I like it curved…

I know they are not popular, but I admit that I really LIKE jelly toys and I have a good collection of vibrators from Don Johnson. I like the way they move and bend.  The fact that the Paradise Curve is phthalate free jelly like material and silicone makes it even better. It still has that ‘nail salon’ smell to it- so if you are scent sensitive I would stay away from the jelly type toys, phthalate-free or not. They all just smell that way. I have heard that it’s the phthalates that make is smell that way- but I have jelly toys with or without them and you can’t tell a difference by the smell.

Noses aside, I did enjoy this toy. I prefer the curved toys to the sharp angles that some g-spot toys offer. The nubs on the curve are not really necessary as the vibration does enough. I love the bullet in the END of Doc Johnsons toys, as opposed to some manufacturers who put them in the base. What’s the point of THAT?  The bullet vibe on the end was great against my gspot and coupled with a bullet vibe, it’s narrow enough for smooth thrusting, but still thick enough to be satisfying.


The controller is a simple up and down controller with 4 speeds, but I would like to see an end to the wired controllers. Over all, this is a good toy. The vibration was good for clitoral (that is where the nubs are nice) or gspot penetration for those who enjoy jelly-type toys.

It comes in aqua and pink.  Mine’s pink.  Check out this and the whole collection of great toys from VibeReview.


The Mia- better than a coffee break!!

One of the things I love in life is lipstick. Not because I wear a lot of makeup, because I don’t. But I do own a lot of lipstick. Lipstick changes things for me. It lights up my whole face when I wear it. Lipstick has saved me many days when I didn’t want people to know that something was wrong. My mother always told me, “Just put your lipstick on and nobody will know you’re sad.”

You’d be surprised how well that works.

So when I saw The Mia- I made me smile. A big pink lipstick case holds so much promise for good days. This one, of course, vibrates. It also combines another thing I love, my computer. It charges via USB drive.

Yes, you heard me. Geek girls, hold on to your panties. This vibrator has a removable cap exposing a USB connection and you can plug it right into your USP port. It LOOKS like a jump drive. It makes my nipples hard just thinking about it.  It’s a hard plastic, which I don’t use much of anymore, but it’s phthalate free and non porous.  Did you know that Eden Fantasies has a page on materials and it give details and such on all of them.  Very cool.

Just because I COULD, I boldly plugged it in to the USB port on my monitor at work. Nobody questioned it, and I sat, getting wet, knowing that I was looking at the next thing that was going to give me an orgasm.

I closed my office door towards the end of the day, hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side. I turned it on high (10 pushes of the + button to get to the highest setting), then there were 3 more settings of different speeds of pulsing. I played with the fast pulse speed to get me warmed up and then went back to the continuous vibration. Always my favorite.

I THINK that this might be a little stronger than the Lily. Perhaps because it’s stronger and more compacted. I stroked and rubbed it over my clit, up and down my pussy, feeling the smooth, strong vibrations. It’s not harsh. It’s not overpowering, but it is strong enough to have me writhing and aching. I put one leg on my desk and pushed two fingers into my wet pussy- going over my usual jerk off fantasy of Sean, fucking myself and working the vibe on my sweet spot, aching and burning until my body shook and I whispered his name again and again until a warm electric orgasm came over me. Mmmmm. I wiped it off and slipped it into my pocket and slipped my shoes back on.

Standing, I opened my office door, smiled at the chaos and walked past it on the way to the ladies room.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys. The Mia is exactly the kind of break I need in my day!

Where I get lost… and found

I always think of Sean when I masturbate.  It used to be Z, but somewhere that changed.  Maybe because it was for months and months I would leave him voicemails so he could hear me cumming, and the idea of that got me so hot that it’s just sort of fixated into my brain.  Saying his name is so fucking sexy it pours from my lips like water.

Lately there has been too much thought and not enough fucking.  I get lost in my head and I think too much.  I get off center.  I lose my way.  Lost, I lean in to whatever is standing.  I search where answers cannot be found and I find myself someplace that I never intended to be.

Today, after a few days of uncertainly and indecision, I finally laid on my bed and didn’t think.  Somewhat sleepy, I turned off my brain and let go.  Let go of thoughts of Giacomo and the weird confusion I am facing lately.  Turned off the moments between me and The Ex and how things between us are making me rethink everything I thought I wanted.  Quieted my mind from thoughts of deadlines, and travel and parenthood.  I stopped to reconnect with my body.

My new vibe, as perfect as I knew it would be, humming gently in my hands.  The smooth silicon gently sliding over my tongue, and then touching the end of it between my legs.  Allowing the vibrations to slowly easy my lips open and slide between my flesh.  It had been a long time.  Weeks.  I thought momentarily about Giacomo.  His tongue gliding expertly between my legs- teasing and tasting me… slowly, quicky.  Again and then again.

But my mind wandered again to Sean.  It always does.  His voice in my ear, trickling down my spine.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking that sweet pussy baby.  Be a good girl for daddy.”

I spread my legs for him.  Aching, burning, sliding.  Searching for that sweet spot, and then teasing it.  Touching down hard and then moving it away.  Edging closer each time.  The strong motor delivering a smooth vibration pulsing deep through my clit.  I was tempted to push it inside me.  Fill me with the humming cock, the curved ridges, the deliberate g-spot angle.  But I didn’t.  I wanted the tease… the burn.

“You better fucking cum for me, you little bitch.”

Yes, yes I will.  I kept my legs open, my knees spread.  The vibe pressed, painfully on my clit even though I wanted to move it away.  The burn was too much- too hard- too sensitive.

Now, slut.  Cum fucking now for me.  Do it baby. I love how filthy you are for me.  Show me how bad you want it.

It burned and melted through me.  I thust and grind into it.  Fucking it hard.  My head throwing and my back arching.  The molten fuck, spreading over my skin.  Decadent.  So sweet I could taste it on my lips.  It was familiar and welcome.  While I texted Sean to thank him, as I always do, my mind moved back to center and my body, my skin began to breathe again.

Missed connections- BBG and the G-Rock

Sounds like a bad rap song.

I don’t like reviewing toys that don’t hit their mark. I verified with my gal at Vibe Review that she still wanted me to do a review even if I didn’t like the toy and she said yes.

That is the wrong way to start, it’s not that I don’t LIKE the G-rock. Really, I love it. Let me be clear in telling you that there is nothing wrong with this toy. The make of it is great, it’s comfortable and the vibrations are fantastic. I had high hopes for this toy. Really. The problem with it is me.

It’s not you, it’s me.

The G-rock is a wonderfully designed toy with all the right features in mind. It’s made of a really good phthlate free silicon. It doesn’t have any weird feel or scent like many toys do. The vibrations are nice on my g-spot. but this woman does not cum by g-spot alone. It missed my clit by about an inch. I tried reinserting it a few times. Perhaps my gspot is lower than others, perhaps my pussy is just small and compact. I have a tilted cervix, maybe it just just pushed it out of place. I don’t know. I was really disappointed because the vibrations are nice. Not too strong up front, which might have been a bummer, but I wouldn’t know. The hands free idea is nice. I was looking forward to it, but all it did, was make me soaked. Vibrations on my gspot do that. When I tried to sort of bend the front part down to reach my clit, the bottom part pulls out. It just doesn’t fit me. Damn.

Regardless, this does seem like a really well made toy. It has all the right ideas. Good design and feel. It has the best intentions. sigh… Maybe next time I will try the Snugglepuss or just stick with the Rabbit.

Hearts Delight- my first glass dildo

My first experience with glass. I’ve been admiring them in the sex stores for quite some time now, but have been scared off by the high price tag. Of course, the ones I have been drooling over are upwards towards $100 that are gorgeous enough to display on a mantle, if I had one, and if didn’t have children.

My dildo experience was with a cock-like sleeve that fit over the hard plastic vibe. That sufficed me for many years until I bought my first rabbit. I was perfectly happy with that also, who wouldn’t be?? However, I still found myself peeking in the display cabinet at ConRev at the hand blown (no pun intended) glass dildo’s with the two color swirl inside and wondering what it would feel like, just once.

When Adam and Eve asked me to review the Hearts Delight, I was like a kid at Christmas. It’s so pretty! It has a smooth shaft and a round bulbous head. It’s slightly curved. It also has a heart shaped handle, which is perfect for use with a partner. Just wrap your fingers through the top of the heart (like a fist) and you can use an in and out motion that is comfortable to maintain.

It package comes with a small sample of lube, but since the Ex was already licking my pussy we didn’t need it. It was cold, but smooth. The head pushed in, opening me up and then sliding in, frictionless. Ahh lovely. I won’t say it feels like the real thing, obviously it doesn’t- but it was good. Soo good. The weight of the glass, and the round head gives you this amazing feeling of being filled, without the violated feeling of rubber or silicon dildo’s that sometimes catch on a dry spot. He pushed it inside me, about 4 inches in, so the head rubbed against my gpot. Smooooth. Back and forth. I quickly realized that the cold was gone and the dildo had taken on my body temperature. Pushing down on the handle pushed the head a little harder on my g-spot, while he fucked me and licked at my clit. The handle is not too big and did not get in the way.

I came the first time- filled, open and wanting more. Then he sat back, held on to the handle and really fucked me with it. He pushed and pulled, twisted it, moving the head to touch every part of my insides. Slow and fast. Slower and oh god faster. Different angles and different depths. I came the second time, pulling the pillow over my face and moaning into it, almost screaming, trying not to wake the kids down the hall. I couldn’t stop fucking it, and I was soon moving back and forth, countering his thrusts towards me, amazed by the smooth surface and the way that the weight made it feel that what was inside me was so big and I was so filled. I came a third time, and then a forth on my own, cause I wanted to see if it was easy to use alone- yeah, it was. My fingers laced right through the heart and I could tell I could have kept it up for as long as I needed to.

No lube was needed, but I wonder what it would be like if I did use it? You can heat it, or cool it for extra sensation- but I suspect it eventually blends to your own body temperature. The insertable part is about 5 inches. The shaft is 3 1/2 inches around and the wides part of the head is 4 1/2 inches around. So while it’s not the biggest dildo, I really think that the weight of it and the temperature made it feel comparable to something much bigger, without the “ahh ahh ouch!” factor.

I love this dildo. Love it. Love everything about it. I can’t wait to use it again, and again and oooooh, ahhhh again!!


I love nipple clamps

Have I mentioned that really love nipple play?  Well I do.  From the first time I had clamps on me, I fell captive to that amazing intense pain that comes with being connected that way.


I have recently gotten a pair of clamps, just like the ones in this picture.  Clover clamps.  I never actually handled the ones that were on me in this picture- and I’ve had them on me twice.  The ones I have are the same kind.  A heavy chain and rubber grips.  Unlike other nipple clamps, these don’t have a screw to loosen them for your comfort.  The ones I have, when you open them, they catch, the moving parts.  It doesn’t make it impossible to use- it’s just notable.  The key to having fun with nipple clamps is in the movement.  When clamps are on your nipples, and unmoved, it stops hurting so much.  It goes numb.  What’s the fun in that?

Be prepared for the REMOVAL of the clamps, by the way.  Yeah, when the blood goes rushing back to that area- that’s a pain that is part delicious, part HOLY FUCK.  So be prepared for that.

A word of caution.  You probably should not wear nipple clamps for too long.  Maybe 15-20 minutes?  Any area that is deprived circulation is at risk for nerve damage and maybe even tissue death.  Keep that in mind.  I’m not a doctor or a Sex Toy Expert (well at least not certified) but it’s common sense right?

Play safe.

Not just any night

He looked at the box again.  Fucking Flame Harness Kit.  He sighed outloud, throwing it back into the bag, looking towards the vanity and his wife brushing her soft brown hair.  It had been two years since they had sex, even though he would occasionally treat her to the oral sex that she so enjoyed.  He craved to be close to her again, but his inability to maintain an erection left him feeling bitter and distant from her.

Watching his beloved porn even become depressing, but he sometimes still found his way to the Internet sites to watch, even though the stirring in his groin never did much more than that.  Pills only caused his blood pressure to rise, and while he was not ready to give up on the idea that he’d ever get an erection again- he certainly was not feeling very positive about it most of the time.

When he saw the two brunettes fucking, one of them with a strap on- the idea came to him.  Perhaps if he had something like this, he could still penetrate her, lay on top of her, move with her.

Be close to her.

It looked harmless enough.  It was not much bigger than his own cock, except for the head was a bit wider than his.  It had a curve to it.  It wasn’t going to make him feel like she’d never want him again.  It wouldn’t make him feel like less of a man.

However… he was staring at it now, and not so sure.  The purple harness that was probably meant to for a girl to wear, except he thought it would protect him from getting squashed.  He was feeling pretty sorry for himself right about now, but he already told her he had a surprise for her.

He thought to grab a big black dildo, or some soy candles.  Maybe even a wooden spoon from the kitchen, but he was watching her- brushing her hair.  She was so beautiful.  He came up behind her in the mirror, his hands laced around her waist and he buried his head into her hair.  She smelled of lemon and lavender.  She sighed, exposing her neck to him- wondering what the evening might bring.

He nuzzled into her flesh, reaching under her thin top and grabbing her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers.  She leaned into him, her body warming, molding.  Her pussy aching and and wishing that which she had long learned to stop asking for.  “Lets go to bed,” he whispered into her ear, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

She pretended to be asleep, because that’s what she did.  Don’t look disappointed.  No expectations.  No disappointments.  She felt him climb into bed next to her and touched her cheek.  She sighed and opened her eyes as if had interupted her attempts to drift off.  He ran his hands over her body.  Over her curvy flesh and between her legs.  She moaned and sighed with him.  Allowing him to caress and adore her body.  Pangs of guilt washing over her, but she went with it anyway, because it felt good- and she needed his attention.

He held his body away from her, moving between her legs and tasting her.  Licking her slowly, so not to make her orgasm but to warm her up and make her want him.  He needed the right moment, he didn’t want to shock her- or repulse her.  He wanted to make love to his wife.  For the first time in years.

The folds of her pussy swollen and ripe, he moved up over her body.  He was positioned between her legs and she looked up at him.  She pulled him down to kiss him, thinking to simply hold him in her arms as he probably changed his mind part way through.  Depressed hits at strange time, and she had learned not to question it.

She felt him reaching between her legs again- and then felt him.  Him?  No, not him, but something.  Definitely something.  He kissed her, not allowing her to speak as as it slid inside her.  Hard, thick.  She kissed him hard.  Feeling it slide inside her, curving with her body and a think head pressing inside her.  He laid on her, his body on top of hers, as she wrapped her legs around him.  Taking him in.  She closed her eyes and allowed him to slowly thrust inside her.  It had been so long.  So long since she felt him so close, so long since she felt his hips against hers, moving and pressing against her pelvis.  His eyes were closed and he staying laying on her body, his head over her shoulder, not looking at her.  He was conflicted in his emotions.  Feeling somewhat emasculated, but still loving the feeling of her body beneath him.  Her moans and the quiver in her breath.  His body easily thrust and he tried to use the harness as an extension of his own body.  Without any feeling, he continued to use her body for hints, feel her move towards or away from him to know if it was working for her.  He thrust inside her, feeling her legs wrapped around him, but not too eager, probably to spare his feelings.

Her body started to tremble beneath his, and he felt his cock, buried beneath the soft padding, stirring with futility.  He wanted to cry, partially because he felt he had disappointed her by being unable to love her in the way he wanted to always be able to.  He also wanted to cry, because being this close to her made him feel more alive than he had in a long long time.

He felt her moaning and recognized the tremble in her hips.  He continued, thrusting into her slowly- carefully.  Not looking at her but loving her as best as he could in this moment.  Holding her body beneath his and letting her hold on to him so tightly, the way she used to…

She cried out, her orgasm shaking and breathless.  She was gasping…

and sobbing.

He finally looked at her.  Her eyes were filled with tears- they streamed down her face.  He wiped her tears away.

“God, I love you so much baby,” he whispered to her.

Servicing His Slut (pt. 2)

“Fuck me…now.”

His eyes opened wide and he pulled his head back slightly.  He smiled, “where’s your new toy?”  I grabbed the we-vibe and set it down next to me while he laid back and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them over his slender hips.  HIs fat cock, waiting for me.  I leaned over and took him in my mouth.  Slowly, sucking on him, getting him hard, milking his cock… so slowly.  I slid his fat cock through my lips, slowly sliding him down, and then sucking and pulling back up.  Down, and up… slowly.  Hearing him moaning, his breathing labored and heavy.  His cock getting harder and harder with each upward pull.  My hand wrapped around the base of his cock, but I still pushed him as far back into my mouth as I could each time, holding it there they way I know he likes.  Until I am ready to choke, then I release just a bit, and then down again before coming back up.  I know he loves the way I worship his cock, but worshiping is the only way to do it.

His cock grew fat and hard.  So fucking hard I could feel his body trembling.  I knew that holding his cock in the back of my throat like that makes him want to cum right there- but I knew he wouldn’t.  I sucked him harder now, pushing him to his limit.  Feeling him shake, my hair pulling because he was twisting it in his fist so hard.  His voice shaking, “Suck that cock bitch.  Suck it…”

Sliding it down again slowly, suctioning it along the roof of my mouth and sliding down, down down.  I could feel his body start to tense up.  I had him, I knew it.

And then he threw me back.  “Fucking bitch,” he hissed at me.

He grabbed the We-Vibe and the pack of lube I brought.  He poured it on the toy, a lot of it dripping on my leg.  I turned it on and inserted it.  I settled for a second, feeling it inside me.  Positioning it right.  It was a little long for my clit as I am built kind of small.  He pushed inside me.  It wasn’t a smooth fit.  There was a lot of lube so I know that wasn’t it.  His eyes caught as the vibrations hit him.

It was awkward.  But, it felt good, I will tell you that.  With every thrust, the pad hit my gspot, making it burn in a really really delicious way.  I could tell though, that he was irritated with it.  He seemed to have to force his cock with every thrust.  It was just in the way.  He kept going, noticing that I was definitely getting off on the feeling filled.  He was not about to stop.  He was fixed on my pleasure.

Ahh this man, the more I think of his past, the more I see it in our fucking.  His natural instinct to serve.  His intense desire to give pleasure this way.  He is not selfish in this moment, he is determined.

My g-spot is aching and my cunt is gripping him hard and wanting more but my brain tells me something is off and it’s this toy that’s doing it.  I push him back and pull the We-Vibe out.  I tossed it aside.

“Sorry baby,” he whispered.

“No” I said, pulling him down on me again, taking him inside me.  Finally- feeling nothing but his cock.  Filling me, it’s all I need.

We are fucking now.  Really fucking.  He is thrusting into me so hard and I am grabbing on to him.  Fighting for something, reaching for an orgasm that seems strangely out of reach for us both.  He is not content with this, I can see it.  His face is concentrated but his eyes are low.  He is frustrated, his eyes almost show… guilt.  FUCK.

He pulls off me again and I immediate sit up and reach for him.  We are sweaty and desperate now.  Both of us ragged and aching.  He pushed me back down, and his mouth dives back into my pussy.  His fingers, dig into my cunt and he rubs against my aching g-spot.  Pushing and rubbing, stroking me expertly with his tongue.  I feel the tongue peircing, rubbing just above my clit adding the slightest bit of extra stimulation, and it’s all I need.  I grab his head, fucking his mouth and finding my center.  He moans as he laps up my cum.  He’s divine, I’m sated.

And hungry.

I pull him up and wrapped my hungy whoring mouth around his cock.  He was half sitting and watching me.  I wanted him so badly.  The sub in me needed to please him.  I wanted to savor his cock, choke on him like the submissive cock whore I am.  With him I am always torn between the desire to drink his cum and let him pretty my face with it.  This is not D/s.  This is just two people, fucking, serving, desiring each other.  Reaching for our core selves with each other.  It’s beautiful and rhythmic.  It’s raw and colorful.  I feel it in my skin when he touches me.

I ache to taste his cum as much as he aches to please me by giving it.  I tighten my lips around him, letting him press his cock into my throat again, again.



“Oh baby- are you ready for my cum?”

My body aches at his words.





“Oh fuck my cock with that mouth.”

down and hold for a second, feeling his cum cursing through his cock.

“oh fuck. I’m gonna cum baby.”

wrapping my lips and pumping his cock with my mouth



he grabbed my back and pushed me down.

He was screaming this time.

I held him in my throat.  Swallowing as he pumped his cum into my mouth.  Feeling him thrusting.  Trembling.

I held him until the last shot was down my throat.  The slid my lips back over him.  Pulling back.  Savoring.



We are breathless.

We are wrecked.

It is unclear just who has serviced whom.

And it doesn’t even matter.