should be closer together.

But ok, once you get it ON.  It’s not bad.  The little nubbies feel good and there is a nice long retrieval string so effectively I could insert it into my pussy for some added ‘zing’ when I’m playing with my Hitachi.

It’s not very loud and it’s waterproof and I think if you like “buzzy” toys- or if you are using this in addition to a really big dildo, it’s made well enough and is waterproof!

So what else did I do with it??

*wrapped it in a washcloth for a nice scrubby bath
*swung it around and used it to hit my legs and my arms and my tits a few times… might be fun for a little play
*set it on the floor and rolled my feet over it.  Awwww Yeah, this seems like the best use for it for me.

But you know, that’s just me.

just a tease…

I have lots of vibes.  It wasn’t until a few years back that I used anything but vibes.  As a teen, and thru my 20’s, I used slim vibes, didn’t we all??  The big ones that took two C batteries?  Until I put a dildo sleeve over it- and that became my go- to for a long time.  I eventually progressed to a dildo without vibration.  The bullet, and then The Rabbit.  The rest is history really.

Now I have vibes in different shapes and sizes.  I have a number of vibes that are in the ‘to be used with something else’ category.  This is one of them.

The Tease and Please is cute.


At about 4 inches high, it’s not really big enough for vaginal insertion, however it is nice for a little bit of anal play.  That is what I used it for.  The vibrations (2 AAA batteries) in this 7 function vibe are not strong enough to do more than just buzz, which is nice if I need just a little bit of stimulation during g-spot play.  I think it would also be nice when giving head, to just press against the perineum, or like I said, a little anal play.  It wouldn’t get me off with just the vibration on my clit, but is definitely a nice addition to other toys or oral sex.

The thick ridges are not wide enough apart to create any kind of graduated process for anal stimulation.  It’s not going to just go in one ridge, and then stop, if you know what I mean.  So if you are going to insert this into yours’ or someone elses backside, I suggest putting it in a condom, for easy retreival, just in case.  Otherwise, you can enjoy these ridges by sliding them up and down- it’s a good substitute if you are not in to analingous.

Kama Diva- I’ve come a long way


So I have said before that I’m a sucker for things that buzz- and I while I’m not always very girly, I do like sex toys that are fancy looking.  Yeah, so look at THIS.


This is the Kama Diva Large Rainbow Vibe.  Pretty huh??  I know.  I was excited to get it in the mail.  For starters, it’s pretty big.  It comes with a really fluffy pillow case.  It’s phthalate free.  It’s made of urethane.  What?  I didn’t exactly know what that meant when I ordered it, it sure was pretty, and I really needed a new vibrator.  Not that I don’t have lots of them already, but I needed a NEW one and a trippy looking rainbow colored one.  So when it arrived I removed it from the box to find that it’s hard plastic.  Urethane- shmurethane- it’s hard plastic.  Well I’ve come a long way from the hard slimline vibes.  I don’t DO hard plastic vibes anymore.  Not that they don’t have merit.  I am very nostalgic about the classic slimline vibrators I used to by when I was in high school.  However, once I moved to dildo’s, vibrating dildo’s, jelly (I know, I know), and silicon- my hard plastic days are over.

Usually the hard plastic vibes still pack enough vibrating punch to get the job done.  This one, for all it’s big-ness, really didn’t.  I was a bit disappointed.  It had settings, and a simple push button to go from one setting to the next.  It had 7 different settings, so much potential.  The pulsing one was a good tease.  I did fuck myself with it for a while, and the ridges made for some interesting sensation, but unlike silicon, cyberskin or jelly, it doesn’t give.  It felt kind of invasive.  I opted for just using it just for clitoral vibrator, but even on it’s high setting, it just wasn’t high enough for me.  Now I’m not a Hitachi snob.

Ok, so I sorta am…

But I use a bullet vibe- often.  I can get off with any number of vibrators.  I wouldn’t say it was buzzy- it was just kind of weak.  Maybe something that size really DOES still need C batteries.  I’m not sure.

I hate giving negative reviews, but this one just wasn’t for me.  Don’t fret, pleasure seekerts- click the link below, anything you want for your pink parts- you will find it, or something really damn close.  Promise.

Bending the Stud

I was pretty excited when I saw this toy. It was the last in my shipment from VibeReview and I wanted to wait, hoping I was saving the best for last. Really it’s hard to get better than Goliath… I’ll admit. However, this one certainly did the trick.

The EZ Bending Stud made me giggle when I opened it.

The silicon is great. It doesn’t taste or smell weird. Sometimes different materials smell strange. Most often it’s very much like nail polish remover or Dry Erase Markers. This material has no scent to it, and no weird taste either. Definitely a plus. You need to use water based lube with silicon toys. I got some ID Juicy in Strawberry Kiwi. I really like it. It tastes good, and smells nice. (This is also a great lube for oral. You can go from hand job to blow job without that yucky ‘lubey’ taste.)

It vibrates, which is another plus- although I primary do not need my dildo’s to vibrate. The generous veins on the Stud carry the vibrations nicely through it. The material is pliable and can be used to vaginal or anal without feeling too invasive.

It’s waterproof too. Most toys, while waterproof, still leave me with a sore wrist since I want to angle it standing up. The Stud makes this wonderfully possible.

Now for the bending action. It’s crazy!! I had a lot of fun putting this into weird shapes to be honest. It’s got these “Barbie knees” that sort of snap when you bend it. I made a crazy U shape. An S. I was able to bend this in 90 degree angle, and sort of pull it towards me so it was shallow thrusting and still somewhat vibrating on my g-spot. I did not notice that the inserted part clicked out of form when it was inside me, but the part I was holding on to, seemed to and while it wasn’t bothersome in feel, the sound sort of threw me off. CLICK CLICK!!!!

When it’s used with a partner, that is when the length really comes in handy. I tend to thrust deep when I’m fucking myself, not really pulling it out- what can I say, I’m greedy! However, when the EX used it on me, he took full advantage of the length. Thrusting long, back and forth. I could feel the natural shaped head, not rubbing, but grazing (mmmmm gooood) across my gspot since he had it bent it in a deliberate angle. Back and forth. Unless a cock is particularly curved upwards, it’s not going to do that. It will rub and push against it, yes, the side of the head with the same amount of pressure that is applied to the rest of the vaginal canal. But when the tip of the head seems to be pushing and rubbing back and over that area, it sends me into orbit. I have yet to meet a cock that curves upwards that much, but when I do— look out!! For now, this will have to do. That plus the vibrations, the soft pliable material that warms quickly to you body, oh this is a winner.

While this toy is not marketed as a G-spot toy, it can surely be used as one. I worry that too much bending back and forth will loosed the joints and keep it hard to hold it’s shape. There are a lot of g-spot toys on out there, but so far most of them are harder more rigid toys, vibes and such. This one definitely has that “it feels more real” feel to it.

It almost feels like the cock I think I’ve been waiting all my life to meet.